The first results of the investigation: more mysteries than answers

Representatives of the investigation team, led by Andrew Swedes, who is investigating the attack, filed a first information about the perpetrators of terrorist acts and his assistants, as well as reported on some of the details of the crime. However, the answers to many questions of journalists, investigators abstained.

According to the head of the investigative group Andrew Swede, on the night of April 12, viewing the videos made by the Minsk subway stations, investigators identified the suspect, who in the end turned out to perpetrators of terrorist acts. At a news conference, prosecutors showed video footage to journalists, who testified about the actions of terrorists in the subway station "October":

"This is the moment where it makes manipulation in setting the explosive device.'s About a bench or under the bench, experts are now trying to find out where a few minutes later there was an explosion."

As was found by a man who is called the executor of the terrorist attack? Judging by the information Andrew Swede, and then helped the video:

"They found a place where the offender entered the subway. Processed through the territory of urgent measures, and it was found that person. "

Found a place where the offender entered the subway. Processed through the territory of urgent measures, and it was found that personality.

Andrew Swede did not name the station through which terrorists entered the metro. Meanwhile, on April 13 the Minister of the Interior Anatoly Kuleshov said it was a station "Frunze".

Is there any certainty about explosive that exploded on the "October"? I recall a day earlier KGB Chairman Vadim Zaitsev said that it was an unusual explosive, which is "very interested in the experts." The deputy head of the investigative council prosecution Maxim Voronin This has not denied or confirmed:

"I can say that about the characteristics of the explosive device has some reasoned opinion, but in the interest of the investigation so far to comment on this refrain."

Andrew Swede about the bomb added that it is not collected in Minsk and it is not the first production of a terrorist:

"We now have evidence that it is this man made the explosive device that was found July 3, 2008 at the celebration of Independence in Minsk, but did not explode. There is no doubt. "

The fact that the same suspect of terrorism and made explosive devices that exploded in 2005 in Vitebsk, Andrew Swede said nothing. The connection with the bombings Vitebsk said April 13 Alexander Lukashenko.

According to Andrew Swede, were arrested five suspects, two of them are placed in the detention center: the man who is suspected of directly committing a terrorist act, and the person who helped him. About their identity Andrei Swede said very little:

"As for those suspects, I can say that it is the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, to 30 years, no criminal record. That's all. "

Professional identity of the suspects investigator not set.

That was the motive of criminals and whether the terrorist attack at the customer? The head of the investigation team has decided not to say anything, referring to the fact that more is collecting evidence and other investigative activities.

Andrei Swede asked if there is evidence that an explosive device packed with metal objects were reported immediately after the attack. In hospitals, it is not yet confirmed, said the reporter, "ERB." Andrew Swede who once referred to the secrecy of the investigation:

"Damaging elements gathered at the scene of the bodies of the dead and wounded. There are many, they are different species, but which — in the interests of the investigation so far I will not say. "

Thus the head of the investigative group warned journalists that distributors unverified rumors will examine and take on their "procedural decision".


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