The organizers of Chernobyl Way agreed to the terms of powers

At the press conference, the organizers Chernobyl Way organizers decided on the action during the present anniversary promotion.

Press conference had held in the conference room of the "Orbit", but at the entrance to the hotel security stopped the participants and said that in areas of the hotel found smoke and no event in the conference room can not occur.

At a meeting with reporters, held on the steps of the hotel, the organizers of the Chernobyl march — Jury Khadika, Dennis Sadowski and Alexander Fedynich reported that they must accept the version proposed by the city authorities — to hold a rally in a park near the area of Friendship of Peoples Bangalore.

Organizers said they believe the denial of permission to hold the march illegal, this rejection, in their opinion, insults Chernobyl. However, it was decided not to create a confrontation in the days of mourning the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. They also reported that the police authorities verbally agreed to use during a meeting of national symbols and posters.

Today, in the conference room of the "Orbit" had pass and a round table for the 25th anniversary of the disaster which organized "anti-nuclear initiatives." The roundtable had to participate and foreign ambassadors. At the round table was refused on the same grounds.


Chernobyl Way

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