The film is about a UFO crash site — Height 611

March 29, 2012 18:13

UFO in the Primorsky Territory of Russia, Evidence and material evidence.

January 29, 1986, near the village of Primorsky Krai Dalnegorsk observed nighttime fireball as bright self-luminous ball with a train … The site of the crash started a fire that lasted about an hour. Expeditionary Unit, surveyed the area and found the site 2 × 2 meters with traces of high impact. Rock fragments in it were covered with black tape with traces of discoloration, and she ground — black ash. Found the remains of burnt wood, transformed into porous carbons that are not characteristic of a typical forest fire. On the wall of the cornice and the ashes were found in the metal droplets, black glassy particles of up to 30 mg, as well as unusual loose scaly particles as a kind of mesh.

In November 1987, over Dalnegorsk and other settlements Dalnegorsk, Terneysky, Kawa-Teller and Olga regions of Primorye numerous witnesses again reported flying cars. Some of them covered the surface of the Earth.

Prepared by Sergei Kozlov 29.03.2012

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