The enormous network of man-made caves of the mountains of Huangshan

30th parallel has long been known around the world so that its length are the most amazing and mysterious area of our planet: the Bermuda Triangle, the Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx and the megalithic structures in Mexico. On these monuments of architecture is known to many, but there is another "monument" of architecture, which you definitely need to meet. This huge network of man-made caves, created in the hard rock of the mountains Huangshan in ancient times. Name them: "Huashan Mysterious Caves"

They are the largest in size and most mysterious, discovered to this day, China's man-made stone caves, created by ancient people.

Huangshan ancient stone cave since its discovery does not cease to haunt the minds of people. It is believed that the creation of the stone caves in the mountains began more than 1,700 years ago. Among the currently known 36 stone caves of the largest of these has an area of 12,000 square meters. meters. It is almost 10 basketball fields.

Flower Mountain due to the construction of stone caves was almost hollow inside. Today, it remains a mystery where the excavated stone disappeared. Calculated that dug up the stones can pave the way for a length of more than 240 kilometers. But the strange thing is that the local peasants' houses are built mostly of blue stone, but there is not one that would be built of stone Flower Mountain. This stone mottled.

In addition, the Flower Mountain conceals still many other mysteries. For example, how, and with what equipment, our ancestors were able to 1700 years ago to complete such a large-scale labor-intensive work to build such a huge cave, and why there is nowhere a word about this information or of any records. Why the locals have never had a tradition in this regard.

Remains extremely unclear purpose of construction of such caves. Among the already discovered in China such ancient caves there are those that have been designed for housing, for worship or meditation, Buddhist monks. But the stone cave Flower mountains were clearly not built for housing. While these caves no murals, no Buddhist deities. Therefore, do not seem to serve a cult purpose.

There are many versions regarding the purposes of the caves, but they do not have a scientific basis. If the caves were dug to mine stone, such operations could be easily spend outdoors. There was no need to engage in such a titanic effort. If they were created for the storage of grain, these places can not be considered dry. Maybe they were created with the aim of building the imperial chambers? But in any historical record makes no mention of them. So they really are for the Chinese outlandish mystery.

Cave number 35 has a depth of 170 meters, an area of about 12,000 square meters. meters. The cave entrance is small. He comes from a tunnel 20 meters long, and then suddenly appears in front of you a huge underground palace. In the middle of the palace there are 26 tall huge stone columns with a circumference of more than ten meters. These columns apart, forming the shape of a triangle, and looks very majestic. They support a cave and do not allow them to collapse.

In the stone cave all made of stone: the room with the beds, bridges and even carved Terem. Only 36 stone rooms, among them the smallest area of two square meters. meter. As they move from one side. This is a small door through which can pass only one person. In the caves a lot of green water with crystal-clear water that never dries up.

The cave is at number 35, there is one place that causes involuntary admiration of visitors. This is the stone wall of the cave, stretching to the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. It has a width of 15 meters and a length of 30 meters.

But why the creators wanted to make a cave form? With the help of infrared rays have found that this wall is just a natural sloping mountains. This wall is not all over the mountain peak from a distance of five meters. If, having reached this point, the builders would not change direction, they would have to dig through the mountain.

On this wall are clearly visible traces of human labor. Pay attention to the texture of the surface — what tools used by builders, creating such a groove? Solely for aesthetic reasons, or a stone taken out immediately all over in one go? Have they in this "forest"?

Obviously, builders specially designed just such a slope wall. But in those ancient times, when everything was primitive and had no instruments, so they were able to accurately calculate the angle of the mountain? It also remains a mystery.

The caves are located between the following coordinates: 29 ° 39'34 «and 29 ° 47'7"



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