The tiny cow

New fashion appeared in England: lovers of natural products invented breed of miniature cows. Cow baby was just a few years ago, bred in India, and now that the animal population has grown, it has become possible to buy a copy of this breed to private ownership. In Britain, the idea came to mind, even to people who do not like going to farm. Very much temptation every morning to have on the table a jug of fresh milk.

Fashion on dwarf animals has never been so useful. After all, even the dwarf pig, like sweet and amusement as they were, were only the subject of pampering. Today, hundreds of British families took up the education of miniature cows. Thus, we can talk about the development of a new kind of animal. It's like a breeding cherry tomatoes on the balcony — like dirt and not too much, and a real pleasure and benefit.

Farrant Family of Kent immediately bought four microscopic calves. Head of the family claims that these wonderful chips will enable the family to save on the purchase of dairy and meat products. "Due to the increase in food prices, these ladybugs just find,? said Sue Farrant. ? They will give us the opportunity to produce their own food. " Little cow, though there was no light on the week, as they were taken in 2000, is known for the quality of meat. In addition, they are, as they say, easy to handle — easy to care for them, and they are easy to breed. "As long as you have a large amount of grass, they will be satisfied with everything, they do not need anything extra to feed"? says Sue.

These animals are exactly the same colors as normal cows, but the beauty of the drawn-lowing crumbs is that they are extremely attractive! As already mentioned, the connoisseurs of these animals compared with dogs cute ocharovashek: Ladybugs also like to chat with a man love "direct beauty", rather they like to be clean, wash, they quickly remember his name and run to the beloved master on the first call. These positive qualities can add that tiny Cows just love people, and strangely enough, but the happy owners of exotic pets meet their return.

Miniature cow can take a walk like a dog to play with her, stroking, hugging.

Miracles! But on the other hand, how can you not feel the warm feelings, if this charm is suitable to the owner, puts his head on my knees and faithfully, looking adoringly with her big brown eyes?

Farmers, breeders miniature breed cows are proud to say that more and more people (usually women) want to have these animals at home. Some give birth to not one, but a few cows and even try to train. One owner has taught a cow to go on the pitch, and the other jumps over his girlfriend. What is not a circus act?

Yes, it turns out, mini cows are much smarter than people assume and cheap to keep. Winter cost is about $ 30 a month (for hay), well, in the summer of your green lawn will be exactly "trimmed", so do not need to mow the grass.

But do not expect a mini ladybug will sleep curled up at your feet, it's still a fairly large animal, although it does not take up much space in the room.

But it can give milk, about 3 liters per day, it is serving the needs of a small family. Therefore, if all of a sudden not be able to establish good relations with the favorite, the practical application of the economic crisis can always be found!

Growth of such burenka no higher than 90 inches. If you believe the geneticists, mini cows have excellent immunity, almost do not get sick, but still eat very little — not a cow, and a treasure.

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