The Ministry of Economy does not rule out further price increases

, Told reporters in Minsk director of the Privacy Policy of the Ministry of Economics Igor Fomin.

"We do not rule out the possibility. But for now, in the near future, do not expect ", — said Fomin.

He did not rule out that can be changed administered price mechanism.

"For example, to switch from a fixed price to a minimum, in order to promote competition and adequate response to the situation on the market", — said the director of the department.

On a number of socially important goods have developed price distortions.

"We will try to use market-based mechanisms that enable both importers and manufacturers to provide break-even operation and at the same time ensure the availability of goods, "- said Fomin.

The food prices in Belarus in the I quarter 2011and in relation to January-March 2010 grew by 16.2%, according to the National Statistics Committee.



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