The Government of Mexico will open the mystery of the Mayan

April 3, 2012 12:17

The Government of Mexico will open the mystery of the MayanAnnouncement revealing the secret of the Government of Mexico was pronounced! There comes a time to put the mystery to all the Internet is not in December, and a little earlier planned. Everyone on the internet — this means that the government's secret state of Mexico and the United States learned a few thousand people, which is good, because it is hoped that this will help thousands to correct and timely decision before the onset of an emergency.

I think. Beginning of my journalistic investigation was to find the source of the network, the artifact shown in videorolike.Slishkom was great coincidence plot drawing on an artifact, with events taking place close to the Sun, if we assume that close to the Sun appeared object, such as a brown dwarf, think so. It's one thing if the story of the artifact goes back years to the days of the Maya, it is another thing, if the plot drawing heavily influenced by, seen the sun in recent years, in one of the halls of the Mexican planetarium.

Artifacts occurred last summer, when it was difficult to understand what they wanted to portray draughtsmen in stone. To an outsider view, far from astrophysics — it's just a set of characters that are difficult to integrate into a single plot. And begs to say that the appearance of an artifact of a rough imitation of "Maya" to prevent the emergence of thought, for example, and aliens and the future of mankind.

I know my younger colleagues will correct me and try my children delighted seen artifacts turn quiet channel statements about the next archaeological forgeries cheaters, and my old man's suffering over the fate of many of my fellow sick call mania, daffy on the interpretation of laps from the fields.

By and large, say officials of the secret science, will become the property of many — not true. Inquisitive people without me aware of the presence of aliens in ancient times on Earth. Powerful roaring cries are heard on the Internet, not only the esoteric and chopping green paper plantations striped creatures, but also so that call themselves scientists, the coming end of the world in December 2012 on the day of the solstice, or — Big accident on BP.

Sometimes this abbreviation expound a little differently, with the mention of a familiar animal, known to all who live in the North of Russia, and even in Japan, after Fokusimy. But before we reveal the secrets of the government, any government, will begin to set the stage for the perception of information and readers are not familiar with the discussions on the latest observations of the behavior of the sun with the help of U.S. satellite telescopes.

Visit … Unidentified object fueled energy of the sun

Connoisseurs skip these lines, newcomers should "admire" level brainstorming demonstrated on portal pages, all those involved in the discussion. The whole fuss broke out on the internet because of the following pictures taken with the American Space Observatory — SDO.

Unidentified object fueled energy of the sun

Unidentified object fueled energy of the sun

Ordinary citizens, not scientists, affected by what he saw, that eyes, oblivious to faults, and flying pixel CCD arrays of telescopes, the behavior of the unknown magnetic tornadoes plasma emission Yarila expressed their opinion.

The opinion, drawn up by the majority cry — "Well, no shit myself a UFO that came to a gas station called The Sun", conceding that the time of arrival "something" on the station refueling. As expected, after refueling, something "left" in an unknown direction taking with him filling shlang.Magnitnye tornado could charge hose to stick to a place in the sun, and it usually happens when arrives, departs normal prominence, controlled by the magnetic field of the Sun.

Why is the "magnetic tornadoes." So we, the residents, they talk about what they saw, something spherical, experts and scholars. Of course, different media, depending on the level of readers and their tendencies differently described the event. Thus, «Utro.Ru» presented the event as "an object similar to the sperm for some time hanging over the surface of the sun, and then off into space."

Simply and tastefully for hamsters, which fosters an oligarch with a name beginning with the letter B … Unfortunately, the popular explanation of experts and representatives of the academic world is not very clear to citizens. Explains the time approach and departure areas, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Bogachev Officer Physical Institute. PN Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences: "Because the sun has a magnetic field, they are able to form such objects here with a very distinct sharp edges, which are unaccustomed to present themselves as objects of artificial origin." Explain and soothe people ufology and the announcers.

But the strange part of the people who likes to insert fiteli "unreasonable editors", does not believe the stories of the scientists themselves, and try at your own risk, to find, even diletanskoe but logically more slender understanding, from the point of view of the people, the events on the Sun.

Plasmoid prominence UFO ship, sphere, tornadoes — it's just a version of the strange phenomenon, which saw millions of people who are not very familiar with the latest developments in astrophysics.

Here, "by accident", had the opportunity to meet with such an unusual phenomenon, which does not fit into the logic of ordinary people, and the logic of the inhabitants is more clear and straightforward in describing reality than the notions of specialists in a variety of scientific hypotheses. Versions, which would be the most intelligent, strange, Latin and the other words, would not be wearing a hypothesis.

"The fact that the Sun appear different in shape plasma turbulence" that have magnetic fields, most of us have no doubt, "in that they are capable of forming such but objects with a very distinct sharp edges." But we did hear from the mouth of a scientist is only a hypothesis that can not be tested by experiment ever, so it is not even a scientific hypothesis, although of the scientist. This paradox.

If it can not be tested version, voiced by scientists, it is only a hypothesis, an invention, designed in formulaic content, which gives reason to believe this hypothesis scientific. But this hypothesis is not inferior to the idea of the reader's (and writer) with the nickname «Donadell», who suggested "repairs" of the star.

Author of the idea deserves to be the idea of "repair", if used in a fantasy blockbuster, was mentioned in reference to his nickname. Very nice to see in the credits of the blockbuster line of large letters.

Of course, the explanation of NASA specialists need to pay close attention, and browse through books to even understand them, but our discussion here "is" in the interest of the masses of people to all to understand and explain, and this is only valuable to educate readers. Well, the "ship" UFO — so it is for the seed, the people awake to accidentally wandered astrophysicist
explained the simple language what is happening with the Sun recently.

Were there times in Earth's history, which would be like a picture that takes place at the present time in our star? If you have been, and the memories of them remained in the memory of mankind, to which events in the world in the past they were related? Can I answer these questions?

You can, but if for some Cro answer is informative, and they agree with the interpretation of the symbols proposed by the author or authors, for other specific pattern can be perceived differently than it is presented in this paper. Online now and then pops up information about a certain subject at the edge of the solar system.

Information clearly contradicts science earthlings, but supported images in crop circles, which in science are not relevant .. I remember this fact, not because I believe especially Internet based sources, and because some of them are mentioned real scientists working in the field of science, which permissible to talk about new objects in the solar system.

For example, George Reed, American astrophysicist, reopened object in the system in September 2011, an object that is constantly being discovered numerous times since 1998, coinciding with the advent of mass patterns of certain subjects in crop circles.

Only, at the time, perhaps the object was not to Pluto, and for Jupiter. But this way, again not essential. To prove anything to anyone not such circumstantial evidence. I still hope that, by a large set of features, the most die-hard deniers objects in the system begin to doubt in his sinless and very serious consideration to the mystery that hides the Government of Mexico and the U.S..

Another, indirect sign that pays shamanism, and is associated with a secret. There is a picture taken from the simulation can be seen astronomical alignment — an object — the Earth-Sun system, date of March 14 — the great earthquake in Japan on March 14th 2012.

astronomical alignment - an object - the Earth-Sun system, the date March 14

However, did not understand that the object that flattened the earth and the sun, but it is, so far, is not important. Let this be a coincidence — the alignment, the unknown object and the earthquake in Japan. Much worse if the April 4-5, 2012 a violent earthquake in Indonesia force of more than 7 points, with the astronomical alignment of object-Mercury — Sun — Mars.

alignment, an unknown object and the earthquake in Japan

It will be worse for all of us, because then we can talk about patterns, sketches of which were published by the author. There are two signs. One highly controversial, as it pours more "water" to explain the physics than fatazerov with the vision of all the UFO.

— Unknown planet right of the Sun, "Look at 0.34 to the right of the sun, solar flare illuminates an unknown object, the enormous size. Earth compared to him, just a speck of dust. This facility, which is displayed permanently at powerful emission of plasma. This time, it is remarkable that the emission of solar material surrounded the object and is perfectly visible, as the languages of the plasma curve around an object and cross over it, creating the same effect as if you take the steel ball and send it to the flame of a gas burner. "It is clear that he is writing a fiction, as I do, but the picture, said almost the same thing as about the" sphere. "

Snapshot, known event - December 2011

Snapshot known, the event — in December 2011. The paper argues about November-December 2011, that it will be possible to see something close to the sun. Spoke about the vision in the light range, but who knew that it was so "long" will "hide", and circles do not "speak" for the range of visibility, or I understood them correctly.

Unfortunately, the weak feature, but what to do, we have what we have and remember that what he saw did not always have that so I want to see or not see, as the two seemingly similar features, can speak about different objects. There are, and other signs, mentioned by the ancient, drawing on the rocks. Petroglyphs "in different regions of the Earth survived a lot of cave paintings and petroglyphs with images of unusual stars near the Sun.

Especially many of them are located in Southern Nevada, Arizona and California. Figures depicted on ancient cosmic "battle" Mezhuyev two luminaries, during which there was a part of the flow of material from one beam to another. In figures, this process looks like a jumper or a spiral. Rock painting. Arizona. Ancient images spirals close to the Sun, a lot. There are also ground geoglyphs (labyrinths).

Star Apocalypse. Rock paintings

And I would like to draw attention (standard calling for greater attention, lulled by the reader, the restatement) that my independent searches on American sites stumbled upon a paradox. In all pages, issued by "Google" to a request — "petroglyphs, rock art in America."

Among the many issued by the search engine, and viewed, petroglyphs on the apocalypse was not found. I was under the impression that the petroglyphs on this topic search engine removed, I do not know for what reasons, so I am dreaming. Key petroglyphs on living creatures and hunting, such as, for example, the following figure, as they want.



Along the way, since we are talking about the petroglyphs, I will give a few more pictures, in order to enhance their output and leave opponents motives for bitching, about the differences between the gods depicted by cave man, and those artifacts that have been hidden by the Mexican and American archaeologists and which will be discussed further. It is easy to imagine in what we have to turn the apes, if we are forced to hide in caves to escape the gods, drawing on the walls, for example, the image of those same gods.

is not of the humanoid type, and an image of unknown birds

Obviously, we face three-toed creature that on your feet, that on their hands. Researchers rock paintings sometimes argued that such an image is not a humanoid type, and an image of unknown birds. Agree that it is difficult to suspect that human creatures, such as penguins, eagle, chicken, then — on the list of species of birds.

is not of the humanoid type, and an image of unknown birds

For comparison and final conclusion on the three-toed and the simultaneous existence tridactylous humanoids, humans and birds next petroglyph.


To spend your time browsing tridactylous beings, as the basis for the three-fingered can indirectly determine the date of the appearance of the petroglyphs. The dating of images is a very important factor when viewing a collection of artifacts and the conclusions that follow from the fact of their existence. One of the features of the petroglyphs is that it is impossible to pinpoint the date of the appearance of the image.

This can be drawn about today (today — it's a thousand years ago), or 10,000 years. We are interested in this case as far in time there were three-toed gods. Why interested in this point, as it is associated with photos Solar Observatory SDO, and where is the Mexican government.

Some clarity to the chronology, by analogy, we can try to do on the basis of the latest information published in February 2012. "Brazilian and American archaeologists discovered in a Brazilian cave rock painting — petroglyph age of about 10 to 12 thousand years.

The scientists say their discovery is the oldest work of art of this kind in South America, according to a paper published in the journal PLoS One. Rock paintings were recently recorded in Brazil, Minas Gerais during the excavation from the bottom of the grotto, Neves and his colleagues found many traces of hearths, the remains of food and small pieces of worn tools that were used inmates Lapa do Santo.

The ratio of carbon isotopes in organic traces of human presence in the cave indicated that the first people came here about 10-12 thousand years ago. Prof. Dr. Julio Lopez Saco. "At the end of the excavation, archaeologists discovered on one of the walls of a small sanctuary petroglyph — drawing, carved directly on the rock. On a small "canvas" measuring 20 by 30 centimeters prehistoric painter depicted the human figure, methodically drilling many holes in the solid wall of the cave.

This man had two arms with three fingers on each, great legs and a head in the shape of the letter C. "I hope that you also, first and foremost, they saw a three-fingered hand" man. " Some of you also paid much greater attention, I have no doubt exaggerated by the phallus. Typically, one sees that he wants to see you so I once again beg to draw attention to the presence of three fingers. Pay attention and remember this fact, as it is necessary to go back to the stars and BP, which was the cause of the petroglyphs on the subject, thinks the author.

"Stars and the apocalypse. Rock paintings. "

"Stars and the apocalypse.  Rock paintings. "

Rock painting. Arizona. USA. Figure 1. The fact that there is a single subject for drawings made at different locations in Central America, I personally do not doubt it. It is interesting that the same thought imbued many people reading this, but the main thing is to compare the content of those patterns that are scattered on the most hidden places of the earth. In Fig. 1, I find similarities with some themes pictures of crop circles, where the presence of a spiral trajectory means "star", approach to the second star. One of them, perhaps, an unidentified "object", the second — the Sun.

Rock painting.  Arizona.

Rock painting. Arizona.

This figure has more plot development and depending on the fantasy enthusiasts consider the petroglyphs can be seen in it, all the same spiral trajectory of the object, the Sun, and departing from the object next to the Sun — vimana on board, which are gods. Petroglyphs of Central America, of course, must be linked to the information Maya.

Maya — a collection of names of tribes, concentrated in local habitat — the Yucatan Peninsula, which became a Mayan after, the remains of people, including those from the territories of the present state of Arizona, after a global catastrophe (that which we call the Flood ) migrated to the South American continent.

In this figure, there is an element (I call Wyman), which is fully in detail is repeated in the collection, which allows me to say that the ancients drew no jellyfish and UFOs. See for yourself. Description of a picture in the style of fantasy is only possible at the present time, because even 50 years ago, any professional, researcher petroglyphs, except for the description of religious and ethnic scenes from the life of the antediluvian people could not imagine that the Stone Age people could see aircraft.

Rock painting.  Nevada.

Rock painting. Nevada.

The main characters of the next petroglyph: Spiral — object, the sun and a bunch: anthropomorphic figure next to … (in his own way … to think)


After discussion videos from SDO, would say that it is "charging hose" or sustained electrical discharge between two electrified objects, and how to accurately communicate the details of objects, if we recognize that we face painted two stars, one of which — a dwarf, but ViP guests saw in Figure something else. If this figure is not considered in conjunction with others, the following, the version ViP person has a right to exist.

From the collection of artifacts found in one of the pyramids of Mexico

From the collection of artifacts found in one of the pyramids of Mexico

Of course, the bad, the ancients were not able to save the image in 3D, or at least in color, as shown below …

Two stars

But the analogy is complete, although a color picture was created at a time when the author of the picture was not aware of the Mayan artifact found and events on the Sun. and pattern can easily be performed as a petroglyph. May have to learn to create petroglyphs? (Grim joke).

Rock painting.  Nevada.

Rock painting. Nevada.

Plain and simple: shows the relationship between the two bodies: it remains to say — Sun and … analog named Woland de Mohr of Harry Potter, forbidden word, not by officials from the Ministry of Magic, but with the great scholars "Oka-plpnety" — Nibiru.

Petroglyph.  Nevada.

Petroglyph. Nevada.

On the left — the Sun. Right — the star. Between them is a sphere with a jumper. Sphere that is seen by contemporaries, because U.S. scientists have created a solar observatory that operates in space. The interaction of the Sun with the area, we have seen, but guess that the sphere is the vehicle carrying the contents of the Sun — the plasma is confirmed by the ancient pattern.

And not only "confirmed" the petroglyphs. Notes from the discussion of "Visit … An unidentified object fueled energy of the Sun", dropped frames, SDO captured 13 March 2012. Quite strange, if not for the help petroglyph story: Industry passes between the satellite and the sun, covering part of the Sun taken by his "body."

The scope is between the satellite and the sun, covering part of the Sun taken by his "body"

Seem wild description of the plot, in this way, the professor, his life engaged in classification of rock paintings, if he had not seen the pictures made satellite. The last of the ancient rock paintings, which is worth paying attention.

Petroglyph Nevada.

Petroglyph Nevada.

Such is the story sees a picture, one of us: "After this heavenly" battle "of the star appeared long serpentine gas-dust tail and she headed for the Earth, causing a horrific disaster," My reading is determined by a drawing of the same character that is represented in the plural Collection: Sun, Star, Earth.

The biggest clubs. Between "star" and "Earth" is another ball, which I like a UFO obzovu performing transport function of delivery with the "stars" of the Earth, and the function of which the ancient artist depicted "a ship." So I see! The people of the Stone Age petroglyphs draw consistently perceived the events of those days, and displays them on the rocks.

Painted the same subjects, Mayan, who according to historians, lived in more recent times, as previously thought archaeological modern science. Assuming that the ancient Mayan tribes appeared in the Yucatan during 3500-1500 do.n.e. Clearly, it is not clear why think so? — So I've seen are stored in the recesses of the pyramid for 10 000 years collection, and you have — no. But judging by a hidden collection of artifacts, the history of the Mayan era goes back to antediluvian and post-Flood period.

However, this is only one conclusion, which inevitably alters not only the history of Mesoamerica, but the history of Cro-Magnon man in the world. I should note that some of my thoughts are very closely coincide with the thoughts of people who know much more than I do about these issues and to share their knowledge with me. Mayan secrets will be revealed by the Mexican government in 2012, in August 2011, appeared in the media sensational reports disclosing secrets, which is known by the Mexican government for over 80 years.

One of the publications of the agency «Reuters" was duplicated in the "Eye-Planet." At "The Eye", the planet was some comment on the report. He would know "The Last of the Vikings", that told his lips — "belated attempt nasshibat" bubble. " Brakes, all those who wanted to get rich on this subject — already "Navar" in half a year itself refutes the same, the words "interesting" and initiate the beginning of the disclosure of state secrets in Mexico and the U.S..

Always entertaining, a distant time period to read the predictions: "This information was stored 80 years, and now it's important for people to understand the impending series of events, and the consequences for all of us" "- What are they so good steel? — I think the next PR, intriguing people, from scratch making money .. — Too early for hiding 80 years, now reveal all the secrets … "Totally agree with the questioner Viman:

— I now wonder if they say that will be shown in the film is very important information that you need to know everything, then why are they going to wait another year, and can not provide this information to us today? I also wonder why the Mexican government puts overriding disclosure of information for people during the entire period of the history of modern civilization. — Why not? — Could it be that in December the visual audience significantly reduced, and the disclosure of secrets will be obtained "good" of those who prohibit its publication today.

"Once in a press release, the film's director was quoted Mr. Rosado, speaking Mayan contact with aliens. This statement has been withdrawn, and now he's talking about the movie just as the documentary-oriented archeology. "I think that the film will focus on showing artifacts. But a collection of artifacts is that out of it, clearly, and not, as in other words, the conclusion of the regular contact Mayan tribe or precursors with the aliens of another planet. After showing a collection of Earth history, the history of mankind will be different from what we knew, and we know from textbooks of modern civilization.

Julia-Levy declined to elaborate as to whether the film present aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenario. "I can not talk about it," he said. "All in good time. I can not comment with respect to aliens or 2012. " "I can only say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us. On how we live, and how to deal with the planet. "

Unfortunately, in RuNet, the national media were not published some sensational material information agency «Reuters". To give just some quotes that intrigued the Western reader mentioning the name of physics Hogginsa. Should be aware of scholars of our readers, "he called" absolutely reasonable "assumption of the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. And added that the land may be under threat of colonization. "We have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent thing can turn into something with which we do not want to face, — says Steven.

— I think they can live in a huge ship, as exhausted all natural resources of the planet. These aliens are at a very high level of development and begin to migrate in order to capture any suitable planet. The desire to rob us — this is one of the reasons that it is not necessary to go to the contact with alien races: "If aliens ever appear here, it can be compared to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. But then the Indians somehow not very well formed. " Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking: "I have a strong sense of wonder" reading, then, a year ago, an interview with Hawking, I was not clear the context of his statements.

It was felt that a scientist not telling something very important for all of us, but warns of impending danger. Lurks obvious omissions in his speeches, as if there is a ban on the full disclosure of information that has become available physics. "I warn humanity — aliens undoubtedly exist. And the fact that they were friends with Maya, still does not mean that they are our friends. Humanity must at all costs avoid contact with aliens. " Mayan Filmmaker Offers Photo as Proof of Aliens, Says Hawking Agrees (Exclusive)

The filmmakers of "Revelation Maya. 2012 and beyond ", said that their film will reveal evidence of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, they argue that there is photographic evidence of knowledge of the Maya, about an alien civilization. You, me, they did not know until now that 30g of the twentieth century in the jungles of Guatemala, was found a statue of the head, similar to the famous statue of the Olmec head: It was said about the government conspiracy surrounding the picture of the statue's head, and the article itself: After the photo was taken in late 1930, she managed to appear in only one magazine, which was immediately taken out of circulation, "the British Government.

He also said that the statue itself, as shown in photo (17m high and 6m in width) is no longer in the jungles of Guatemala — it was transferred to the U.S. and hid it. As always, pay attention to the parts. Already in 1930 ~ U.S. government circles became holders of classified information about an alien civilization.

In line with this knowledge, political and financial clans U.S. built the system of distribution of political democracy and the global forces that we have at present. Further: "According Meija,« style writing it has nothing to do with the styles of civilizations that inhabited the southern coast of Guatemala in the conquest … it is clear that this is pre-Olmec and pre-Mayanskaya civilization … the creation dates from about 3500-5000 to P Kh. "

If hiding in the jungle like the "head", it is understandable why it is hidden from the eyes: collapse the entire modern history of Egypt! And let the "Egyptian" head, even if it is closer in form to the head, stolen and taken out to SShAOtlichaetsya style of execution, in their differences are more similarities than differences. Mejia — licensed archaeologist, is associated with Atlas Arqueological de Guatemala and the Institute of Anthropology and History of Guatemala, as well as with the University of San Carlos. "

Do not risk a licensed archaeologist finds attributed to an earlier period — the antediluvian and post-Flood, since a year ago was not aware of the Brazilian discovery. «Mejia also compares the monument with others, including the idols of Easter Island monument Pascual Abaj in Guatemala and the Sphinx in Egypt. He argues that the monument was created "an extraordinary and highly developed civilization" that "settled in the south of Guatemala and from there transfer knowledge hunters and gatherers, which were the first disciples."

Not licensed, not even an archaeologist, historian clarifies words — "extraordinary and highly developed civilization" that "settled in the south of Guatemala, in other, more accurate, not only well developed, but the gods of the alien civilization, which has a global character, under which was all the ancient post-Flood world, from China, India, Egypt, Sumer, in the East, to Central and South America to the west. Look at the picture on the left, right and center.

Egypt and Guatemala, but here and there - long-headed

Egypt and Guatemala, but here and there — long-headed. Lovers of ancient Egypt has long had to pay attention, that the gods of Egypt always have hats that cover their ears. But the image on the left has the same god's ears, as an eccentric from the jungle, as well, and three-toed feet. I remember that one syskar, attached great importance to the details to find out the truth.


Such a conclusion can be drawn from the totality of petroglyphs Brazil and America, the figures which you can see three-fingered humanoid figure, but also in the images of the deities from Sumer to Guatemala. If many of us are looking at the face, only the lower part of the body may determine that appeared before them divine Inanna, Athena courageous, seductive Ishtar, terrible Kali, but looking at the kind of place that attracts the eye men, but not the researcher who "sees the root" — legs, learns the ancient goddess, known to all the nations of the world.

three-fingered humanoid figures
As for the Mayan gods, then you will see it when we start to consider the amazing collection of artifacts of the lost pyramids found in the Guatemalan jungle. "The world had not seen before. No one has ever seen. But I have no doubt that the world is ready to know the truth, "adds the director." It will completely change the perception of reality of all humanity. "I'd add, I personally — have not seen so far.

Having seen, admired and, like the filmmakers, say — seen by picture, change the history of mankind. Maybe the memory of Cro-Magnon lost, corrupted by the desire to receive pleasure to recognize that they have once again warned and talks about the future that awaits civilization, does not want to remember the repeated warnings of past generations. Unfortunately, we have to agree that while the roasted cock bite in the ass, as long Cro-Magnon did not believe the tales of the jungle.

But then, with ragged ass sitting in a cave, begins daub walls and rocks warning their fellows, who will be born in the distant future and that again will be the blunt, like last time. Presenting a collection of artifacts, in the form of screenshots from the movie, I would like you to be treated in the peace and quiet, trying to catch the jet stream of time from the past, frozen in the form in which the time of Cro-Magnon man had before the eyes of more than 10 000 years ago. Occasionally, I'll make a comment to a particular image, to set off the words of the future that show past generations, we are living.

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