The terrorists staged the latest massacre in Aleppo

In the town Aleppo A small river flows Kuveyk. It flows and a block Bustan Al-Qasr. This river is narrow and shallow so that no one would have remembered about it, if not for a terrible catastrophe that befell the city.

The terrorists had a new massacre in Aleppo

The inhabitants found in the river, just in rebel-controlled Al-Bustan quarter Qasr, more than 65 bodies. In the main, it is tortured and killed young people aged up to 20 years, but there are also quite a boy. Their hands are tied behind their backs, and they shot head shots.

Information war on cynicism and meanness is not inferior to the real, and in order to avoid liability, so called "opposition" rushed to blame for what had happened … the Syrian army. But, as in this case, we can explain that the bodies of the killed people were in the community where there is no army, where there are bandits? Militants tried to mumble that the bodies were brought by the river in the quarter.

The truth is that in almost all areas of law enforcement officers blocked the river Kuveyk Stitching wire, so on her bed of militants infiltrated into the areas of the town of Aleppo, which are measured and controlled by a legitimate authority. Because of these prepyadstvy version terrorists more than unfounded — the body is not able to bring over a controlled Offenders Bustan al-Qasr. In addition, a very small river is not enough water, so it was maybe. It turns out they were destroyed, not elsewhere, and specifically on the areas under the control of insurgents so called "opposition".

In addition, the inhabitants have learned to kill people own relatives who were abducted earlier by terrorists, for those who sought a large ransom. And now the hostages were executed.

In the middle of the shot — the members of the families who came out to demonstrate against the terrorists, and sought to get out of their district. The massacre — another terrible act of revenge brutal thugs who punished the inhabitants of Aleppo for refusing to support their bloody rebellion. He stands in the same chain misdeeds that nedavneshny attack at the Institute of Aleppo that killed more than 80 man.

But it is not enough that these people accomplished over the brutal execution. Militants and those who support them, are trying to use their terrible destruction in their own Zapyataev purposes indiscriminately accusing the Syrian and denigrating the legitimate army, trying to close his eyes to the fact that she was not in this quarter.

Not the case this massacre did not happen someday, and specifically before the meeting of the UN Security Council. So it was more than once — before the meeting of the Security Council or the General Assembly, before any international conference or a visit to Kofi Annan or the al-Ibrahimi — bandits staged flogging against peaceful people and dumped everything on the legitimate power! The most eminent and outrage — the actions that took place in late May of last year in the village of Al-Hula province of Homs, where terrorists killed more than 90 man, blamed for what happened the Syrian army. Then, under this pretext, many countries severed diplomatic affairs of Syria, began resounding hysteria over his head Bashar Assad offered a reward currency was derailed the already fragile truce that was established on the Annan plan, and the world was one step away from the latest intervention under the pretext of "protecting civilian persons. " Fortunately, the flywheel war was then stopped. But terrorists continue this kind of provocation.

Who hastened to spread information about what Tipo in mass executions blame Syria army? And it has made notorious and odious "The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights" based in London. This is the cowboy's office and spread false information about what happened in Al-Hula. She continues the same black activism, misinforming the public.

Question about this organization has recently raised a recognizable French journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabash in the transmission on the radio «Public Senat", dedicated to the events in Mali. When we are talking about double etalons France, supporting terrorists in Syria and Tipo struggling with them in Mali, the issue flared up and the office of the British and trust it.

It turns out that there are two people — Rami Abdelrahman and his assistant. Abdelrahman himself once participated in a constructive Islamist group, for which he was imprisoned by the authorities of Syria in jail. After serving time, he first moved to Sweden, then to London, where he declared himself a "freelance journalist." In fact, this expert information warfare on the U.S. side. He was referred to as aaplet Young Leaders Visitors Program — «program for young leaders."

This example program developed by the U.S. non-governmental organization "The National Democratic Institute for international Affairs (NDI)," it is headquartered in the U.S., and its applets are distributed in more than 70 countries. The purpose of its activities, the organization proclaims "the maintenance of the democratic development of the countries." Random people on such program does not take — it should be hardened traitors, whose brains are one hundred percent correspond to the "democratic" standards. Simply, it is training future leaders of the "fifth column" of the U.S. in different countries.

And whose interests expresses this party programs from Rami Abdelrahman? Clearly, not the interests of the Syrian people!

Journalist Alexander Del Valle on the French website "Atlantico", speaking of "the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", which is referred to most of the anti-Syrian media, recalled how the firm has extended information about the death of the young girl, Zainab al-Hosni from Tipo hand "regime." But it soon became clear that this woman is in fact alive. Another case involving the same "observatory": July 22, 2011 it was broadcast, as if on anti-government demonstrations have gathered millions of inhabitants, and it turned out, called a number of people, which exceeds the population of Syria!

So, this office played a major role in the spread of the heresy of the events in the village Al-Hula and now she is falsely blamed for flogging in Aleppo on the government army.

And never — not the 1st time! — This "observatory" that Tipo trevozhut human rights, did not condemn nor 1st atrocities of terrorists!
Provocation of civilians killed, over which the mend militants flogging and then give out for the victims of the legitimate army — it's not the only way to try to make the way for foreign intervention. The opponents of Syria in the supplies not only the Kosovo scenario, and Iraqi — no wonder they keep political and information speculation about Syrian chemical weapons.

Not so long ago, one of the burglars, which Mail hacked British security company "Britam Defence", found correspondence regarding the issue of "the Syrian chemical weapons." The letter concerns the fact that the company Britam Defence received a tempting offer from the representative of Qatar: the need to deliver to the city of Homs Libya chemical weapon. In addition, it is intended to bring back a few Ukrainian mercenaries, speaking in Russian, and record some video with their role. At the same time, the plan agreed with the United States. The director of the company, judging from the letters to its employees, does no
t consider this a good idea, but hesitates, because the amount of the transaction is enormous.

What is this? Attempt to compromise and Syria, and at the same time Russia, defeating "the use of chemical weapons Syria Russian?" Go with this vice-president of Israel Silvan Shalom said that if Syria will use chemical weapon, his country would attack the CAP. It turns out that Israel, too, "in proportion" …

Earlier it was reported to be preparing some provocation with the introduction of people of Slavic appearance, speaking in Russian, which should play the role of Russian prisoners of war, allegedly fought on the side of the government of Syria. The purpose of a similar fraud — to bring Russia out of the negotiation process. It can be seen that if the pseudo-revolutionaries, rebels and those who contribute to them, we have to resort to such methods Zapyataev means ordinary ways have their leaves nothing.

And at the Institute of Aleppo resumed session, which was to be with 2 weeks earlier, but was interrupted by a terrible terrorist attack, in which the lives of many students. Youth continue to learn — not attack headed for its own purposes and is not intimidated by the boys. And social networks have extended the Syrians two photos. On one of them — a group of students of the Faculty of Construction in full force, made up the attack. On the other — by the same group, but very thinned. More than half of the guys on it anymore. The survivors were photographed at the same location in a symbol that they will not forget their own dead friends, and terrorists do not lead them to finish their studies …

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