The trial began for the estate BPF

In Minsk Economic Court started hearing the claim ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk to the BPF. Utility companies are trying to deprive the party of the leased premises. Executives BNF went to court with a counterclaim.

Mutual legal action in the Economic Court of Minsk took up the judge Elena Melnikova. At the first preparatory meeting addressed claims by the utilities. The main among them — the delay in the payment of rent. The representative of the utility has refused to comment on the allegations, and the deputy chairman of the party Gregory Kastusyou said the following:

Gregory Kastusyou

"I believe that the claim is completely unfounded. When we had arrears of rent, the landlord must expose us to claims within two months after the onset of the debt. This is done was not possible all out. We have eliminated the debt, and then took over six months. Therefore, we do not accept this claim. "

Tenancy agreement, which the party took more than 20 years, ended March 31. Thus, the space was necessary to free the council on April 1. But activists refuse to do it and to protect the manor organized all times. Judge Elena Melnikova asked the party members why they are making rent this particular room. That's what it says yet one deputy, Igor Lyalkov:

Igor Lyalkov

"This room is not only significant for the BPF. For these years it was the center of an independent life in the center of Minsk. And the loss of this building would be a blow not only for the BPF, but for all independent forces in our country and for the social, political, and cultural. "

The main trial judge appointed Elena Melnikova on April 28. The preliminary Party chairman Yanukevich commented:


"In my opinion, the judge respectfully treated the same arguments that we have expressed, and the documents that we have provided. Wait for solutions, however, because, unfortunately, in the past we have seen a situation where the judge carefully and even an addiction refers to the representatives of the democratic society. As a result, decisions are not logical, it would seem. premature optimism because we do not have. "

The lawsuit BPF to ZHREO Soviet area with appealing the denial of the right of tenancy Commercial Court will consider on April 22.

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