The man who walked on the moon, I am sure that the Earth from space aliens visit

January 12, 2012 18:00

In the U.S. just crashed "flying saucer"
In late July, news agencies and newspapers worldwide disseminated by the revelation of the former American astronaut, a member of the crew of "Apollo 14", PhD 77-year old Edgar Mitchell, expressed in an interview with British radio.

— I was lucky enough to touch the fact that our planet and the UFO visits — it is reality — said the astronaut. — The last 60 years or so, our government is carefully concealed, but gradually the information leaked out and some of us are lucky enough to know a bit about it. I spoke with representatives of the military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of the mass of knowledge lies the answer: yes, we were visited by aliens.

Mitchell said they are like us. And it is not much different from the traditional way, known for the films and pictures: aliens — small, with large heads.

From interviews indicated that the roots sensational recognition goes to the famous incident in Roswell (New Mexico, USA). According to legend, there in 1947 broke the "flying saucer" with the crew — aliens. A debris and body tidied military.

What really happened, until now no one really knows. Eyewitnesses go on about aliens. Like, they had seen four dead. And according to the official military, exploded a secret balloon. Now, Mitchell has no doubt that right first. What and reported publicly. Especially since the second extended themselves at first announcement of the collapse of the "flying saucer". It was only the next day, it became hard to refute.

Before his death, people give out secrets
Dr. Mitchell phoned our colleague from channel "Discovery" Irene Klotz. Astronaut, said that the most impressive information he received from the residents of Roswell — direct witnesses of the mysterious events.

— I was born in Roswell, spent his childhood — explains Mitchell. — Besides, flying to the moon. People it inspired confidence. They found that the risk to tell me everything will be minimal. After all witnesses — both military and civilian — were threatened, binding obligation of secrecy. Many, by the way, decided to recognize only before death.

Further, according to Mitchell, ensuring the reliability of the story, he went to the Pentagon. Asked to take it to the intelligence committee at the main headquarters. Met a certain admiral, who spoke about what he knows.

— Admiral confirmed that everything I said — the truth — says astronaut. — In other words, the Roswell UFO was a disaster. There was an aircraft aliens. But, as my companion, I'd better keep it in the dark.

Even the president can not know the truth
Mitchell did not divulge the name of the Admiral, "I do not think I have that right." But said that the meeting was held at the Pentagon in the late 90's, when he was trying to get to the truth about the events of 1947 became public. But nothing came of it.

Allegedly concealing started by President Truman, who brought a lot of trouble, reports of aliens, say, fly, both at home, and nobody knows what to do with them. As a result, created a special committee of senior military officials have issued an instrument of national security and is entitled to the members of this committee to manage information about the aliens at their discretion. That is to hide it. What they are doing for over 60 years. Even presidents they do not take orders.

— President Clinton sent a representative to find out — did not work — says Mitchell. — Failure to obtain Air Force Brigadier General Barry Goldwater in the '60s, when he joined the fight for the presidency. President Ford accomplished nothing. Could not even Jimmy Carter, who himself had seen a UFO. But it was during his reign truth gradually began to surface.

And so we will be able to
In a conversation with Irene Klotz Mitchell otmazatsya NASA. Like, this organization is not related to the information received. In general, it seems that it is not initiated into the secrets of alien government.

Astronaut Sam repeated many times that I personally have not seen a UFO. And in contact with the aliens on the moon did not enter. Even their presence is not felt. But he scrutinizes eyewitness — especially those who have watched not just UFOs and "flying saucers" in action.

— I have no reason not to trust the words of military and academic experts — said astronaut. — The aliens have much more advanced technology. It shows. But their technique is not supernatural. And there is no reason why humans can not reach the same level.

Mitchell says that aliens, or at least those who are now visiting Earth, are not dangerous.

Touches to the portrait
Who are you, Dr. Mitchell?

In September, the astronaut will turn 78 years old. He was the sixth man to walk on the moon. I went through it the longest — more than 9 hours at a time. That was in 1971. Edgar had already attracted parapsychology. And unknown to the rest of the crew sent to Earth telepathic messages in groups of digits. Details are unknown, but the astronaut said that the experiment was a success. That 'transformed', coupled with his spectacles bottomless sky. He returned from the Moon by another person, feeling the unity with the surrounding space. Resigned from NASA and founded his own institute for the study of the latent abilities of people. Believes that human consciousness can be contacted with the universe, to share with her the information on the subatomic level, create energy.

Friend of Mitchell — Uri Geller bends spoons that look, psychics, healers, yoga. And, of course, leading American ufologists. They may have helped the old man to make sure that aliens exist? But is he alone? Many now believe.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper "UFOs? Exist. I myself have seen them "
Here is what in 1997 — the 50th anniversary of the events in Roswell — astronaut since Gagarin and Titov, the first time to visit space in 1963:

— The first time I saw a UFO in the early 1950s, when he served as a pilot in Germany. Our member raised the alarm to intercept. In those years, our base of frequently flying Russian MiG-15. We climbed to 15,000 feet — this is our ceiling. But these devices are flying formation is much higher and faster than us. These were the wheels, with shell cast metallic luster.

In 1957, Cooper served as a test pilot in the U.S. Air Force base, "Edwards" in California. And watched as the "flying saucer" with a diameter of about 10 meters hovered nearby, has released three legs and sat on the bottom of a dried-up lake.

— Operators working on the base, filmed landing — recalled Cooper. — It was a classic "plate" — smooth, shiny silver — a real alien ship. He flew away when we ran closer. Guys takes it all.

Future astronaut saw processed film — it worked. By order of the command she was sent to Washington. There she was gone. Cooper repeatedly asked for the film. To no avail. What made the conclusion that the government still hides compelling information about aliens. A declassify only insignificant.

Cooper mentioned a case in Roswell, "I have a friend there served as a senior officer. He made it clear that there machine crashed extraterrestrial origin. "

Unfortunately, Gordon Cooper died in 2004. Would have been alive, probably would have supported his colleague Mitchell.

Learned that a hacker, hacking Pentagon and NASA computers

Britain decided to extradite Gary McKinnon, the U.S., to gain access to classified material. There, he faces 70 years in prison.

A total of Gary, known among themselves under the name Solo, «split" from 2001 to 2002, 97 computers. According to him, not for malicious intent. And in order to learn what is known in the Pentagon and NASA UFO antigravity new energy sources and other technologies may have borrowed from the aliens.

The hacker discovered the existence of certain "Project concealment" and left about 400 witnesses concerning the observations of "flying saucers."

— It was there on devices, and not just about UFOs — McKinnon stressed in a telephone conversation with a journalist Internet portal Wired News. — Witnesses were people that you trust — managers of military aviation and the guys who are responsible for the launches of nuclear missiles.

Gary said that the Roswell incident was the first in a series of events of this kind. But then there were others. Many others.

— I once met a woman — an expert on images from NASA — continued hacker. — She said that in the eighth case the Johnson Space Center colleagues for days retouch photographs taken by satellites. Clean them with a UFO. I hacked into the local computers — those who stood in this very case. Until the connection was broken, had to pull out of the folder "not processed" and consider one image. She was wearing a silver cigar-shaped object with some areas on the sides. It hung above the Earth. The picture appears to have been taken from a satellite that is higher. I did not see the "cigar" no seams or rivets — nothing "human".

Far more surprising McKinnon accessed the file Non-Terrestrial Officers — literally "Extraterrestrial employees." It contained the names and ranks of officers USAF (like John Bobblehead, Major U.S. Air Force), the data of which most was not there. None of the existing documents.

— In the folder there was also information about transfers of officers from ship to ship — said the hacker. — But ships with names either.

Latest revelation gives explicit fiction. It implies that the officers "from the folder" serve on any spacecraft — far away from the home planet. Brad seems to be. But Americans want to plant McKinnon to prison for 70 years. That is life. After all, the hacker now 39 …

Three dead and one live alien
— Edgar Mitchell wonderfully refreshed interest in the incident in Roswell, — said Boris Shurin, president UFO community. — But only once appeared on British radio. Strong reaction went from Europe — almost all the newspapers reported about aliens. And only now barely stirred Americans. First there for some reason did not respond, though Mitchell is not the first time issues exposing information.

— Believe that the U.S. government is hiding a secret?

— I think that's hiding. By the way, recently died K. Pflok — the most talented author of the book "Roswell: inconvenient facts and the will to believe," dividing down in an alien version. Before his death, he admitted that he was a CIA agent and wrote for the American government.

Died, and the legendary Lieutenant Walter Haut, through which the press and learned about the crash "flying saucer" at Roswell. Before his death he notarized his testimony that he personally saw three dead aliens and one seriously injured, but alive. Bequeathed to dispose of evidence at the discretion of

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