The T-64 Bulat. Ukraine

The T-64 Bulat.  Ukraine

T-64BM Bulat is a result of the modernization of the T-64A and T-64B. Order to enhance its combat and technical characteristics of the tank up to date, such as tanks T-80UD, T-84U. The first time was shown in 1999.

The modernization covers three main fronts:
Mobility (modernization of the power pack)
Protection (reduction of the vulnerability of modern anti-tank weapons)
Firepower (modernization of armament and fire control system in order to increase the effectiveness of fire)
To increase the mobility, the vehicle-mounted transmission compartment power pack. As the newest powerplant used 5TDFM engine producing 850 horsepower, which is a forced modification of motor 5TDF with activities to enhance capacity. Installing the motor 5TDFM requests the substitution of the original air to the new and revised exhaust system. KMDB of design details are made and tested The rubber boots (AHB) on the tracks of the BM Bulat tank and its modifications. Finalization of the track components is required. The rubber boots with attachment points are available separately.

The T-64 Bulat.  Ukraine

The increase in the level of protection of the T-64B is provided by installation of an additional protection for the hull and turret of the tank. Purpose Set additional protection is designed to protect the significant increase in the level of the tank from the cumulative (AFB) and kinetic (armor-piercing projectiles — BPS) weapons attack with little probable increase of the weight of the tank. The kit includes a set of additional protection is passive (expensive) armor protection and integrated reactive armor (ERA). ERA consists of nose module and side skirts installed on the tank hull, and modular sections placed along the outer perimeter of the front and side parts of the tower and containers installed on the roof of the tower. Inside each section of the ERA, as in containers on the turret roof elements are reactive armor (EDZ).

Weight of the additional protection with the installation and fastening parts with explosive reactive armor panels is 3500 kg. Time of installation of the set pieces of reactive armor on a tank by the crew of 5.5-6 hours. The explosive protection installed on the tank, in the course of its operation in a particular service does not need. To work on fitting the tank with the additional protection does not require non-standard technological equipment, special tools, special offers the highest caliber.

Cost-armor mounted on the front and side sections of the tower. Integrated armor (ERA) is installed on the front, side and roof of the tower sections.

The T-64 Bulat.  Ukraine

To increase the protection of the BM Bulat tanks and crew when ignited inside the crew compartment of the tank and the MTO set fire fast system, which reduces the response time of the system in the crew compartment to 150 ms.

Modernized tank T-64B (BM "Bulat") as the main technical features is comparable to the Russian T-90 and close to the Ukrainian "Hold" and has a perspective on the next upgrade by installing a more powerful engine, the power plant with 6TD-1 or 6TD- 2., improved sights, active protection systems, more modern communication and navigation systems. Terms of use of the upgraded T-64B extended for 15 years, the resource of the tank increased to 11 thousand miles. (As for the new tank)

The T-64 Bulat.  Ukraine

In light of the receipt of the arms of the Ukrainian army upgraded BM Bulat tank is briefly see some materials show about him in the press. For example, one can not commented shown in the online edition of the "Regional Committee of the" article "Pay for" Bulat ", or Worn armor for Ukrainian army" which obviously is not burdened with technical knowledge creator Paul Volnov trying to talk about this tank.

For example, the creator states that "shestdesyatchetverki" were considered hopelessly outdated and certainly not fastened the combat power of the country. And further informs that in fact he is only "one". At the same Kharkov plant created a much more efficient T-84 "Hold."

First, the creator of the above lines should be aware that the "strongholds" does not create is not because they do not want, and why. With the price of modernization of the T-64 to the standard "Bulat" costs 4 times cheaper production of the new tank BM "Hold" ("Hold" is worth 1. 684 million USD, while the "Bulat" in 416 thousand in . e). With all of this tank on the main features of firepower, protection and mobility only nekordinalno inferior newcomer tank "Hold." Modernization is the main trend in the development of tanks, both abroad and in Russia and Ukraine, for example in German tanks "Leopard 2" were a few upgrades. The last of them — "Leopard 2A6" in Russia is the modernization of the T-72B and T-80, Poland modernize its T-72 and PT-91A standard, so does the Czech Republic, Slovakia, upgrading their T-72 as the vast majority of other states. Surprisingly, the creator did not see it.

Write off the T-64 so far, this is the main tank Armed Forces of Ukraine, which even in its modernized form is not capable of doing tasks facing them. It is to change it for a new one, in the amount of at least 350-400 units is not likely to monetary judgments. All the more modernized "Bulat" in no way inferior, and in some respects superior to and more advanced tanks that are in service with Ukraine's neighbors, such as the PT-91 "Twardy" (modernized T-72M, Poland), TR-85M1 «Bison" (upgraded T-55, Romania), T-72m2 and T-72SZ (modernized T-72. Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Tank BM "Bulat" is at the level of the best samples of Russian T-80 and T-90, as for all traits, except for ability to conduct combat the black time of day, such as tanks zabugornom "Leopard 2A5" and M1A2 "Abrams".

TTC T-64:
Systematization, the main battle tank
Combat weight, t 45
The layout of a classical
Crew. — 3

Body length 9225 mm
Housing width, 3600 mm
Height, mm 2172

Armor type multilayer composite
Active protection Koen "Warta"
Dynamic protection integrated, DZ 'Knife'

The caliber and brand of gun 125mm KBAZ
Type smoothbore gun KBA3
Gun ammunition 40 rounds (out of 28 in autoloader MOH)
Firing range 2300-2500 km m BOPS and cumulative shells, 10 km high-explosive shells
and 5 km from the hit probability 0.8 guided missile
Sights day Gunner 1G46M, sighting and observation complex PNA-4CR (likely setting PNA or PNA-5-6), thermal Buran-Catherine-E, anti-aircraft sight PZU-7
Guns 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun KT-12, 7, 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun CT-7, 62
Other armed missiles

Type of multi-fuel diesel engine
Motor power, l. s. 850-1000
Speed, km / h 70
In store down the highway, 385 km
Surmounted the wall, 1.0 m
Trench, 2.85 m
Fording, 1.8 m from the preparatory training, with 5 OPVT

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