The government will allocate 3 billion rubles for the Clean Water Program in 2013

The Russian government will send a 2013 federal program "Clean Water" 3 billion rubles in 2014-2015, the cost of the program does not provide, according to a draft of the federal budget, published on Tuesday on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

As detailed in the paper money will go to "subsidies for co-financing of capital construction of the state (municipal) property."

Earlier it was reported that in 2012, as part of 29 regions of the country will also be allocated 3 billion rubles.

Public funding of the Federal Program "Clean Water" for the time of its implementation from 2011 to 2017 will amount to 18 billion rubles, the total cost of 331.8 billion rubles. According to the calculations of the authorities, the program in 2017 will increase the supply of the population with centralized water supply and sanitation to 85% and 84% respectively from 77% and 73% in 2010 to the year.

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