The opposition were arrested for the attack?

Frunze district police arrested four community activists. At least two of them — Paul Levinau and Olga Karach — up reports on detention on suspicion of terrorist attack in the Minsk metro on April 11.

In17th police control room about the Frunze district of Minsk 19 minutes hours 19 April, I was able to see a member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee of Vitebsk Paul Levinau, who loudly indignant violation of his rights and asked witnesses who have confirmed that he refused to sign the arrest report. In the same room sitting white Olga Karach, Chairman of the Vitebsk branch of the United Civil Party. Talk to them failed. The police put journalists behind the office door. Later, got to see how Paul Levinau custody were taken to a room where usually keep administrative detainees.

Where were this time Two more detainees Oleg Barshcheuski from Vitebsk andPaul Stanevsky from Grodno, could not see. The police refused to explain anything about it. First duty officer Major General Oleg Lepeshko promised to give a comment after released, and then closed the window defiantly duty unit.

In the hallway of the police department news Levinau Paul waited for his cousin Dmitry Trofimuk. He said that the police initially refused to even acknowledge that Levin was in their later refused to allow him to counsel:

"They refused to acknowledge that he is in the police department. I asked: "Water

They refused to admit that he is in the police department.

at least from a person who was four o'clock it is. "also refused to accept this water."

Later in the corridor council Dmitry police saw Paul Levinau.

"He could say that he is charged with terrorism April 11. And after that, it was the administrative report that he swore obscenities at the office. "

Protocol with error

The minutes of the arrest of Paul Levinau stated that he suspected that the April 11 about 18 hours in a subway station in Minsk on October committed acts which are prescribed by Part 3 of Article 359 of the Criminal Code. This article is about an act of terrorism, that is, an attempt on the public official or public figure. The protocol is made in error, as in this article, there is no section three, part three is in Article 289 — terrorism.

The police report is made "by direct suspicion of committing a crime." It was signed by a senior operative of the Frunze district of Minsk A. ZHIGALOV.

Olga Karach

The well-known opposition leader from Vitebsk Free Karachi, also delayed the Frunze district police, human rights activist could say Oleg Gulak, that a similar protocol of detention as padazaravanay of involvement in the terrorist attack made on it.

Oleg Gulak managed to find out from the police officers on duty, which is made up of four opposition protocols on administrative violations for disorderly conduct and allegedly awaiting trial. The situation is very strange, says Oleg Gulak:

"We have on hand a copy of the protocol of detention on suspicion of committing a terrorist act, and in the police duty room about it do not know anything. Lawyer was not summoned. "

But Gulak does not hurry with conclusions as to the significance of these actions of the police:

"This is nonsense. So far the only way. I do not think it is now possible to draw any conclusions about any far-reaching consequences. So far — it's nonsense. "

According to Oleg Gulak Levinov Paul wrote a letter to the head of police department that the police themselves were expressed at the time of the proceedings, but it was not accepted.

According to the latest information from one of the deputy head of the Frunze district police department of Minsk, suspicions regarding the opposition shield allegedly already be outdated, tomorrow they will be tried for hooliganism.


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