The opinions and versions — warning prosecutors

The editors of independent regional newspapers "Bobruisk courier" and "Free City" received prosecutorial warnings for publications on the terrorist attack in Minsk subway on April 11. On the eve of the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Information and the KGB also issued a warning to newspapers "Nasha Niva", "People's Will" and the editor of the website "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich.

Warning editor "Bobruisk courier" Anatolia Sanatenko Deputy Attorney Leninsky District Anatoly Kabernik signed April 12 and tried to hand it to the person at the next two days. When the journalist refused to accept it, the letter came in the mail. This is a warning — one of the components of pressure on independent journalist colleagues from Minsk, which began after the terrorist attack on the subway, said Sanotenko:
"It's the same story, just Starikevich found, and I — no, and delivered a warning just now. I can say that I'm going to appeal it."
Anatoly Sanatenko warned for speaking out in a blog on the site "Belarusian Partisan", where the journalist has supported the statements of the country, in the tragic events of April 11 in Minsk to blame the current government.
Editor of the independent newspaper "Free City" Sergei Irregularities Krichevsky District Attorney issued an official warning for the article "Black Days", where the author criticizes the actions of the authorities associated with the explosion in the subway. Said Sergei Uneven:
"I ask the prosecutor: so — now banned criticism at all? In what regulations it is forbidden? Where slander, insult where? He said — look there in the first paragraph. Speak — and what is there? And, no, he says — in the second. So he was confused concerning which issued a warning. I believe — and the prosecutor talked about this — what intelligence agencies more control. Prosecutor, of course, denied this, saying that on its own initiative, issued a warning when I read the recent article, but I do not believe him. "
Another warning Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Nicholas Kuklis issued weekly "Nasha Niva" for publishing the article "Colonel bearded man: explosives planted a staff of one of the special services." The prosecutor gave a warning to the editor "Nasha Niva" Andrei Skurko in the newspaper, taking the explanation of the fact of publication, said, "Freedom" Andrei Skurko:
"In the explanation we have written our vision of these events that the newspaper strip" Comments and opinions "and is designed to ensure that they were placed different views on important social events. With this material we are in no way trying to spread fear and panic in society and the more discredit certain public bodies and authorities. According to my opinion, this material does not violate existing laws. refute this warning can be in the Attorney General issued a warning as deputy. Accordingly, we will challenge it. "
On the eve of the chief editor of "Nasha Niva" was summoned to the KGB and warned about the responsibility for the disclosure of the investigation in the terrorist attack on April 11. According to publications on the same topic alert "Our Niva" and also made the Ministry of Information. The situation is commented lawyer NGO BAJ Andrew Bastunets:
"The number of warnings issued independent publications recently, raises a number of questions. To my mind, the government has narrowed the area of freedom of expression. And these violations — they do not correspond to any international obligations of the Republic of Belarus in the field of freedom of expression, or even the Constitution. this excessive government interference in the freedom of expression and opinion. Several of these warning was issued for his statements and judgments, the right to which is guaranteed by Article 33 of the Constitution of the country. "

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