The kings of France, 15 centuries of history / Les rois de France, 15 siecles d’histoire watch online

The kings of France, 15 centuries of history / Les rois de France, 15 siecles d'histoire смотреть онлайн
A series of documentary films on the history of France, in which all the history French monarchy represented a biography of its leaders. The cycle opens a story about Carl stateliness. Carl Lofty (742-814) — Frankish lord from 768 years to 800 years old ruler, of the Carolingian dynasty. His conquest (in the years 773-74 Lombard kingdom in Italy, in the region 772-804 years Saxons, etc.) have led to the formation of a wide empire. Policy Carla Majestic (patronage of the church, judicial and military reforms, etc.) contributed to the formation of feudal relations in Western Europe. Empire Carla Majestic collapsed soon after his death (843 Verdun contract year).

1 movie: Carl Lofty / Charlemagne: Carlos Magnus

2 movie: Francis I — The stately master / François 1er le grand roi

Francis I — master France from January 1, 1515, the son of Count Carla Angouleme, a cousin of King Louis XII, and Louise of Savoy. The founder of the dynasty of the Valois branch of Angoulême. His long reign was marked by wars with Charles V of Habsburg and the rise of the French Renaissance.

3 movie: Henry II / Henri II

Henry II (1519-1559) — lord France from March 31, 1547, the second son of Francis I of marriage to Claude French, docheryuLyudovika XII, of Valois Angouleme band. In his reign, he pursued with fire and sword intensifying the country's Protestantism. War with England, he continued after the death of his father and graduated in 1550, the return Boulogne.

4 movie: The last lords of Valois: Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III / Les derniers Valois: François II, Charles IX, Henri III

Francis II (1544-1560) — Lord of France since 1559. The eldest son of King France Henry II and Catherine de 'Medici. As the first heir to the throne, was in 1548, at the age of 4 years, engaged with the queen Mary Stuart of Scotland.
Charles IX (1550-1574) — Lord of France since 5 December 1560. The scion of King Henry II and Catherine de 'Medici. His mom was with him regent until 17 August 1563. Board of Directors Carla marked by countless religious wars and St. Bartholomew's Night — sadly known mass extermination of the Huguenots.

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