The tender for the supply of Mistral — a fiction?

The tender for the supply of "Mistral" - a fiction?These days are held in Paris 22th international exhibition Euronaval-2010. Initially, this naval show was pure state. In 1994, it expanded to Euro format, and since 1996 has been internationalized. At the moment, theme salon has expanded significantly. It is shown not only technology for the Navy, and the huge number of civilian areas. Considerable attention is paid to the theme "Security and defense of the sea." In general, despite the fact that our homeland is presented at an exhibition in the French capital is fully worthy of the main event associated with Euronaval-2010 for the country — is a definitive agreement to purchase the contract criterion helicopter "Mistral".

Director of the French state company DCNS naval shipbuilding Pierre Legros told RIA "Novosti" that favorite tender for the supply of RF universal helicopter will be announced after November 4, thus, apparently, in the victory of the French own application did not hesitate. "We are prepared, starting from November 4 to get the contract to begin construction and complete it in 36 months," — said Legros.


Universal helicopter carrier "Mistral" displacement of 21,000 tons and a maximum hull length of 210 m is capable of speeds over 18 knots. Range — up to 20,000 miles. Number of crew of 160 people, in addition helicopter can carry 450 people. Air group includes 16 helicopters, of which 6 are located directly on the flight deck. Cargo ship deck can accommodate more than 40 tanks or 70 trucks.

According to the representative of the French state-owned company, our home will be able to build on the Russian shipyards are not two helicopter carriers, and more. "According to the contract to supply helicopter of the Russian Federation, which is meant to conclude by the end of 2010, the first two ships to be built in France. After the transfer of technology Russian shipyard can build two or four ships. This decision will perceive our own homeland, "- said Legros. He expressed the hope that the Russian side "will appreciate the advantages of" Mistral "and will not stop the construction of 2-ships." Earlier it was reported that wants to buy our home in France four ships of the "Mistral", provided that the two ships will be built in France and two — in.

Moreover, according to Legros, the company DCNS is not limited to the transfer of technology of. "This will be ship with similar systems which are installed on the ships for the French Navy. There are no restrictions, "- said Legros. So makarom he denied a number of Russian and foreign media that the ships of the "Mistral" will be sold to the Russian Federation without the latest control systems. At the same time, he stressed that the ships will be different from the French counterparts. "In particular, the Russian side has already requested the French manufacturer increment thickness of the flight deck for landing helicopters and languid Russian protivolednuyu provide security by strengthening the hull of the ship," — said the director of DCNS. In turn, a spokesman for the French Navy South D'Arzhantre told RIA "Novosti" that all the systems on board the ships of the "Mistral", made in France, but not in the U.S. or other NATO countries.

It turns out that the French are behaving as if because the contract for the supply of "Mistral" has already been signed. Meanwhile formally issue should be addressed by the international tender, but so far it is not clear, it is declared or not. Yet in the middle of September a senior source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation reported RIA "Novosti" that the tender should be announced before the end of September. But in the middle of October, the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov, who participated in the meeting of the State Duma Committee on Defense, announced that the tender for the purchase of amphibious assault ships of the "Mistral" for the Russian Navy Ministry of Defence has not yet announced. "Will all the documentation. The contest will be announced in the recent "- quoted the words of the commander on October 14 RIA" Novosti ".

According to the Chief of the General Staff, will participate in the tender, "at least four of the country" — France, the Netherlands, Spain, and our homeland. "Who will offer a high-quality ship, the least time and lowest cost, and that will be a winner, "- identified Nikolai Makarov. According to him, "the contract can be concluded at the end of the year." But as litsezreem, the French call a completely different terms — not "the end of the year", and "after November 4." And yet, as of October 14 contest has not been announced.

The situation is more than quixotic. Maybe the French know something he does not know the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces? Hardly. It may be, of course, that the representatives of DCNS want to give out for real, and no decision has been made. It may also be that they want their statements to put pressure on the Russian side — say, decide faster. But it may also be the case that the whole story with a "tender" — a fiction: the decision in fact has long been accepted, and intrigued by all the parties are aware of this. Because, perhaps, not all competition announced — no one wants to participate in the play … Either way, would love to hear the official explanation of the Ministry of Defense.

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