The Russian army is going to shoot down meteorites («Forbes», USA)

The Russian army is going to shoot down meteorites (

After a sudden meteor rain brought down the speed of sound meteors in the Urals, the Russian army said it will develop technology for the destruction of similar objects before they reach Earth. As a result of a meteor falling Chelyabinsk affected thousands of people.

Russian troops ASD said they did not shoot down a sudden meteor February 15, but in the future are going to do it. Commander of the Air Force 1 and Air Defence of the Western Military Area (WEST), Major-General Igor Makushev said the army will develop a package of measures aimed at the protection of of falling meteors and other unsafe of cosmic objects. «The task of such troops staged EKR — take on this subject and to develop a specific set of measures of protection against such intruders from the outside,» — said Makushev to RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

NASA estimated, Chelyabinsk meteor was about 15 meters in diameter, when he entered the atmosphere. He moved faster the speed of sound and exploded, turning into a fiery ball of the sun brighter. Amateur record shown on Russian television showed the sky snow-white band similar trail from an airplane, is rapidly turning into a big bowl, the shock wave from which eventually shook the Chelyabinsk. «No system before entering the atmosphere this body is not beheld, neither our nor South American or optical — as the body flew from the Sun» — said the director of the Institute of Astronomy Boris Shustov.

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