The head of the civil aviation control NATS UK admits: We fix the monthly UFO.

September 1, 2012 6:48

In England, however, the recent fall in love to reveal the secrets of UFOs and all that is associated with unidentified flying objects. Not surprisingly, the fans are ready to see these sensational UFO flying in any subject, whether it be Chinese lanterns, which are run in a variety of during the holidays, or airship, leased to the Olympic Games in London.

Richard Deakin, head of the civil aviation control NATS.

Richard Deakin, head of the civil aviation control NATS.

In the UK airspace is a day more than 6,000 flights. For timeliness and safety responsibility head Nats (National Air Traffic Service) Richard Deakin (Richard Deakin). On Friday, he appeared on British radio.

In a statement, Deakin spoke about UFO sightings, who note subordinate operators and systems. Unexpected answer to a question posed in a humorous vein, struck, probably not only lead the program.

The question of how often face today NATS program or its employees with unidentified flying objects and locate the UFO was asked leading program "Today» BBC4 Jack Simon (Simon Jack). His own children were asked to find out from Richard Deakin. Immediately heard the first laughter, smolknuvshie quickly, however, when the answer sounded chief NATS, which occasionally objects that do not correspond to the normal air traffic, usually about once a month.
"Constantly there are objects that we record the flight and behavior which does not comply with the air movement is not just the UK, but also (and this applies to the characteristics of aircraft) in other countries. However, I must say that I'm not talking about it often. "

The next question of the leader, confirms this statement detection of UFOs, and how great is the number of such objects, Deakin said more clearly, "Yes, as a rule (it happens) about once a month — somewhere in the gaps." This response did not expect not only the lead, writes grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.

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