The site owner superjob recognized labor migration substitute ethnicity in Russia site is the leading resource in the field of job search and employees.
In principle, any revelations of his master did not say the same thing that we all know and are talking about.
But the fact that this says a leading Russian businessman's recruitment — it means that much.

"… And talk about what's not low-skilled labor we can not do, because it does the job that does not want to fulfill our citizens, I think it calls enemy,
— I just call a spade a spade,
— because it goes, it was slow, now is to speed up, just a replacement for the ethnic group of the Russian Federation.
— Therefore my opinion that the Russian labor market for unskilled labor must be urgently and fully … fully close, that's completely covered. Unlimited, but fully covered.
No quota for unskilled labor, close vse.a do his people. It's harder, but it's just the future of the country, and those who can make a decision, they have kids studying in London, and they generally for the future of the country seems to care. […]

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