The texts of the military oath OF FOREIGN some countries

The texts of the military oath of several OF FOREIGN

Raising the question of how to transform the text of the military oath in Russia, it would be natural to compare the text at very least, the latest edition to the text of the oath in the armies of other countries. What I did not fail sdelat.Iskhodya comparison of the texts of the hunt to make some conclusions. But I hear one hunt I made these conclusions, or someone will come to something similar, because I omit its findings. SO:


I (name, surname, first name) enter the military service and the people of Ukraine have always swear to be loyal and faithful to him, honestly do military order, the orders of commanders who steadfastly do the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, save municipal and military secrets.

I swear to defend the Ukrainian government, stand firm in the protection of its freedom and independence.

I swear I did not change the people of Ukraine.


I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus (last name, first name), while serving in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, to take the oath and solemnly swear to hold high the honor and dignity of the fighters of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, Radzivil acquire military affairs, to be courageous, loyal and selfless protector own people, to make holy the Constitution, laws and military regulations.

If I break this my solemn oath, let me understand the terrible punishment of the law and the general contempt of the people.


I am a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan (surname, name, patronymic), joining the ranks of the armed forces take an oath and swear solemnly to the last breath to be loyal to the people of Kazakhstan and its legitimately elected president, faithfully observe the Constitution and laws of my sovereign country.

I swear to unconditionally fulfill my duties, military regulations and orders of commanders and chiefs, to endure the hardships of military service.

I undertake to teach Radzivil military, military and save people's property, strictly keep secret military and municipal.

I swear to be courageous and brave defender of my country, the interests of municipal self-contained Kazakhstan.

If I break the military oath taken by me, let me understand the terrible punishment imposed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


I (full name), joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, I swear to selflessly serve the country, the Republic of Armenia, and to sacrifice his life for the sake of it, to observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Armenia, right and immediately follow orders, to keep military secrets.

In case of default of its own debt let me be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


I (name) swear by all means properly serve the Republic of Lithuania, to spare no effort to protect the Lithuanian country, freedom, independence, consciously abide by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the laws and the orders of my commanders, I trusted to keep a secret. I swear to be honest and decent fighter in Lithuania. God help me!


Oath of the ordinary

I (name) swear that I will as (rank and branch of service) is excellent and right to serve in accordance with the law of her Majesty, her heirs to the throne, and for (…) years, (…) days or until such time as my service will not be terminated early in accordance with the law. I swear that I will fight with its enemies, and that in all matters relating to my service, I will properly perform its own debt in accordance with the law. So help me God!


As a member of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania I swear to be faithful soldier of my people, dignified, courageous and disciplined warrior. I will do all of the requirements of the Constitution, laws, and will be ready in at least some time and in any place, not sparing his own life, to protect the homeland. And yes collapse on me, the most terrible punishment of the law, if I break my solemn vow! I swear.


Oath employee of Municipal Self-Defense Forces (1924)

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the German country and my home country, I swear at least some time as a brave soldier to defend my homeland and its legitimate institutions and the municipal president and obey my superiors.

Oath of the Wehrmacht soldier

I bring before God this holy oath that I will obey unconditionally the Wehrmacht commander in chief, leader of the German nation and the people, Adolf Hitler, and I will be ready as a brave soldier at any time of putting your life for bringing me the oath.

Oath of the State National Army soldier GDR

I swear at all times properly serve the German Democratic Republic, to my homeland and protect it by order of the government of the workers and farmers at least some of the enemy.

I swear like a fighter of the State National Army always be prepared on the side of Russian army and the armies of allied socialist states to protect us from all enemies of socialism and to give his life for the sake of Merit victory.

I swear to be honest, brave, disciplined and vigilant soldier, military officials to show a higher unconditional obedience, obey orders with determination and always kept strictly military and municipal lurking.

I swear to consciously learn military knowledge, military manuals do, always and everywhere to maintain the honor of our country and its National People's Army. If I ever transgress this oath solemnly given me, let me understand the terrible punishment according to the laws of our country and the contempt of the working people.

Oath of the Bundeswehr soldier

I swear to properly serve the Federal Republic of Germany and the courage to defend the rights and freedom of the German people. So help me God!


I'm a fighter of the Polish Army, a real correctly swear to serve the Republic of Poland, to protect its borders and independence, to respect the Constitution, the store after the Polish fighter and defend the flag. If need be, I swear I did not spare any of his own blood, nor of his own life for the sake of my country. So help me with this God!


Total military oath

I (name) do solemnly swear to be faithful to the United States, the right to serve them against all enemies, to obey the orders of the President of the United States and appointed by superior officers in accordance with the laws of war. So help me God!

Oath of officer

I (name), taking the position (indicated by the position or title), do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all its enemies, foreign or domestic, to treat it with faith and devotion. I take this obligation freely, I see it almost did not have to break his goal. I'm fine and Radzivil will perform the duties imposed on me by the title, which I get. So help me God!


I swear to own a real honor that the world and the war on land, at sea and in the sky, always and everywhere, I will serve their own civilization and its own country with faith and love. I will obey the laws, rules, and their commanders. I will cherish the honor and glory of the Turkish army flag more than its existence. If need be, I will not spare the life in the name of the country, and the Republic of debt.


I (name) promise to God be all-powerful and all-knowing good citizen, loyal Finnish state. I will honestly serve my country and I will put all my strength to strengthen her happiness and well-being.

I'll be everywhere and in all criteria, in time of peace as in time of war to defend my homeland, its constitutional order and the legitimate municipal head of the country.

If I find out about something that represents a danger to the legitimate head of state or to the constitutional order of the country, I immediately reported this to the authorities.

I am by no means a placement that will leave the military unit to which I belong, or my post in this part of the border and up to the last forces will perform a job that is entrusted to me.

I promise to behave honestly and openly, to obey my military superiors, follow the laws and regulations as well as store official secret, that I trusted.

I will also stay sharp with my comrades-in-arms and I will help them.

I never transgress own call of duty, whether it be because of the similarity relations of friendship, envy, hatred for the sake of receiving gifts or at least some other reason.

If I put on a position of leadership, I pledge to be fair to the subordinates to strive for their welfare, to learn about their desires to be their advisor and manager, will also strive to be for their good and inspiring example. I will do all this by following his own honor and conscience.


In Sweden, the taking of the oath replaces a festive ceremony, during which the commander reads recruits Memo fighter, the text of which was approved by the law.

Because you have only just started their basic military training, I recall to you about what it means to be a soldier in the service of our country.

Sweden's Self-Defense Forces set up in order to protect our world and our independence. They have to defend our freedom to determine its own legal order and its culture. If Sweden is attacked, we must prevent the force of guns, that ran across our country in the hands of the aggressor.

The power of the Self Defense Forces and the security of the country are determined your personal contribution and the contribution of all of us and our willingness to work together for common solutions to the challenges that we're entrusted with.

The importance of your contribution is determined by the knowledge and skills that you acquire during the training period, and your will to achieve your goals in front of you.

In time of peace or in time of war, we must consciously and not sparing their own forces to solve puzzles set out before us, and to comply with the established order.

We must be vigilant in relation to anything that might threaten the security of the country. His own example, we must strengthen solidarity and a healthy mind is capable of self-defense. If war breaks out, we have joint forces to defend our country until the last breath.

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