The Ministry of Information does not intend to withdraw the lawsuits to close independent newspapers

The Ministry of Information does not intend to withdraw the legal action to close the "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya", ignoring the protests and requests from readers these days come to the Ministry and published in the newspapers.

This was in response to the question of "Freedom", said at a press briefing Deputy Information Minister Liliya Ananich:

"I think our relationship with the" People's Will "and" Our Niwa "Dealt with in the courts. On today the trial started, and each side has the right to express their opinions. And the power of the court — to take only the final and correct decision. Let's not rush time.

Looking through the Lately for the "People's Will", I see that more and more publications of interest. Maybe one also will make this something positive in the sense that: as if all we do, if the state has a claim? Most importantly — do not break the law and love our country. And love is not the only way we imagine, and based on the fact that this is your country. And all its difficulties — it's your difficulties all his success — your success. If this attitude is in our publications, then it's fine. Well, the law is equal for everyone. And if the revision will reflect that violations still there, then everything will be better and more newspapers will develop. "

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