The oil came from — half more expensive than before

April 14 in Moscow began consultations of representatives of finance ministries and central banks of Russia and Belarus. Belarusian delegation to the key question — how can you quickly get a Russian loan of $ 1 billion to support the financial system. Meanwhile, retail chains continue to experience disruptions to the supply of certain types of consumer goods, and freely buy the currency at banks can not.

In many currency exchange offices queues is not, since they are meaningless: dollars and euros nobody leases and the banks themselves do not sell them. There is a growing number of banks that restrict foreign exchange transactions debetovyh cards outside Belarus. It is still impressive, and joined the list of the largest in the country, "Belarusbank" and "Belagroprombank": the daily limit on foreign exchange transactions on cash advances is set at $ 200.

There is still mnozhnasts rates of the Belarusian ruble against the major currencies. Not being able to buy the currency, legally importing companies are forced through a variety of ways to negotiate with the banks and buy it at 4-4.5 thousand rubles per dollar. On the industrial and automotive markets conversion rate slightly smaller — from 3.5 thousand rubles per dollar. Says businessman Alexander Taustyka:

Ales Taustyka

"I will speak for my radio market, but there is information to the car markets, and markets home appliances. Course is changing almost every day, the original — 3500 rubles per dollar. Know that the car market is considered already by 4000. Received little gain, but if someone has an urgent need, then, of course, they acquire goods at a higher rate — and by 3500, and 3600. We tell them that opportunity for us to buy the currency — only through friends, acquaintances or through friends of friends who know where take currency. or 2-3 days by appointment stand in exchange, buy a currency may have on the rate of heat exchangers and re-sell in the market in 3500-3600.'s in these conditions, we also work. But this is not enough, not only currency — respectively and Br. situation, of course, terrible, day after day, we are standing, talking only about the situation … ".

Expert Belarusian Economic Research and Education Center Catherine Barnukova believes that the authorities could ease the suffering of all market participants, finally announcing the already inevitable devaluation of the ruble. The long postponement leads to the fact that the crisis has only exacerbated and come out of it will be much more difficult than it would be under a different scenario:

any Belarusian, choosing between a situation in which he can not buy oil, and the situation in which he can afford it yourself, but a little expensive, choose the second option …

"Yes, I think that the devaluation of some critical moments would decide at once. But we are afraid of the devaluation Why, because it is very hard to raise the cost of imports. And at the moment the import and so much suffering greatly because the currency simply impossible to acquire. In fact, even the importation of certain medicines are generally locked. Therefore, based even on this, the devaluation would be a logical step. Though she would make imports more expensive, but would make it at least possible. believe that anyone choosing between a situation in which it is can not buy oil, and the situation in which he can afford it yourself, but a little expensive, choose the second option. "

Officials almost daily accused of lacking currency and the opposition of some products — they say, it's regime opponents provoke people to buy dollars and supplies in stock.

Despite assurances from officials that the market situation is under control and there is no panic, excessive demand for some commodity items retained. For example, this afternoon I went to a few shops trading network "Rublevskiy" on the street Tolbukhina. Promised sunflower oil is not so far, and a bottle of olive foreign capacity 0.75 liters worth 35,000 rubles. Sugar — only refined pieces, almost 4,000 rubles per pound package. On the contrary, in the grocery store, "Zarina", oil appeared — at 9,310 rubles per liter bottle (half more than a week ago). And despite the fact that Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Nikolai Ladutko stated publicly with diabetes but oil shortage in the capital is "finished", the prices remain the same.

In turn, the importers have been warned: the current state of things, when the currency by purchasing products will continue to be available, the cost of most products hike jump by 50%. Before it became known for a number of commodities is preparing a manifold increase in excise taxes. For example, a beer — just three times, leading to at least a 20 per cent rise in price of the drink. Excise duty on cigarettes is proposed to raise by 2.5 times, resulting in some of the brand will grow in price by half.

Experts believe that the hope for a miraculous power of Russian money does not have to — almost as much in 2011, Belarus will have to spend on maintenance of previous loans, which the country has acquired over the past two years. In addition, Russia has made it clear that the loan to the trust and should go to pay for natural gas, which rose significantly for Belarus.

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