The ships of the Caspian flotilla had sea battle with conventional enemy

  • Rocket ship Tatarstan
  • Rocket ship Tatarstan

Astrakhan, April 23 — RIA Novosti.The detachment of the Caspian flotilla of warships, including missile ships "RT" and "Dagestan", spent Tuesday training naval battle with the imaginary enemy ships, which were in the role of small artillery ship "Astrakhan" and "Volgodonsk," according to a Tuesday press service of the Southern Military District. 

"During the training the crews of combat naval maneuvers were performed on the approximation, out of the fight and rebuild it to continue. Submitted joint artillery fire from 76-mm gun systems for the suppression of maritime objectives in getting the ship damage," — said in a statement.

Exercises were held in the framework of a long training voyage, which lasted for about a month.

"During the time spent at sea ranges, the sailors have fulfilled the task of setting decoys in repelling attacks enemy air conditioned, shooting simulator of aerial target guns AK-630, AC-76 and anti-aircraft artillery system" Broadsword. "Also worked out the elements of the underwater defense and anti-sabotage actions to fight for the survival of the ship upon receipt holes "- the Office.

Prior to the completion of the exercise squad missile ships will fulfill another introduction — the battle with the imaginary enemy surface ships using missiles.

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