The head of the Federal Migration Service wants to return to Russia of serfdom

Photo: RIA Novosti

The head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky proposed to deprive the citizens of Russia registered place of residence in their virtual absence for three months. This was a Thursday, February 2 reports
According to officials, this measure will help to fight the "rubber" flats, where it is prescribed by a few hundred people. In this Romodanovsky noted that at present no FMS or other services can not do anything to oppose the practice.
If the offer is accepted the official, the FMS will have the right to control the movement of citizens of Russia, and fixing their long absence at his residence — write them out of the apartments and houses.

Moreover, if, within 90 days after discharge citizen has been registered at the new location, the migration service will declare him wanted. "I propose to put him on the wanted list and give migration service authority to apply to the court for cancellation of registration — said its offer Romodanovsky. — Well, no man for three months nor there, nor there, then it should look. "

According to some observers, the head of the migration service actually offers to revive the medieval Russia colonate known in our history as "serfdom". Moreover, the right to declare the FMS man wanted by virtually abolishes the presumption of innocence and the right to write people from their homes in the Russian reality can easily become an instrument of corporate raid homes — observers say.

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