The Pentagon has received the first «nanosatellites»

The Pentagon has received the first

Boeing has supplied 2 «nanosatellite» prototype for the U.S. Air Force. Currently, there is a preparation for the final testing of cosmic new vehicles, which represent a new word in the military.

On the modern battlefield demand for satellite communications is very high. Even some large UAV reconnaissance satellite can transmit gigabytes of information. But broadcasting satellites weighing several tons of not only the road, and are a good target for anti-satellite weapons. To solve this prepyadstviya Pentagon plans to use a cheap small satellites that can be cast into low orbits dozens, while using cheap light missiles launched including from aircraft carriers.

In accordance with this concept, the company has developed and transferred Boeing USAF first two «nano-satellite». Each satellite weighs only 4 pounds and has dimensions 30h10h10 see «Nanosatellite» Detector installation (probably optical) for collecting data about weather first criteria and GPS-receiver. Small S-band transceiver with all this provides data transfer speeds of up to 1 MB per second.

In the future, a cheap «nanosatellites» will be able to rapidly saturate the battlefield data channels and ensure the application of UAVs, manned aircraft and ground forces in theaters of war, where there are not enough large relay satellites. Advanced «nanospuniki» will be able to gather information on weather conditions, which will facilitate the use of air.

Start prototypes planned for summer 2013 in the mission ORS-3. Originally satellites will collect and transfer of meteorological data.

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