The stability we have only one thing — the constant rise in prices …


I will start today's conversation from a letter Alexei Padsvilskaga of Gluboksky district. Student describes the realities of today's ordinary Belarusian village, which is recorded in the power of agro-towns — and so in theory it should be in a much better position than other similar towns. However, in reality? Alexei Padsvilski writes:

"In the past it was common Padsville urban village, it is now considered to be agricultural towns. But the problem of not diminished. Status of the agro-town, like decoration, but turned down the old problems: bad roads, which are periodically padlatvayuts in any weather on the eve of the leading lights of visits, regular change of leadership of the local flax factory, an old hospital where honest work is probably the same age as her (some doctors already 80 years old); Bath with rusty pipes, peeling walls and wiped the floor (over the summer somehow repaired only barber, but the management, they say, has reported a major overhaul of all bath).

At the time, Padsvilski plant foods famous for delicious oatmeal cookies and cranberries in powdered sugar. But the former director had more to taste fruit and berry wine. And now he is let to 9 million liters per year. Drinking cheap wine schoolchildren, women, the elderly, and of the men and say nothing. And even the young director winery broke the heart — has died. The specialty store selling wine from the factory with a minimum trading margin. In many stores, "ink" will give even without the money — "on faith" under the record in a notebook — and then another and cheat. People are a little drink too much, on the basis of domestic alcohol commit terrible crimes. Unfortunately, the leaders of this suit. People addicted to alcohol, disempowered and fulfill any orders and demands. They implicitly work and on weekends, and on the head of his household. "

The listener also describes several examples of malfeasance by some padsvilskih enterprises and institutions. The examples he cited in his previous post. And very unhappy that she was not part of the letter quoted in the air. Alex writes:

"If the first half of the letter, which was discussed on the campaign trail, was read out, the second part, which refers to the specific issues and facts, somehow fell out of your sight. Why so? Do not format? Or "Freedom" has no freedom and censorship there? Why are you suppressed facts about the sweet life of officials, because of the incompetence and corruption that plague the common people? "

The point here, Mr. Alex, not censorship. When we are going with your help unveil some concrete facts of abuse or crime specific officials — that have to be confident in the accuracy of the data. We are unable to thoroughly check all contained in your letter information. The more that you yourself signed up, obviously a false name and return address is not listed at all. We are sympathetic to the request of some of our authors to be discreet, We know how much risk in today's political environment the man, who dares to openly express their own point of view on public issues. However, when it comes to specific individuals on charges of grave abuse of authority, or even crimes — are the requirements for the information that is announced on the air, rigid: it must be clear and thoroughly tested.

Economic and political situation in which we have now the Belarusian state concern of our students Nikolai Korbut Zhdanovichi Minsk district. In his letter to the "Freedom", he writes:

"This government has broken a lot of human lives. And it's not just those who for their political beliefs are now suffering in prisons and colonies. And what happened to the vibrant opposition politicians Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko and others?

For all this, sooner or later, those responsible must be held accountable. Today, the only word slogan should be: "Down with that kind of power!" That brought us to the poverty, degradation, international isolation. The stability we have only one thing — the constant rise in prices. Until we get rid of this system — will not save. Simply no other way. We will continue to suffer — will bring the country to a total collapse.

And again, you need to put the International Ice Hockey Federation to the Belarusian authorities a tough ultimatum: either release all political prisoners, or in 2014, the World Championships will take place in another country. Let's see how they react to it. Hockey for them — it's a bit of a sacred cow. "

International sports federations are trying not to get involved in political issues — especially given the not so successful experience of the past century, when the athletes are often held hostage to politics. Belarusian situation, however — an example is special. Too serious challenge thrown the entire Western democratic community. Moreover, this challenge has thrown the country's leadership, which on any parameters can not be considered as a powerful and influential in the world.

It is known that during the last time to the International Ice Hockey Federation has addressed some of the prominent European politicians with the same proposal, which is expressed in his letter to you, Sir Nicholas. It is possible that directly and publicly international sports functionaries in this conflict will not interfere. But it is very unlikely that the Belarusian regime to manage and keep political prisoners in jail, and the ice hockey championship conduct.

And now — a few letters from those of our long-time friends who speak out about the programs of Radio Liberty; remember when I first tuned in to our wave, and address to the editor suggestions and requests. Writes Bernard Pokulnitsky of the urban settlement area Gorodeia Nesvizhsky:

"It may not surprise you, but I distinctly remember that I began to listen to free radio from the moment when Stalin died. I am a student of "veteran". Although listening to foreign radio stations transmitting in different languages, but to get accurate and timely information, there is always preferred to Radio Liberty.

It is nice that you work with students. This is of particular interest and respect for Radio Liberty. Thank you for such necessary attention to the people and for your work. If you have the opportunity to send their publications, then with great pleasure would like to receive and share them with friends and acquaintances. Generally interested in everything you have the new one.

Recently, very interested in local lore and history, tune velyasypednyya travel and travel on Belarus. I see the lives of ordinary people with their own eyes, have their own opinion on today's reality. "

The author of this letter — Nina Marchuk from the village Glinyanki Kobrin district— Also drawn to the "Freedom" with their experiences and asking. She writes:

"For more than 10 years, I have — your daily listener, ranging from 22 hours and each evening. Without you, I can not imagine my life — namely, the understanding of what we are doing. Do not just send you the letter sound. Some of them later heard on "Freedom."

Listened to the record "migratory birds" Galina mine. Not to say that I liked it. I learned about what had not even guessed. And I'm very interested. I would be glad if I get you to the book. And not only me.

One of my grandchildren — a history buff like me. I think, and he was happy to get acquainted with this book and understand the facts, which can be found on you. "

The last letter in today's review — fromMichael Misyuchenko from the village Gornostaeva Kopyl Region. He is also a longtime and loyal friend. Sir Michael says:

"For more than forty years of listening to the transmission of" Freedom "and other radio stations which, I remember, in the Soviet Union called" enemy voices. " While listening to them was very difficult, as much stifled.

Now sometimes I call on the Minsk number of "Freedom", expressing their thoughts on the events in the country and the world. Like all of the transfer. Especially — "Jingle Bells" with John Maksimyuk where everyone can speak — and fans of the radio, and his opponents.

Recently, a lot of you are informed about the processes of participants in December's Square. I listened to every day. I wish courage and patience to everyone who is now behind bars, as well as their families and friends.

I have to ask you. I'd love to have in my library a book by Galina Mine "migratory birds" as well, though ashamed to ask — the disc with satirical songs Liavon Volsky "White-headed Duck and Grisha." It is I like them. "

Thank you, dear friends, for your kind words about "Freedom" for your memories and impressions. We continue our publishing projects: the best transmission that sounded in our air, are in the form of books and CDs. Book Galina Mine "migratory birds", which you mention in your letters, we have already sent to the dozens of our friends, the authors of the most interesting posts. Soon it will get you. As for the disc with songs Scoops yes Hryshko by Liavon Wolski — he has not yet released, but will appear in the coming weeks. It as a gift to the Club members also receive friends "Freedom".

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh author, you can write to the address



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