The explosion of the meteorite over the Urals takes us to March 2013, the new 21.12.2012? We look at the event.

February 16, 2013 17:55

The explosion of the meteorite over the Urals was the local "end of the world" for the inhabitants of a particular region. Or a "dress rehearsal." He once again demonstrated how vulnerable is the current civilization in the face of natural and cosmic forces. Sudden explosion before the passage of another space traveler, wrote endlessly about which media newly updated every kind of apocalyptic scenarios, once on time "out of focus" of public attention after 21.12. 2012

One can assume that after the event over the Urals, as well as the unexpected abdication of Pope Benedict XVI (and appeal to the predictions of St. Malachi of hats) interest in the subject of disasters, as harbingers of the Apocalypse, will only increase.

Why? Many people understand the Apocalypse itself is not something instantaneous, this event, spread over time, so the date is 21/12/2012, the — start to mean not the culmination of the event, but only the beginning of the process.

And there were suggestions that the new reference point can be in March 2013

The site beforeitsnews published an article in which the author gives more than 20 events and predictions, refers to March 2013, as a new milestone in the timeline.

"The events of 2013.

Andrew Basiago (Basiago) time traveler — Washington DC under water in 2013.
Remote Viewing — Visions of the Apocalypse 2013
Project Webbots — no data after March 2013

The events of March 2013.

The new 112th pope will be appointed — between 15 and 18 March.
Vernal equinox — March 21.
The precession of the equinoxes — not solstice — 20 March.
Obama's first visit to Israel — March 20.
Alignment of the Yom Kippur? — March 20.
Alignment of the planets — the same specific alignment as the December 21, 2012

Impenetrable "White barrier" on the date of March 21, 2013 for the "time travelers" from Montokskogo experiment.
George Kavassilas Kavassilas — «half the world" will survive the ascension on March 21.
Abomination of Desolation — 21 March.
Daniel, a time line, the evidence that the 21 — 22 March, crossing the magnetic neutral beam galaxy.
The actual end of the Mayan calendar is March 21.

3-22 occult date of the secret society "Skull and Bones" — March 22.
The lights went out in the Super Bowl with 13:22 left third quarter hours.
"The Dark Knight" shows 322 in the box seat for a football match.
Tablets Georgia '33 turns 22 March.
Biblical Date (Matthew ideas) concerning Obama, Israel, and March 22.

Start implanting chips for health insurance «Obamacare» — March 23.
Date of Easter — 25 March
Home of the Sixth Sun Maya — March 28.
Easter Sunday — March 31.
Don Alejandro, a Mayan elder, announced 60-70 hours of darkness — 31 March. "

The link above lists the author (in English) results in each case additional information and the source.

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