The technical design of the new ship gallakticheskogo Russia will be ready in 6 months

Engineering design of new spacecraft Russia would be ready in six monthsTech. design of a new transport system will be completed by mid-2012 after which the project documentation will submit to the Russian Federal Space Agency, told about Vitaly Lopota, President of RSC "Energy"In an interview to" Interfax ".

"According to the treaty, which entered into RSC"Energy"Roskosmos and those. Promising project of manned systems a first step, a part of which is the PTK NP (hopefully transport complex last generation), should end in December 2012, "- said Lopota. But Roscosmos need time to conduct examinations of. draft in this regard RSC"Energy"Plans to prepare the necessary materials to the middle of the year — before the end of the allotted time.

"On the issue of the working elements of the documentation will be launched in 2013. According to this documentation will initially experienced, and later flying prototype booster for the ship and, later, the ship itself," — said the president of the RSC "Energy. "

The future of Russian Astronautics consists of 2-parts: PCA (Budding manned transport system) And PTK NP. They should change the unmanned "Progress" and piloted by "Alliance". They will deliver cargo and people into orbit and to the moon.

New ship wingless is composed of a single aggregate-engine compartment and returned reusable parts. In the latest generation of the ship will be widely used by the system to design for "Clipper" in RSC "Energy. "Greatest crew — 6 people (up to 4 people on flights to the natural satellite of the earth), the weight of the cargo delivered into orbit — 500 pounds. For the first time a full-size mock-up presented at the MAKS-2011 — the tenth International Aviation and Space Salon.

In the case of work in accordance with the plans, tests unmanned version will begin in 2015, piloted — in 2018.

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