The tragedy does not give any power of indulgences

Statements Alexander Lukashenko that the "fifth column" in Belarus will not, his claim to interrogate opposition activists who have spoken in the case of the terrorist attacks, on blasphemy and dancing on the bones, allegedly committed by its European partners and the "fifth column", we are asked to comment on the representatives democratic opposition.

Chairman of the Foundation for Legal Technologies Elena Tonkacheva participated in the hearings on the situation of human rights in Belarus, which held in Strasbourg, the political committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Alexander Lukashenko said that "came to blasphemy." They say, "we have a tragedy, and our so-called" European partners "in Strasbourg talk about some human rights. And our home-grown — the fifth column — call for sanctions to enter. Dances on the bones." Mrs. Tonkacheva called insult mention her name on Belarusian TV channels in combination with the expression "dancing on the bones."

"Such statements I take it as an insult to their own. And I will return to find out where this kind of text in general appeared on the screens of the Belarusian

Such statements I take it as an insult to their own. And on his return will be to figure out where this kind of text in general appeared on the screens of the Belarusian TV …

television. Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe began with a moment of silence and sorrow and solidarity with the dead and the families of the victims. And if the Belarusian TV channels saying that this is not a word was said, it is not necessary to measure on its own. We received word of sympathy. And this is what we have experienced here by yourself. And my daughter came out of the subway station "October" ten minutes before the explosion. And believe me, blame me that I jump on the bones and not empathize this tragedy — for me it is a personal insult. "

According Tonkacheva, discussion of the situation of human rights in Strasbourg previously planned and could not happen. And the subject of rights Rights was, there will be relevant in determining EU policy towards Belarus.

"Such a high interest in the system and in almost all the structures with which we worked, the Belarusian issue, I do not remember the last ten years. That is, human rights and Belarus — is a context that is relevant for Europe today is important and which will be developed further discussion of policy towards Belarus. "

On representative of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Movement" Ivashkevich, insults and repression do not solve the problem of relations with neighbors and the economy.


"Scream and cry — it's the fact that Lukashenko does not know how to solve problems. And it wants to scream and yell to cover up its failure as a leader of the country. Well as special services investigate and investigate until the end, will find those responsible for this tragedy. But it is not relieves them of responsibility for the savagery that they formed on December 19. "

Ivashkevich notes that "the desire to cover up the tragedy of their inability to solve political and economic problems — it is precisely the dance on the bones."

"After all, what does this tragedy and the fact that there were deficiencies in stores and people are not allowed to change dollars in exchange? It is precisely spekulyatsyya — prevent all in a heap. Is offense that has been committed so far unknown people, and it is necessary to investigate, file a case in court. This is one thing. A solution of political and economic problems — that is another matter, which should deal of power. And the tragedy that happened, did not give any indulgences authorities for their inability to solve social and economic problems. Here are just a mix of a lot — this is speculation and dancing on the bones. "

The former chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich during the terrorist attack in Minsk subway was in Brussels for the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of Democratic Forces. He was indignant accusations against the opposition Lukashenko:

Stanislav Shushkevich

"There appeared Jerzy Buzek. TOUCH the affairs of Belarus. But understand that this act is very beneficial to our illegitimate president. Fact that he wants to beat him, it's understandable. But he finish badly, because you can not do on the bones of people dancing. Hopped on the bones of it . "

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