The first «smart» rifle

The first
We already wrote about the computerized optical sight, developed by Texas startup TrackingPoint. And now, when the rifle curb them already sold, carefully told that specifically offers customers a price gun from 22.5 thousand bucks.

Thought precision firearms (Precision Guided Firearm or PGF) came in 2009, John McHale, at the time — the vice-president of Remington Defense — while he was hunting in Tanzania on small gazelles Thompson.

Being on a technical level, savvy man McHale set out to make «smart» a sight that would have smoothed error arrow, such as improper aiming, jerking the trigger, the shot incorrectly selected. So Makar, the device would allow you to fire accurately, regardless of the level of training.

Layout sight, custom-made engineer John McHale Luferov, made it possible to simply hit a target the size of a volleyball with 450 yards (411.48 meters). In July 2010, the development of an opportunity to hit the goal has been to move around 1,000 yards (914.4 meters). In February 2011, John McHale TrackingPoint founded a company to commercialize the «smart» weapons.

Rifle sold in the U.S. beginning in May 2013. On this day it is available in 3 versions: XS1 caliber 8,6 mm with 35x zoom range effective to 1200 yards (1097.28 meters); «Lite» model XS2 7.62 mm with 30x zoom, offering a good compromise size and effective range of fire (1,000 yards); light and small-sized XS3 7.62 mm 30x zoom, allowing to hit the target at a distance of 850 yards (777.24 meters).

The shooting method is simple. Litsezrev at gunpoint goal to be hit, the shooter by pressing assigns tag. That held the tag assignment, will be seen by a reddish point, which will be marked object. Next arrow must cooperate blue crosshairs graphic in sight with a reddish dot. To do this, press and hold the trigger (it will operate in Guided Trigger), you must wait until the crosshair is compatible with point-tag also becomes reddish. Then you hear a shot.

Decision about shooting a rifle taken on the basis of the subsequent reasons: data laser rangefinder; previously entered for the user information about wind direction and speed; pointing angle and coordinates GPS; gyroscopic stability; the initial velocity of the bullet; Magnus effect; Doppler radar data; air density; length of the barrel and some others.

Vpribavok their outstanding skills of any rifles are able to make the process of shooting a true show, passing streaming video, voice, and data on different phones and tablets on the Android and iOS.

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