The shadow of gambling in Russia

Shadows of gambling in RussiaFor him, people play computer games or slot machines? Psychologists have long been considered the problem of game Depending on how the very real illness. The situation with complete gambling on the views of many professionals, threatens national security. Luli get used to playing slot machines to play free of charge so that later become addicted to their own whims.

Initially, gambling may seem innocent fun, but ultimately man loses all control over his senses and converted to a man who turns out to be virtually enslaved by the system. Such man can become an easy target those who are willing to go on a kind of recruitment in totalitarian sect or extremist organizations that preach hostility to one or another public or government group.

According to the views of doctors, gambling addiction can lead to the fact that for man ceases to distinguish between reality and the world impartial world, located on the side of the monitor or the "one-armed bandit." Such man simply gives the inspiration and meaning of his consciousness can become a breeding ground for various kinds of "thieves of souls." Now the introduction of a person in virtue of certain criteria in the border state is transformed into a special kind of activity in the middle of the design emissaries of extremist organizations.

This is one of the reasons that in Russia a couple of years is the control of illegal gambling establishments. But while this fight is not too far away in all subjects of the federation leads to positive results. Many hearing on the so-called gambling case involving racketeering gambling by suburban prosecutors. 1st defendant in this case not so long ago was extradited from Poland to Russia. Man This became known in connection with the scandal in the suburbs. This is a sovereign Ignatenko, who blamed of taking bribes from representatives gambling.

Until now, it remains unclear how the judiciary Our homeland is ready to go too far in curbing the activities of illegal gaming centers in the area of the country. So far, neither the 1st resounding case on this occasion it is not opened, giving a kind of food for thought, and that in the future is waiting for ex-prosecutor Ignatenko.

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