The other day. Our era. 1961-2003 watch online

The other day.  Our era.  1961-2003 watch online
Here is a series of documentaries, which is the leading Leonid Parfenov. He tells of a rather broad period in the history of our country from 1961 to 2003. Will talk about the events and personalities that have influenced the course of history. This is a story about how, without which the Russian people and Russian just unimaginable, and that without which recognize a broad Russian soul just unreal.

In cycle includes 43 movie, any of which is aware of those or other events and people that forms the style of living and thinking first inhabitants of Russian Union, and later already and modern Russia. In each series, you can behold the unique documentary record, the best shots of movies and cartoons, upmarket trend of those years, sayings and funny stories that have been run in one or the other period time, also represent professionals in the role that made Anatoly Shooting, Sergei Karaganov, Tatiana Drubich, Yegor Gaidar and Renata Litvinova.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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