The strategy of night raids and drone failed

Tactics drones and night raids failed

Adapting to non-conventional war, the Americans together with his supporters made a completely new plan for Pakistan and Iraq. In recent years the night raids and drone attacks have become virtually the only strategy in an attempt to finally defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Report a brand new counter-terrorism plan also start withdrawing troops from the conflict meant that such measures should be a prototype of how America will fight at least some of the terrorist threat.

These measures demonstrate the ability to simply adapt to very difficult situations in real life. In general, the U.S. continues to undergo numerous failures in trying to do exactly the exact strategy that will help end the war in Afghanistan. The fact that Americans consume these weird strategies, as increased anger in the conduct of battles and indiscriminate use of force, in any case lead to trouble in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of the Muslim world.

Unproductive drones

Presentation on how to look modern battle, changed by the use of drones. All thanks to the fact that the Air Force is now no need to send their own people on the firing line. All control drones Britain and America is of a non-hazardous location, Creech Air Force Base, which is located next to the Las Vegas, Nevada. The number of air strikes, make the drones, under the Bush administration increased very much. To date, day or every four Americans produce drones strikes on areas of Pakistan.

Even in spite of complete security to the lives of coalition forces, this strategy is very destructive: the one in June 2001 with airstrikes controlled drones killed eighty eight man, and not so long ago, just a day were 50 killed as many as two people. These characteristics in combination with the absence of losses in the U.S. military at the expense of PR-technologies is a great achievement. With this strategy can be carried out air strikes in places virtually inaccessible for the infantry, and in the tribal areas of Pakistan, which is meant as Americans, are the main points of resistance.

Has long been a debate at the expense of drones. Is this a good sign for the world's population? There is a fear that the phase-out of the role of people in the lower first deterrent conflicts that are likely in the future, by reducing the risk to people and the note of the political risks associated with war, to zero.

Especially since the introduction of drones much more productive. But even though they just can cause great harm, they very simply converted to a device for political suicide. Secretive by programs with the introduction of drones is not only carried out in violation of international law, but also the lack of accuracy in their use ends that result from their implementation is 15-20 percent of the victims in the middle of the civilian population. And the murder of innocent people in them is just "acceptable losses", and do not cost anything for the Yankees. But now it is logical that those who had lost their own loved ones and home, very rapidly adjacent to the rebels. "While fighting the extremists is not very popular in the middle of the civilian population, but people choose the lesser of two evils-uh, they must choose between the aggressor, despite killing all living things, or the militants."

Because of all these defects using unmanned benefit from their use is very cryptic. After all, only a few operations using drones were quite successful. Also, together with the peaceful population are often destroyed by ordinary people who have just entered the resistance and not have gained any tops in managing them.

Problems with night raids

Despite the fact that in night operations involving real soldiers, they are different ways of real combat. Military authorities believe that such a type of combat simply no substitute for the control of resistance. Americans have begun to rely so much on this type of operation that is carried out in one month more than three hundred of night raids.

Such raids mostly hurt the psyche of people, virtually all Afghan population dissatisfied with the behavior of the Yankees in their country and speak out against the conduct of night raids.

The Afghan people knows that the night raids are very often accompanied by a rude attitude to discover. They are convinced that the Americans use a lot of abuse during interrogations. And the harm they cause to the accessories, are often not considered before. The extent to which the house will be perfect once raid, in the main determines the personal dislike of a resident of the house. In addition, the invasion of such types — it is a direct insult to Afghan culture.

As the use of airstrikes to the role of drones, night raids can be very counterproductive. They may be very effective and efficient means against the Taliban, but these operations are accompanied by tremendous losses in the middle of civilian populations and serve as irrigation for the mind to the side of the rebels have frightened the population. Dissatisfaction with the number of civilian casualties in the middle and a violation of the features of culture has already begun to manifest itself in demonstrations showing dissatisfaction Yankees. Such episodes as a protest march against the rise in Khost to fifteen per cent of death in the middle of a civilian population that has passed the thirteenth of July this year, show that this strategy serves to fuel the strong criticism of the role of foreign forgiving and secures disappointment Afghan state government. In addition, it pushes people to the resistance movement against the coalition forces. About it, and says Mohammad Daudzay, which is the Chief of Staff of the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai:
"For example, lives for himself a small peaceful village, then in the center of the night, people come, surrounding it, searched some houses, anyone taken prisoner, in the confusion of some kill the ladies often disgraced. How do you think that will be for the next day ? All the young people of the village will be the Taliban. "

Perhaps such strategies and are deadly and can afford to limit the number of foreign forces that are needed to carry out attacks, and strategically they are first failure. If advanced puzzles coalition in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the complete isolation of the rebel movement and the greatest limitation of their impact, strengthening the legitimacy of the local government, the strategy that generates the people fear the government, and leading them to talibantsam a defense against strangers, just exactly is the steps in completely the wrong direction.

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