The Regional Court agreed with the punishment mutilated businesswoman

College in Criminal Matters of the Gomel Regional Court dismissed the appeal Svetlogorsk businesswoman Lily Lagutin year sentence for restraint.

"This is a theater," — said after the board meeting Mrs. Lagutin.

Entrepreneur appealed against the verdict Svetlahorsk District Court, which found her guilty of resistance and violence over the four police officers from the Department of protection.

The criminal case was brought against Ms. Lagutin after, she complained to the district prosecutor's office that the police crippled her hand during the arrest of her husband. The woman says that waved a bag to the police behind. One of the police officers, she said, so has turned his hand to her, that she herself has not been able to bring her back. Doctors pronounced him not only dislocated, but a compound fracture.

The police, however, did not call "ambulance", and drove Lagutin "deal" in the police department.

Appear in business documents that after incident, one of the policemen was a bruise on his face. District Prosecutor's Office accuses Lily Lagutin in the resistance and violence over the four police officers.

Lawyer Eugene Grabowski drew the attention of the college that District Court at sentencing Lily Lagutin based on conflicting testimony of the alleged victim policeman Eugene Melnikova, which also varied depending on the defendant exhibited charges.

In turn, the judge Nicholas Emelianovich Lagutin asked whether she was sober time of the incident?

Woman on a reported: "We came out of the restaurant. Medekspertyza showed that I had 0.53 per mille of alcohol. "

"And her husband?" — Asked the judge.

"I do not know. And what's the husband? He got his act of punishment. And me for that broken arm? "

Mrs. Lagutin not agree with the punishment is going to continue to challenge the verdict:

"Anything to do with the bodies of internal affairs, it is very difficult adsuzhvats. They broke my arm, and punishment of the police cover up the guilt. "



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