The peasants of the Tyumen region break records on harvesting potatoes

Potato yield this season was 203 kg per hectare, while in the last year collected 171 tons per hectare.  Overall, the gross harvest of the "second bread" was nearly 56 and a half million tons, more than last year at 15,000 tons.

Cleaning of vegetables is not yet complete. Now the peasants free field from late-ripening varieties. It is already clear that the yield of vegetable crops of cabbage, carrots, beets exceed the index of 350 quintals per hectare. Overall, late harvested vegetables 40%. Many farms Tyumen region already beginning to prepare for next year's planting season.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of seed. Great help to the economy became the program of state support for agricultural producers. Another one of the components of success was the strict observance of agricultural technologies.

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