The first UFO in 2012

January 10, 2012 11:35

UFO appeared after sunset

UFO appeared after sunset

Strange objects were filmed over Italy on Orthodox Christmas.
On Youtube Video of the first UFO in 2012. Filming was done in Italy (Mt. Bisbino) January 7 of this year around 5pm. The Orthodox Christmas. The sun had set. The sky was quite dark. But objects — first one, then the other — not shining with reflected light, and emit their own. As if the lights were equipped with four each. UFO flying nowhere — just hanging in the sky, then appearing, disappearing. And a little trembling. Until he was gone.
On the question of what it was — a natural phenomenon or a visit of "flying saucers" clear answer, of course not. And can not be — by amateur Personnel difficult to draw conclusions. However, skeptics dare. Some corrosive audience notices that in the beginning of a single object is like a reflection of the other. And in the end — a UFO as it is hidden behind some obstacle.

The assumption is: the events unfolding in the sky, not the outside, but inside the place is reflected in the double glass window, through which and is shot. For example, someone on and off in a dark room 4-point LED lighting hides them a little moving. This — Indirect — the action and captures operator.

At one point the UFO is bifurcated

Skeptics believe that the falsification was made deliberately. And overall success. Video has become a hit YTD.

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