The trial of money — I.Nilova

The manuscript of "The Trial of the money" was first published in Kemerovo, in early 1997, the newspaper Russian Idea ", where the author was also the chief editor. The result of this publication, after many violent events, became governor "coup" in the Kemerovo region, and express check-out website in Estonia.
It so happened that the author, through the French Consulate in Estonia was in correspondence with the Club of Rome. From there, she received a Declaration of 1996, in which, the club set itself two goals: to find out the reasons for the economic expansion of the U.S. dollar and to devise an alternative to all existing, economic idea.

Since the answer to the first question of this Declaration is contained in the "trial of Money", in August 1997, the newspaper version of this publication was sent to a branch of the Club of Rome in Paris. This was followed by the action of the first wave of the global financial meltdown, in November 1997, and the formation of the European Union with its own currency — the euro.
Since then, the competition Euro and the U.S. dollar, in control of the world's energy resources and uncontrolled emission of money the two competing parties, led to even more monstrous inflation, spawned multiple rise in raw oil on all stock markets.
Messages from the world's stock and commodity markets on the fall of the business index and increase in commodity prices, as the alarm sounds before the death of the world economy. Secret and open "arbiters of the World" shrug, seeing opportunities to change anything. And Russia, with all its energy potential, this is a hostage of foul play Western partners with its own state government.
Meanwhile, the mystery of the power of money millennia mankind has disclosed! This mystery is revealed to RUSSIA, which has everything you need to not only withstand the global financial crisis, but also to build a brand new economy in which no tax levies, enslaving percent of bank loans, the fiscal deficit and inflation. In addition, Russia are great laws of life and the Doctrine of Absolute Light. Thus, the Russian nation is already in the hands of all the keys of a bright future, not only for herself, but for the whole world. It remains only to muster the resolve and the cherished OPEN door to Infinity, lagging behind all their troubles, sufferings, and the centuries-old slavery!


Imagine a courtroom trial — the whole planet.
Chief Judge — 21.
Chief Prosecutor — Time.
Lawyer — False scientific theory Systems of Darkness.
In the dock — Money.
The injured — all of humanity.
The court is — everyone stood up.
Judge 21:
— In this hall to hear the case on charges of money in deliberate destruction of mankind. Chief Prosecutor of time, has announced the indictment in the investigation.

Prosecutor Time:
— At the dawn of human history, money was invented to facilitate the exchange of goods between manufacturers. The very first money, the exchange of products containing himself: it was the measure of grain, baskets of grapes, sheep and cows. These funds were very bulky and had the equivalent of a single, soon were invented "bestial" money — Pekunov (Pecos — cattle). But the money did not serve long, they were replaced by money, called the drachma, is a bundle of metal rods that fit in a handful (drachma, a handful). Cut into individual pieces, metal rods soon turned into coins for which it was possible to exchange the most diverse product.
However, the material of construction for the money for the various parts of the world, has always been the most accessible. These were the shells, stones of various sizes, from sea pebbles to huge hewn wheels. But later everywhere to make money was to use a variety of the most common metals from iron to copper.
This was because the main function of money is to balance the unified whole raw material equivalent product that supplement the economic market of the ancient state within a year.
Grow a farmer hundred measures of grain for sale. Another sell his herd of a dozen sheep, a third milk production, and his cows born calves, which he also is willing to sell at the market. Doznatsya this state treasurers, and released by the royal decree of extra money for public use. They are, for example, bought all the goods and products for the court to the king's table. Civil servants of the money received their salaries. These funds were paid and artisans for their products — the good, the material from which they were made money were never in short supply. Simple metals is always enough for new money. Ancient people were well aware of the function and purpose of the money. It was clear to everyone that the raw product that is not guaranteed cash equivalent, can not merge into the economy, and vice versa — becomes a plus, although it is in need of people.
Formula: new raw materials — the new money has long been known!
And the money is strictly adhered to this dependence. Because of this ancient civilization flourished in agriculture, handicraft art, culture and architecture. And all because, in those days, money was the man!
After all, people — an amazing creature. He is able to transform the energy of food, in other, more subtle energy: the energy of physical strength, emotions, mind and spirit.
For example, he will eat a piece of bread, milk and zapet's in his head are born creative thinking, how to decorate their homes and how to build a new building as a tool to improve their work, how to hold water or alleviate heavy lifting, and some of the people and wonders of the Eternal. Food energy in man-thinker is transformed into the energy of thought. And the Emperor never skimp on the payment of mental labor of their subjects. Sages and thinkers have always been held in high esteem.
Actor, poet, singer, musician and composer, too, never ate his bread in vain. They convert the energy of food in the highest emotional energy. This work is very generously paid for grateful audience and encouraged sovereign. But the ancient society, as modern, it was very uneven. It is dominated by the vast majority of those people who, after eating their food, sent her energy on a simple physical labor. They worked the land, herded cattle, cared for the vineyards. Cost roads, canals, palaces and temples. People physical labor performed plans thinkers. Food energy from human physical labor becomes a physical energy.
Thus, mental, emotional and physical creators have always been confident that their work will be paid. This is guaranteed money, which annually produced further into the economy to re-balance the whole adds raw product. Takes care of the Emperor, which was beneficial to him and his people worked as hard prospered and prospered. After all, it got stronger state, and increased treasury.
At this stage of the economic development of Mankind is no such thing as taxes and duties do not exist. Why take a portion of the worker's income, if the money's worth, you can get a whole for its treasury? The farmer cultivates his bread and sovereign issues of this product their new money. Then there is a mutually beneficial exchange. And so every year. In such a state of affairs administered consistently rich.
Chief Judge of the twenty first century concludes:
— In the light period of the first civilizations of mankind, Money behaved quite properly, that can have a positive impact on the decision of the Court in the future. They honestly answer your true purpose, and unquestioningly carry out their functions. Thanks to this ancient civilization have accumulated a cultural product, which to this day causes admiration and awe in the offspring. Even when no power over human thought underlying all created man in the past, and old money is not prevented the birth of thoughts, feelings, and not limited to physical ore. Then the money will not stand in the way of creativity and evolution of mankind. The chief prosecutor time, continue to disclose the indictment on the investigation!
Chief Prosecutor Time:
— Money crimes against humanity began to occur much later. One day the time will come when money became dissatisfied with the material from which they were made. Be stone, iron and copper they got tired. They wanted to be gold. Gold is a very beautiful metal. He does not age, does not rust, does not lose its presentation. So easy money once were gold coins.
Lawyer False scientific theories:
— In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that money expressed a desire to buy only aesthetic, and more functional appearance. Moreover, they become possible to store and transfer to heirs.
It is difficult to imagine that the money could be accumulated in the form of piles of stones or shells …
Judge Twenty-First Century:
— Attorney, the Court accepted your objections.
Time prosecutor continued:
— Still, I insist on the fact that the material of which began to make money, was chosen very unlucky for Men. It is from the date of manufacture of gold money, humanity fell into a terrible bondage and dependence on them.
Lawyer False scientific theory:
— I object! This unfounded accusation!
Judge Twenty-First Century:
— Time, in fact, justify their accusations. We are listening!
Prosecutor Time:
— Aesthetics and practicality of Gold no one denies. Gold coins for some time continued to fulfill its original function — to serve the people as a convenient means for the organization of trade. But we have been living in the twenty first century AD, and gold money still rule us. They accumulate in the great vaults of many centuries and even millennia, and now is the property of a very limited number of people who use them to rule the world, where only a portion of them belongs to certain States.

This was because for generations people constantly tried to get enough gold to make him a new money and provide them all produced primary raw product produced for each new economic period.

I must say, that in those days people were not yet aware of what they are buying for the Money: not just food, clothing and housing. Transport, leisure, and DIRECT OR INDIRECT ENERGY!
Only now modern people have become aware that the food — it is a direct energy coming into the body. Clothing, housing, transportation, help this energy saving. A Leisure allows redistribute energy that a person can be healthy and functional.

Food, basic and immediate needs of the person, but it is not sufficient to meet all the needs of the person in power for a full life. If a person living just above or just below the equator away the roof over your head, it will be very vulnerable to weather conditions — it will pop off the sun, pouring rain, wind blow. In higher latitudes man faces cold and snow. In short, it needs to have a home. HOMES helps a person and his family, protected from the impact of the environment and conserve their energy.

CLOTHING — continuing role of housing, but on a small scale. Clothes — it is an individual housing for the human body, at the time when the person leaves the house for work or other activities outdoors. Clothing also preserve vitality of man.

TRANSPORT — frees a man from the cost of physical effort to move to different distances and the need to transfer loads from one place to another. Transport means and the function of preserving human energy are given to them for food.
The instruments of labor man also invented to keep their life energy, producing the required physical labor.

LEISURE for Man is also an important aspect of life, since with it the energy of life favorably redistributed by enlarging the man, making him a more universal consciousness. So man, freed from heavy physical work and extreme conditions of life, gets free time, in which we find the condition for the development of the small craft, improve your culture, for self-reflection in the outside world. He — educate.

On the other hand, placed in the intolerable conditions of life, he had just survived. And of course, he is not able to think in a positive way, even on the morrow. "

Judge Twenty-First Century:
— Go more directly to the subject. What is the connection between these pressing problems of Man and Money?

Prosecutor Time:
— A relationship is. Let us remember that we buy for the money? For the money we buy all the same: food, clothing, housing, TRANSPRT, tools, leisure. That money is required to start the production of the above. But it is all of the above — direct and indirect energy directed at the service of man.
Money, therefore, is bound to be the equivalent of all energy-RESOURCES. And what a resource contains energy? A: The total raw materials, which is annually poured into the economic cycle of each country and the planet's economy as a whole, as a result of human activities.
The question is: Can Gold was money to provide their equivalent of the entire aggregate raw product, which was part of the economic cycle of the world, the entire recorded history of mankind? And whether there is so much gold in the world to provide the Golden Cash equivalents: Everything harvested, for thousands of years, ALL newly extracted natural energy, for the same period!?

Of course not! And you ask why? Because gold — a relatively rare. Even if you get it all, to the last grain, but it is still unable to provide the money equivalent of the entire raw product containing direct and indirect energy!
And there are all the known laws of conservation of energy which states that: "once produced energy can not disappear without a trace." It takes many forms and manifestations, through human creativity. It acts as some kind of transformer for energy. And the money required to provide a redistribution of energy, because the whole economic activity of humanity, called the economy, and there is this mechanism of redistribution of energy in the living world, and which is the planet Earth itself, and Nature, and the State.

All product of human civilization: the palaces, temples, gardens, parks, inventions, discoveries, works of art and culture …, must necessarily have its initial cash equivalent. For this money must constantly be added to the economy in full equilibrium with the extra energy, which form the basis of aggregate raw product.

Mined people, for example, building materials: gravel, sand, stone, bitumen for the construction of a new road, so should certainly appear in the back of the new money, which will provide new construction materials to its equivalent. Indeed, in the cost of the road is not only building materials. But the physical strength of the workers, the cost of transport, tools, payment of project documents, created by engineers. For all the above, in the economic circulation money is already there, since this is a legitimate product of civilization. But the new building material does not have a cash value, so that he became part of the product of civilization, there is a need to make its product, providing the relevant cash collateral.

Money is required to provide all raw materials, its equivalent in order to become a legitimate goods. But it is quite impossible to achieve in the event that the material from which made money itself is deficient! And because of this there was a terrible tragedy.

If the material used to produce money, limited in number, it always is an economic phenomenon known as fiscal deficits. A person with this phenomenon becomes unprofitable, new wealth for themselves and their offspring.

"Unfavorably" become the man himself! But "profitable" only gets MONEY!

It is this incredible perversion and was due to the issuance of gold money, for which they should be responsible to mankind!

Since then gold money caused monstrous in its cruelty, war, and the bloodiest crimes of the people. They have become so "apple of discord", which tasted mankind ceases to properly treat their most urgent need: the growth and education of the human mind. Its place was taken and occupied up to now, only money, forcing people to go down in my mind just to the animal state! "

Judge 21:
— Let us examine this. The next day of meeting you please explain to the court how, according to the investigation, there was a revolution in the value orientation of Humanity.


Again court day. On the bench of the plaintiff — the injured humanity. Chief Judge 21. The chief prosecutor — Time. Lawyer — False scientific theories. In the dock — MONEY. In the meeting hall — readers. The court is — everyone stood up.

Judge 21st Century:
— The chief prosecutor time, please continue to publish materials of the investigation on charges of money in crimes against humanity.

Chief Prosecutor Time:
— I — Time. Inside of me there were events that formed us have a heavy burden. Blame this money which went gold. I may be transported in its scope from the depths of history in the present I will help in this Court and the audience.

Consider the behavior of money in an era that historians call the feudal. By the time the big states have collapsed into small sovereigns. Feudal lord — ancient knight had in his possession, as a rule, several villages inhabited by his people — farmers and artisans. They annually produce an agricultural product that could have appeal in only thanks to the sovereign gold coins, which were available in the knight and his subjects together. If the territory of the sovereign was not gold mines, this number was very limited, which invariably leads to chronic fiscal deficits. Characteristics of the sovereign — the "poor knight", has become common in Western Europe at the time.

The only possibility to survive the financial deficit was given only three ways:

1) tax levies;
2) sale of its natural resources;
3) The war of conquest.

For these reasons, the Knights were — knights. For them there was no question about the moral side of war and mutual plunder. Fight — it meant either survive and prosper at the expense of gold reserves neighbor, or die and nourish their gold reserves farm victorious enemy. That money was gold and the most coveted naiperveyshey prey for the soldier — a knight.

But every war — is a big risk. So before deciding on military action, the knight long robbing his people of taxes and duties. These charges are gradually made entirely meaningless toil cast of peasants and artisans, and they went into the robbers … If in ancient times, the Emperor is buying from farmer to product and strongly encouraged him to management, it is now commonplace lord robbed of its producer. If the ancient state was giving, the state of the Middle Ages was the taker.

Chronic shortage of gold — a material for making money, has led to the complete degeneration of the functions of state. State from the time it became monster, devouring his children and it seems that remains so to this day — the beginning of the 21st Century!

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— I strongly object to the fact that the modern state does not give anything in return. It provides protection for its citizens. Under the protection of the state, he can quietly work and raise their families …

Judge 21:
— Defense objection made. You, the chief prosecutor time, shifted the focus of attention on the blame to the individual States. And all of us are interested in the direct role of money.

Chief Prosecutor Time:
— The logic of my argument is that the twisted state system, in relation to man and his needs, has its roots from criminal influence is gold money.

As for the opposition defenders — False Scientific Theories can recall that the function of the modern state to "protect" its citizens still come from feudal times. After all, in order to attack or defend people always had to give their lives. But no one ever wondered why one state was the need to attack another?

And the reason it was all gold money, the deficit of which acted to depress the internal economy of the state, creating a shortage of all resources and goods (due to futility of any production) and, as a consequence, generate multiple reasons for wars of conquest. If there was no need for the feudal lords in the attack on the neighbors to rob, but to protect anyone would not be necessary. Why one welfare state to attack another — the same?

Recall: the war at all times PREDSHESTVOALI severe economic crisis!

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— I object, in addition to economic reasons, the war was still and religious strife. And it is not known what the cause was more important.

Prosecutor Time:
— Religious motives for doing predatory wars invent themselves knights — adventurers, along with the militant clergy. They were beneficial to the soldiers better thought that giving their lives for the interests of their god, since they have other benefits from the war will not be.

All the events that took place at that time in Europe, became the historical basis for the modern world politics of the 21st century! In medieval Europe the feudal states have a common problem — persistent fiscal deficits. Deficit gold raw material for monetary equivalent of the raw product obtained in the peasant land, determine the cause of a terrible and protracted wars have become history for his cruelty and longevity. For example, the Hundred Years War in medieval Europe — a tribute to the Golden maliciously money against Man.

The reason was the same. Harvests annually added agricultural product, and by the same people already heavily mined direct energy source — coal. In economic circulation is constantly adding new building materials, ores …. All this stuff is required cash equivalent, and the material of construction for the money to be in a persistent deficit.

Of all ingoing product constantly depreciating. Tax levies lose their incentive to work. Peasants left entire villages in the robbers, thieves and soldiers. Women starve at home or go to the panel … so, robbing all of Europe.

Another farmer working in places subjected to the invasion of various parasites, which drastically reduced agricultural production and Europe grasped chronic hunger and disease. The consequence has been a real sea of thousands of people. And the direct perpetrator of this tragedy was the same gold, which is chronically short of making enough money.

This situation could not last forever. Gold persistent deficit prompted the most desperate of Europeans to distant expeditions. They began to seize other people's land away from Europe, who soon became their colonies. As a result of severe genocide of entire nations on the European continent flooded coveted Gold.
And the price he was still the same human life. "

Lawyer False scientific theory:
— Now you, Mr. Prosecutor, the shift from gold money for gold. So maybe after all, is not to blame for money, namely gold?

Prosecutor Time:
— Let me remind you that you, lawyer false scientific theories, nastavali on the fact that only gold can meet the needs of money will certainly accumulate in treasures and capital. So, you may ask such a question? You are well aware that the human mind gold and money began to have the same value, if a person has a gold, he considers himself rich, because it can afford to take from society all that money can buy. He turned gold gradually assume all the functions of money.
Mankind has suffered, because it confused the value of money itself and the material from which they are made.
In fact, money has to meet the economic needs of the person. And the form of money and the material of which they are made, can be very different. It has been proved in the early 21 th century, when each state is free to print their own money, and even moved them to our level of magnetic cards.
But trouble still has not left the world economy, because paper money continues to provide exactly gold, not SYRVOY PRODUCT!

Let us consider the mechanism of the power of money over humanity. That power, which occurred after the reign of gold as a monetary equivalent
If the "up-and-gold" and some "golden" period, money has the formula: new raw materials — New money (no matter what material), then the Golden decided on this situation — RAW NEW PRODUCT — NO MONEY. Because with each period of economic activity in the state treasury Gold almost added. New raw product that has no cash value, can not integrate into the economy without having to drastically reduce the price of not over the commodities market. This price, of course, does not justify the cost of the manufacturer.

For example, the market sold grain at a specific price. But the new crop of grain suddenly exceeds normal expectations. It would seem that everyone should enjoy. But all manufacturers grieve because the price is too low and does not justify the hopes of the manufacturer.
Without the issuance of additional money into the economy, increasing the yield by half, and its price is halved. Therefore it is often the case that the manufacturer is prepared to destroy "excess" of their crops, depreciate his work.

Examples are terrible, in terms of common sense, for the destruction of stocks of agricultural products in Europe and America of the late twentieth century. And despite the fact, when dying of hunger are many more people on the ground. A benefit for the manufacturer, either to sell their products over gold or currency, or do not make it at all, so as not to devalue their work. Now known to all government measures European countries that have been taken to the producers of agricultural products. They are paid, so they do not produce the product!

The second "exit" are rich in raw materials of the country, such as Russia and the former Soviet Union, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia … he sold his raw product for the Gold, which has usurped the power to regulate the amount of currency in the running commercialization of these countries. In this case, the cost of production of their own money is doubled. One time you need to produce and sell the raw materials for the gold or currency. The second time — must be re-extracted and released into the economy as much raw material to provide new money. But the second time usually does not happen. New money coming into the economy of the country raw, and usually not secured by anything. This is an empty money. After Raw already abroad! So that countries that are focused on the sale of its raw materials abroad, invariably poorer constantly devaluing their own money. , The result is inflation!

That's why in their export-oriented raw materials inflation was this plague. No artificial measures against inflation can not lead to the desired result as long as mankind does not understand for themselves the true causes of their problems.

Judge 21:
— For the Court to clarify when and how a reorientation of paper money for gold?

Prosecutor Time:
— It happened a long time. At the expense of gold brought from America, started a real industrial boom. Soon took a more convenient money than gold. Required for business contacts facilitated settlements. No heavy boxes or compact bullion could provide quick financial returns. Simple solution was found. Gold locked up in the dungeons of banks, and on the quantity produced, as we have already mentioned paper money — banking, securities. If previously acted formula: NEW RESOURCES PRODUCT — NEW MONEY, now the formula was something like this: NEW GOLD — NEW PAPER MONEY! That is, paper money now began to focus not on the needs of a man in the production of primary raw materials for economic activity, but only for gold!

Lawyer False scientific theories:
-It is good that Gold has fixed amount of paper money. Now we all know that any increase in the money supply in the economic circulation generates an additional jump of inflation!

Judge 21:
— Defense arguments passed. What do you say, Prosecutor Time?

Prosecutor Time:
— Inflation — is the result of a lack of money to ensure the primary raw material products. A glut of raw materials — it is always the result of the financial deficit. Thus, humanity was sandwiched between an insoluble dilemma — PEREPROIZVODSTOM and inflation. In the first version — Money chronic deficit, the second — lack of everything, because a lot of money, which is nothing to buy …
Thus, humanity was not between two tractable problems, as the hero at the crossroads: right go — "horse will lose," ie get overproduction left — "lose yourself", ie get inflation. And in both cases, there is no way.

That's what means Gold took the throat human civilization! It also fostered and gave absolute power a special class of people, which now can hardly be called human beings. It is rather, a lot of the world's so-called parasites Capitalists, who single-handedly captured the bulk of the gold, steel rule the world. All the rich people of the world unconditionally fulfill the unspoken laws of gold and cash payment, in great harm to all mankind.
Thus, by the end of the twentieth century the world has another religion, the chief deity of which were money. Artificially created chronic financial deficit spawned monstrous world problems. In the guilt of gold and money counted four billion human lives, to break during the four and a half thousand wars that have taken place on the ground for the entire historical period of their accession. They blame for millions of ruined human souls who chose to suffer shame and death, in transgressing the higher laws of conscience, the right to own money and gold.

Money is guilty! Invites the Court to apply to them the death penalty — SMERNUYU PENALTY! I said everything.

Judge 21st Century:
— On this second day of the hearings of the money over. At the next meeting will be heard oral arguments. Everyone stood up. The court withdrew.

Meeting of the Court of the money goes. We briefly recall the content of the first two days of the meeting. At the first meeting were read records of the investigation, of which it became known that the money has not always been aggressive towards man. In ancient civilizations settled Money produced annually at the end of the economic period, the equivalent of commodities. Livestock, grain, fruit, milk, fuel — all of this was money's worth, and is free to flow into the economy. Ancient people did not know the law of conservation of energy, but they are clearly understood. What goods can not integrate into the economy, if it is not released on cash value. This was strictly followed the state treasurer. And it flourished.

So it was up until the money is available and made of common materials: leather, shell, stone, iron, copper, silver … but the time will come when the material for making money choose Gold. At this point in human history had such an unsolvable problem as chronic fiscal deficits.

And then — the truth. Where to get as much gold to ensure all new crops, ALL extracted raw materials, all sources of energy, which were launched in the global economy of the planet for five thousand years of our civilization? It is a chronic fiscal deficit bound creativity of the people on the ground, and they became only the lust of Gold, as the only condition for success and wealth. So it was with some people, tribes and nations.

In violent crimes, in tens of thousands of war, billions of lives were sacrificed in gold. His power over earthly humanity continues to this day. It is no accident the chief prosecutor — the time it took the judge — the 21st century, the death penalty Money: the death penalty …


Once again, the court room. On the bench of the plaintiff — the injured humanity. Chief Judge — 21. Chief Prosecutor — TIME. Lawyer — False scientific theories. In the dock — Money. In the meeting hall — readers. The court is, everyone stood up.

Lawyer: false scientific theories:
— I protest against such a cruel and heavy sentence money. It is very doubtful that the subsequent human civilization can not do without gold money. Recall the confrontation between supporters of the capitalist and the socialist mode of management. They're completely different imagined the role of money, but to do without gold could not. Even now, in the early 21 th century, when the socialist system collapsed, gold stocks helped survive republics, released from the Union. So Gold — savior!

Judge 21:
— Prosecutor Time that you can respond to the Court and counsel on this statement?

Prosecutor TIME:
— This is a huge misconception that the two economic structures of capitalist and socialist, have significant differences. They differ only in the holders of the capital. In the capitalist system — are private owners, and a socialist — State. But these formations are united in the fact that gold is used as a cash equivalent. After all, money is always paper stock they were formed on the basis of the gold reserve. It is both economic structures and were doomed to exactly the same extent to death. But so far only one has failed — socialist. Why is this? Because one of the financiers of the capitalist system have found a way to salvation. They saved themselves and their interests from the protracted economic crisis and the complete collapse of a very original way.
Let us recall covered the economic crisis before the Second World War, Europe, the Soviet Union and the U.S.. Everyone knows that the methods of management in different systems were different. But misfortune which befell them, were very similar. Slavish, almost free labor in the Soviet Union — and the result is a general shortage of goods and services, card system, underground gambling everything and everyone … ideological idiocy of the authorities led to the death of millions is not the innocent people in crisis in jails and prison camps.

But just as devastating unemployment, crop failure, crime, depression, all production, hunger and disease in the U.S. and Europe, led the system in a state of readiness for war. In Europe, the crisis was triggered by a monstrous financial deficit. And in the U.S. — the overproduction of goods stalled the work of industry and agriculture. The reason for all the deficit Gold. The release of their protracted global crisis, all countries have found very different. Germany provoked the war in Europe, and then attacked the Soviet Union. Hitler's goal was very clear. From the conquered countries he needed gold, coal, oil, masterpieces of art, culture, free labor, gifted minds ….

In short, everything that bears the direct or indirect ENERGETICHEKY potential. It should be noted that by the time all the gold reserves in Europe were in the hands of Zion — Owners of industrialists and bankers. They always used their treasure in the field of law in all countries of usury. Bank speculations instantly erode any financial system in any part of the world. They corroded and the German economy like a cancer eating away living organism. This is the reason, and was the main motivation for Hitler's genocide of the Jews in the organization of bankers, industrialists, merchants and shopkeepers, landlords brothels and drinking establishments …. Although the foreground were exhibited some religious and ideological reasons.

It turns out that once again it was gold coins played a fateful role in the history of mankind. First, she started a war in which perished over fifty million lives, of which the concentration camps of Europe were burned and gassed tens of thousands of Jews, only for the fact that they owned 90% of the gold reserves. A further 30 million people — of all peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union, were killed just for being to stop this death factory …

On the American continent, a struggle with a prolonged economic crisis was over, and with other results. Finally convinced that gold will always be missed, to lead a normal-functioning housekeeping in America decided to release new money for each volume of oil at world prices. First it was the oil produced in their territory. Then, industrialists and bankers realized that there is no need kill their oil, if you can control its production to other countries and to issue their empty paper dollars on the world MARKET! So there was a whole list of countries included in the list of areas of economic interests of the United States!

Thus the scope of the economic interests of the United States by the end of the twentieth century were almost all countries of the world, the depths of which are filled with oil reserves. It is this re-orientation to allow America to fully preserve their own energy production. No reason was to spoil his nature, the labor of its citizens who have simply become dependents of the state, because they are paid only for what does not work. Since then, America crowd fatty parasites roam the country and degrade the eyes of the international community, under the lulling Hollywood. But not about this now speech. America is out of control of the world community that built up a huge military potential, with which it now threatens to each state for any intervention in the "sphere of their economic interests."

Since then, the United States began to control the entire world production of crude oil and produce its volume his papers — OIL DOLLARS! U.S. never oriented its currency to gold. They just issue paper money backed by direct energy produced in the other countries. It is not accidental oil became known as black gold.

But always there was one feature of the American petrodollars. They had to apply not only in the U.S. but also in the global market. On the territory of the U.S., as well as in other countries, they invariably cause inflation, because they can not be endowed with oil, most of which remained on the market. Just purchased the empty paper from other countries oil, can provide normal circulation in the U.S. dollar. Lack of proper power supply of energy, in the U.S. or the country which admits dollar in its financial turnover, net of inflation is always and total devastation of the economy!

U.S. bankers have learned to adjust the energy supply of the dollar, creating a special reserve oil. Once this oil and is providing the paper that in the world is "a strong currency." But all the produced oil in the Middle East can not be carried to America! Hence the very strong desire to have America in their interests throughout the world. And now, at the beginning of the 21st century, exactly the same ambitions of world domination and total control over the oil reserves and the EU has shown that only in 1997, finally realized the fraudulent U.S. policy with its long-term partners and allies …

With the global economy petrodollars now split into two different economic strategies of management. To the one waged by the U.S. and EU, releasing their petrodollars and the axis of evil in the form of direct equivalent energy produced in the regions of "their economic interests," and falsely centuries, supported by the "theoreticians" of the world capitalist market economy-oriented strategy of the gold reserves of the country.

This situation benefits the U.S. and EU. It puts the economic dependence of all other countries, including the current political and strategic allies. This includes, including Russia and all the countries of the Former Soviet Union are not allowed in the EU or NATO. But successfully used their resources to successfully provide his empty paper (dollar and euro), and take away from them all for their NEOBHODMOE prosper!

Axis of evil petrodollars and conquer the world. Interest charge on loans and paid for is always done either gold or valuable raw material! Therefore, the U.S. dollar and the Euro are in a constant gain and all other currencies of the world simply oppressed by their aggression. Because that's what Golden money continues to keep all the world by the throat, making it everlasting debtor fabulously newly rich United States and the European Union.

Socialist economic form of such competition broke and collapsed, only because, as a conservative capitalist system, focused its money supply to the gold reserves and foreign exchange earnings. All the post-war period with the Soviet Union, and then the countries left over from its collapse, the real oil spilling rivers of Western Europe, Japan, China, and the USA. And it is clearly seen how quickly adjusted their business post-war Europe, and Japan are flourishing as never recovered Russia …. The former victors of the Second World War — the Soviet Union should postwar devastation visible to this day! The reason for this is the fact that the traitorous government of the former USSR in exchange for taking on the real wealth — energy and raw materials nobody wanted gold and empty paper in the form of so-called foreign exchange!

Only labor enthusiasm and faith in the bright future of one part of the population, and the impact of the monstrous repressive apparatus to another, kept the socialist system. But the logical result: massive, public Depression still struck a huge country. She began to suffer economic collapse, which did not want to participate, small ethnic republics. They saw their economic happiness in union with the more prosperous countries. The USSR collapsed. But his main parts — Russia still faces disintegration. The U.S. dollar and the euro, which surely captured the Russian market, has long continue their destructive work. Country reeling chronic economic crisis, which is always fraught with war and destruction.

And now money is going to their bloody harvest, only can be much higher than before!
Russia's economy has hit the global monetary bondage bank capital. A Russian raw materials falling on world markets, automatically enriches again-after all, the world capital of Zion, which holds the secret of the true nature of money. It is no accident the protracted economic crisis in the vast expanses of Russia generally resembles the one that was in the world before World War II.

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— Let me clarify! Oil money has never concealed its nature and content. American economists write it in their books. Who interfered with other countries, including the USSR, use this kind of experience? If all the oil that had sold the Soviet Union for an empty paper dollars, was left to its own commodities market and would ensure NEFTERUBLYAM, the huge country not only would fall, and has flourished in the most beautiful dream of a brighter future! The same can be said of the Middle East, repeating the same mistake, selling, as well as Russia, his wealth for a blank paper! If the governments of these countries is a traitor to his people, while at the Money? After all, the death penalty money can unpredictably affect human civilization.

Chief Judge of 21st Century:
— Chief Prosecutor time lawyer answer at the next meeting.
Court removed.
On this third day of the hearings of the money ends up. In the fourth will be sentenced in money. But before the last word will be heard by the accused.

The fourth (and last) day of the session of the court over the money.
The trial court room — the whole planet.
Chief Justice — 21.
The chief prosecutor — Time.
Lawyer — False scientific theory.
In the dock — Money.
Affected — all of humanity.
The court is — everyone stood up.

Judge 21:
— Continue meeting. Word prosecutor time.

Prosecutor Time:
— I answer lawyer false scientific theory to his previous question. Do not forget that since the petrodollars began to conquer the world, it took quite a few years. During this time, to the world the complex economic and political ties. United States became the economic and political power is thanks to the power of petrodollars. That economic levers allow the U.S. government to administer the fate of the World today. For example, almost all the UN decisions, now, can either be ignored or the U.S. accepted only in full accordance with their interests. In the NATO military alliance, again it is the U.S. dictate their terms, there is little regard for even their own partners in the block.

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— Sir, Judge, let me argue?

Judge 21:
— Listening to you, counselor.

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— Well, what's wrong that only one, and a very civilized state, as represented by its government, was to control the world's economic and political situation? Is the United States did not prove his involvement in the peace of the world, introducing different hotspots troops to protect the world democracy and freedom? That only is nuclear arms control in developing countries? And the war against terrorism? …

Prosecutor Time:
— To this we can see from the other side. If one card table, sit down to play an equal partner, then the rules should be for all the same. U.S. violated this condition by playing with its political and strategic partners by their own rules, which allow them to always have on hand only trumps and a large map. While other countries — their partners and allies, have only small card that always turns a bit. This state of affairs at the card table, as a rule, always ends the same way: Partners in the end, find the sharper and, at best, it expelled in disgrace, and at worst — hit long before kick …

Lawyer False scientific theories:
— But we can now see the United States not only expelled from the card table its allies and partners of the EU, but on the contrary — the EU itself has rules the U.S. in the global economic environment! Now the world has as many as two participants that their money supply commensurate with the world's oil and gas reserves. What do they care about others — less agile countries?

Prosecutor Time:
— The fact of the matter is that when the economic strategy of the energy control of the world energy resources will become clear and all the other nations of the world, there can be a very unpleasant situation. At best, all countries — the U.S. and EU debtors, simply refuse to pay their debts, and to expose them to counter financial claims for long-term robbery. In the worst case, the circumstances can turn into a real power conflict. That the existing stocks of weapons already result in a third world war! It is difficult to assume that learning about the way in which to achieve economic and financial superiority of the U.S. and the EU over all the others, the ones put up and suddenly everything will continue … It seems that in a world in the near future, once again coming terrible bloodshed! And, again, the same for the money!

Lawyer False scientific theory:
— In that case, it would be better to postpone the trial, and not to reveal all the secrets of the world of money. Then, perhaps, have been able to keep all of the bloodshed. There is a saying: "On a lot of knowledge — very sad!" Offer all the materials of the investigation on charges of money in crimes against humanity keep secret for as long as the circumstances are not untie themselves. Let the world continue to live in economic conditions, which have developed to date …. So they really bad?
Prosecutor Time:
— I ask the court not to forget that the money — is the material energy equivalent. It continually grows in global economic volume, and needs constant monitoring and proper redistribution. Or you may be unprecedented in scale economic and social explosion. Uncontrolled production of energy, just as steam accumulates in the boiling pot of water under the lid closed. Economy in the world is like it is on the same boiler. Penalty card sharper, it may seem like child's play compared with the global catastrophe. The financial system is still spinning in a closed curve, like a locomotive in the children's railway. A raw materials around the world, with direct and indirect energy annually increase the world's energy supplies, as a product of civilization is simply exponentially!

The Law of Conservation of Energy requires to consider that the world's energy reserves (in the raw material and the product of civilization) is increasing in an upward spiral. And the policy of the United States, NATO and the European Union, said that it is now profitable to keep the existing global financial system in a closed plane! Only in such conditions, with impunity, any speculation on the world market and extract profits from interest on capital!

Such a confrontation could be resolved only in two ways:
— or the financial system will finally have also form an ascending spiral, in full compliance with the coming energies;
— or powerful compression spring of the world economy itself will break the attackers closed ring at once and it will destroy all its latest human civilization in the fire of war and destruction …

Now if people do not reveal the secret of energy nature of money, then after a while it just becomes no one to open the door. Civilization on Earth — in real danger because of centuries of perverted activity of Money. I believe that only the timely notification of Humanity can stop the looming global financial collapse. Especially since the recognition of the true nature and the nature of money can provide invaluable assistance to the countries and peoples who are now in the insurmountable economic crises and civil wars are bleeding!

Judge 21:
— Lawyer suggests leaving records of the investigation and the decision of the court in secret. Prosecutor demands of its publication. But do not forget that the affected humanity sometime in the courtroom! And we have the process of discovery!
Therefore call on the defendant — money. What can you say in your defense?

Accused Money:
— We want to make a confession. Yes, we — Money KNEW must serve the equivalent energy, which comes to the economy as a result of human economic activity. And there were times in history when we regularly carry their service. Then people could be us claims and complaints.

But we are spoiled Gold — that we began to make out of it. This has turned our minds towards their own self-worth. His new quality we gradually distracted ourselves by our service entities and did not help people have their slaves. If you can dominate, why remain a servant?
So we began to talk since the appearance of Gold. But it is not we ourselves have become the object of worship for the people. We did so, those who have cleaned their hands, drawing us into the gold and become a weapon to achieve only their own interests, which to this day are unknown to us. Our only fault is that we love it! And since then, we should serve only one master, who possessed the secret of turning us — Money in VSEOBEMLESCHUYU world domination.
And under his leadership, to the end of the twentieth century, we have become a real deity worshiped throughout the world. Humanity now become entirely dependent on us, as the interests of our present owner. But by learning to dominate with him and has become partner who without each other — a coffin, in time, we realized that if the only material for our production will be only of gold, it is unavoidable catastrophe. The last and most severe global economic crisis caused by the Second World War, although strengthened our grip of the victims, but also scared that could end nuclear catastrophe that could end human history on the planet, and therefore — and our reign over the people.

So we decided to "open up the valve and blow off steam" in order to "give the economy a little spring straighten" speaking figuratively according to the saying of the Prosecutor Time. We chose the younger and more suitable in the historical sense of the country, and the particular way a little to unravel the mysteries of our energy being forgotten. The idea of producing oil money, was very helpful for those crisis circumstances, in which all the countries of Europe and the United States of America. Oil money, issued the first time in thousands of years, greatly weakened the oppression of the fiscal deficit over the global economy, and she rushed to the well-being of those achievements that have been reached today in the so-called civilized countries. We have correctly calculated that the country we have chosen as a pilot site partial return of our true essence of energy, very soon learns to use his advantage, creating a precedent of the sole arbiter of the destinies of the world (but under our watchful guidance!). This country was the United States that have served us without opening the money entrusted to them the mystery of the other countries of the world for 50 years — that is, the post-war period.

But we — the money does not want to lose their self-worth. Gold and still is in the hands of a small number of owners who are its true connoisseurs and keepers, and they now lead the world in our favor. Only now they come to us and have become dependent selflessly serve us — money, and through us already — to its owner.
But since that time we have regenerated and came to the service to the owner, we also need to constantly replenish their essence and energy of more human suffering. We live now is that energy. Any other for us now is priceless. If the earth's humanity will cease to suffer for us, and we will die, in the form in which we are now. Our self-worth is an ongoing loss of life, to translate the energy of human suffering in ourselves! But if we die, we perish and the entire present world economic system — and this is the whole world! Therefore, we ask pardon, not only for us but for him, too! ..
Judge 21st Century:
— Money that you repent for their those crimes?
Defendant Money:
— Citizen judge, we — just a tool in the hands of the owner. We primarily serve the people, but as long as there have not been put into his hands. It is He who has made us malignant and tools for mastering the world. We — the criminals captive! We are ready to redeem himself before Mankind and once again begin to serve him faithfully. Leave us a chance to change, regaining the same — positive qualities and we will help the affected mankind promptly withdraw from all its crises! After all, we did the right people?

And those of us who made idols, themselves without us perish in timelessness with its system of darkness and suffering for Humanity. After losing us, they will not be able to control it …

Court removed at a meeting for a final verdict money. Room, waiting. After some time, the Court returned.

Judge 21st Century:
— The court consulted and make the next sentence.
For centuries atrocities Money sentenced to forced labor for life for the benefit of humanity. From now on, money required to provide the equivalent of all of its primary raw materials, direct and indirect energy that comes into the economy, with each new economic period.

Every country in the world has the right to an additional annual production in its financial turnover as new money as it could get in the event that it would become to sell their raw materials on the world market. Thus, all the world's countries to join the international cooperation for the production of raw materials, goods and services. Such honest cooperation will organize production and exchange based on the real value of the energy and creativity of each exchange products. Money of different countries exchanged for each other only by the amount commensurate to the energy that can be purchased in the country for a certain currency. Never take money given and taken in the interest-bearing debt. Money has selected the right to enslave a man to control his actions and freedom of choice.

From now on — the money is just a unit of measure of energy produced and consumed by humans for their livelihoods. Money has no more right to vote. Money from now expressed only in the silent and submissive figures. They can be represented on paper, submitted for fast calculation of magnetic cards or even transferred to the category of simple information. People now have the right to convert the money in such species are most convenient for them to implement their creative ideas, and organize all kinds of exchanges between himself and the state. The money will be for some time to help people to carry on business, but will soon become an anachronism and go to the historical margins of as useless and outdated tools.
Well, as long as their role will be limited solely to official functions, as it was in the old days ….

The verdict of the Court is final and without appeal!
Court is over. Everyone stood up. END.
In the version of 08.03.2005g.


"The trial of money" — is not just a literary allegory for sound dangerous and "sensitive" topics, and scientific discovery in the field of Economics. Such work, and even more, the very discovery could never get a natural scientific way through obstacles Systems Darkness, because mortal danger to its foundations. But the idea can not be kept in the dungeon! If one day she was born, then surely gaining ground and realizes itself in unexpected ways.
Russia — the first country in the world that all history is ready for the implementation of the New Economy. It remains only to the Russian people believe in themselves and realize predestined him happiness and abundance into real life.
A detailed description of the "Power of Light — the first state of the New Civilization" is contained in another pamphlet Nilova IE, under the title: "The immediate future of Russia in the questions and answers."
A more complete study of all the secrets and principles of Darkness System, is set in a big book Nilova IE "Naive Doomsday." In the same book open mechanism of the Great Law of Being and the basics exercises absolute light, as applied to modern life on the planet Earth …

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