The territorial division of Ukraine — a disappointing reality?

The territorial division of Ukraine - a disappointing reality?

At present, most of the ethnic Ukrainian population does not believe in the possibility of territorial disintegration of the country. But these issues intensively discusses the, and there are valid grounds. To refute the fact that there is a split in the country — the very little stupid.

Despite the fact that Ukraine — government unitary, the corresponding feature is its division into macro-regions having different culture, history and belonging to different states in the past. So, usually stands Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine, Ukraine Central and South-East, where a special place is occupied Crimea. Differences and much of the controversy between the two regions first related to the culture, and if more precisely — with the attitude of the Russian culture. So, if the West Ukraine, it is not seen by the other, as a relic of the past and a reminder of forced Russification, the South-East, the culture is "his". This can be said about the attitude of the Russian language. In addition, each region has its own history, in which there are different characters. Thus, in the western part of the country's heroes are recognized members of the party of the OUN-UPA (in other words, Bandera), then to the east — is Russian Army fighters.

Furthermore, population Ukraine in different regions have different religious view of the world: in the west — this is Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, and the Greek-Catholic Church, while in the east — dominated by the Orthodox Church Metropolitan Patriarchate. It would seem that these churches have much in common, because, logically, between them should not be a controversy. But the problem lies in the fact that any one of them defends different political positions that are appropriate for the area of dominance. So, namely, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church is against granting the Russian language of any kind was the status of the Ukraine, the use of reddish flag in a day of victory. And in addition, she stands up and for European integration, rather than joining the Customs alliance with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

A very different attitude to these issues indicates the Russian Orthodox Church, believing that the collapse of the Union of Russian history is the collapse of Russia. Hence the calls to build a common civilization with Russia.

If we talk about the economy of the country, the more developed from this point of view, the region is the South-East. It is a kind donor for the rest of the country. But at the same time, the economy of the macro-region in almost all self-contained, it is export-oriented and more to do with Russia, if the Ukraine. Many businesses that are located in the south-east of Ukraine, since the Russian times associated with Russia not only the markets, and the missing technological links and the resource base.

The economy of the Crimea resort also has a huge dependence on Russia, and the economy of Sevastopol in fact one hundred percent is dependent on being there Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Ate a read on the economy of the western regions of the country, it is not so well, and is largely subsidized temper. A huge number of the inhabitants of these areas, not being able to find work at home, had to go to work outside.

The result of these differences, and the event was that the population of East and West has different standards and political preferences. Because they believe in the fact that the rise to power of real patriots of Ukraine will be able to solve the problem and change it to the best — stupid. These patriots were already in power, while at the same time economic conditions were more favorable, but they do nothing and could not.

To ensure that the state began the process of configuration, you need to change the political course of that time is not probable. There simply is not the political force that is not afraid to do that. But for all that it is necessary not to lose sight of the fact that the financial situation for themselves alone does not improve, and each year of inaction will only multiply the difficulties and solve them will be more difficult.

Believing in the fact that all the Ukrainian people may well arrange one head and one of the country's ruling political party — it does not make any sense. Power, which will hold a large part of the country, never satisfied with the Western Ukraine, and vice versa. Therefore the solutions to the problem a little. One of them — the collapse of Ukraine. Some experts do not deny the ability of the method of solving the problem of federalization, but it will need not only a political agreement elite, and the consent of the majority of civilian populations. But with a huge hard to believe that that part of the population that stands up for the nationalist forces, agree to support the idea of federalization.

Those who support the Ukrainian national idea, do not accept the idea of imperialism, repeating that all empires at some point, are doomed to decay. Naturally, on the one hand it is clear that the representatives of Ukrainian nationalist forces will try to convince population the country is that the existence of Russian Empire, which ended with the collapse was a matter entirely natural. But on the other hand, modern Ukraine — It does not an empire, though, two 10-ka years of its existence, it is also on the verge of collapse …

Therefore, in order to change the situation and to release government of controversial issues should be carried out specifically imperial policy, in which the primary value will be to respect the interests of the individual, not the title of civilization. But Ukrainian nationalists are unlikely to go for it, because then you have to grant equal rights to Russian population, to merge with Russia in the framework of a single economic and military-political union.

In alliance with Russia, of course, nothing wrong there. If it were not for one significant "but" excessive force Russian authorities in all the years of existence of independent Ukraine. Analysts say that in view of the fact that over the years of its economic recovery Our homeland has not adept to find domestic sources of pros and self-esteem, it tries to assert itself at the expense of the brutal things to the adjacent country in light of the fact that Ukrainians can not respond adequately, unlike from Muslims or Chechens. In an open counter the Yankees, the Europeans or even the Chinese people of the Russian Federation is also not cost-effective, it is fraught with sanctions not only on the individual "residents" of the Kremlin, and in relation to the country as a whole. Hence, the "cheese", "beer", "steel" and "gas war" …

In addition, pour oil into the fire of some statements by the Russian political elite concerning the accession of Ukraine to the individual parts of Russia. Notable in this regard were the expressions Russian politicians during the gas warfare, which has worsened in January of this year. More tolerant of them was an expression of Konstantin Zatulin that at the right time will give our homeland symbol Ukrainian south-eastern regions for becoming a part of.

But if you look, split Ukraine disadvantageous for Russia. Moreover there is an unlimited number of circumstances. In the event of the accession of some Ukrainian regions Russian authorities will have to find a large amount of money to invest in the industry these areas. And she, the industry, slightly modernized, has a hug
e konkurentnst in the global market with the same Russian enterprises. In addition, the coal-mining industry in Ukraine more invoices, than in Russia because Ukrainian miners have or fund, or relocate to their mines. This, in turn, may be a precursor of public tensions and unemployment. Because of the economic crisis in the criteria, the answer to the question of which businesses will receive funding tribute, and which turned into bankrupt, completely obvious.

In addition, if the Russian authorities have a desire to connect to their own state south-east of Ukraine, it is completely obvious that government and business in these regions would be deprived of everything. And who would have liked to take earned enormous difficulty for long years the state. Peacefully resolve the issue and do not get …

It should also be noted that official Moscow for some reason, even on a theoretical level does not consider the possibility that the rest of the country will resist the Ukrainian branch of the south-east. After all, in the middle of the Ukrainians, most of these who value independence and integrity of the country, no matter where in the country they live, what language they speak, the religion they profess. And even despite the dislike and criticism of his own power, to lose overall homeland they do not want.

If one wants to attach itself to the Crimea, Russian authorities may be faced with the reaction of the Crimean Tatars, who will do everything possible to measured rest of the peninsula was likely only in dreams. And then Chechen variant restore order will not pass, so the existence of a huge number of Muslim organizations and human rights organizations, the inability to close the coastline will lead to what is so particular method of solving the problem will be in vain.

So Makar, the only thing that can reach our homeland such actions — that is what the majority of the Ukrainian population will support Ukraine's entry into NATO.

Therefore, before doing anything, you need to conceive twice, to find consensus, common ground. Unless, of course, things are planned, as a partnership and equal …

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