The triumphant march of Islam constructive

Do not have time to come into its own in Year 2012, and the new bad actions already deluged the world. In addition to the economic impasse in what turned out to naikrupneyshie world economy, more constructive smell a dead end Islamism which can cater to entire regions of the planet.

Since the beginning of last year the chaos associated with the color revolutions in the Arab world, the stage is filled with Muslim organizations openly extremist. Samples implant as heads of several North African descent and Middle Eastern countries 'puppet' favorite West practically failed. For all this, it sets out a similar game, the Western countries seem to have forgotten completely about what led probe 1970 "Westernize" Iran, headed by then was Shah (or ruler) Mohammed Rez Pahlavi. In 1979, the Shah of Iran had to quit, because, although his own politics allegiance to the United States, it has not been supported by South American authorities in their attempt to consolidate control over the state. Then only the main supporter of the "external democratization" Zbigniew Brzezinski expressed the view that the Pahlavi certainly need to support military intervention, but President Carter on this account had a different outlook. Many to this day can not forgive the "weakness" of Jimmy Carter, who Tipo and led to what is now Iran has turned into the 1st of the main enemies of the United States. Say, if Carter gave the order to invade Iran in 1978, the current "axis of evil" was not counted to one of their own constituents.

Apparently, just because Americans are now triple frenzy trying to use military resources to solve their own problems in one way or another country in the world. But that's still better, "weakness" of Jimmy Carter or "decisiveness" Bush and his mate Barack Obama? This question is a specific answer, of natural causes, does not exist, but there are a number of examples that point to something that also brings exceptional perseverance in trying to impose its principles to other nations and other countries.

As a first example, the results of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. First of January in Egypt was already the third round of parliamentary elections which just showed a complete design an advantage over competing Islamist political forces in the country. "Muslim Brotherhood" and the Salafi movement, "An-Nur" scored with more than 60% of the vote, which allows these forces to take all the laws in the state, without taking into account the views of other parliamentary factions. And what is the general pattern of these laws — completely understandable. After a short-lived time, Egypt can really transform the country into a constructive Islam with numerous restrictions. And Egypt as a tourist paradise can only stay forever in marketing brochures era of Hosni Mubarak, who came to power force necessarily want to execute, drawing attention to his own recent work.

The situation in Libya in the coming year looks very unpredictable. Clan fighting has become an integral part of the Libyan everyday life. In the country there is no real central authority. For several months as Libya's Muammar Gaddafi lived without, and the confrontation between the forces of the PNS and supporters of Colonel and is not going to abate. Only in one Tripoli fighting between members of the so-referred to as the new authorities and those who try to take revenge for the destruction of his own favorite, breaking out with surprising regularity. Against the background of this large-scale confrontation in the first role out again people leading an active religious propaganda, a tuning company for an all-out war with the wrong. Whom these powers are referring to as irregular, almost impossible to understand, because, of course, that no power NTC Mustafa Jalil and they do not want to maintain, and even more so to start the reincarnation of the Gaddafi regime, they are also not collected. But sow seeds of constructive Islam throughout the country of Libya them completely under force. In such a situation favorite NTC Mustafa Jalil virtually gave a confession that he and his supporters without external support is not able to control the situation in Libya, which flowed smoothly into the stage of the truest civilian war. In all likelihood, will soon be reincarnated in Libya government, similar contemporary Somalia, which is a holistic only on the political map of the world, and almost split up between the clans. Each clan is in control of its own land area, declaring it independent state, and trying to make a profit by all available means.

The situation in Yemen, the steering wheel which is still formally in the hands of a successor to President Saleh — Mansour Hadi, is looked at not least of scary. On the old days came reports that the forces of "al-Qaeda" took over the whole city in the Middle Eastern country. 60000th Rudd militants have turned to its own reference point from which to make forays in other Yemeni town, and the area of the countries in which chaos is also converted to normal. This naikrupneyshy revenge "Al-Qaeda" after the fall of 2011, the Americans with air killed Anwar al-Awlaki — the Yemeni favorite (the strongest, according to many professionals) cells and the likely successor to bin Laden.

Opposition forces, which are so intensively broke into power in Yemen, almost unchallenged by Islamists. Well, it looks like them for such confrontation quite enough strength or means. The formation of "Al-Qaeda" perfectly armed and prepared as opposed to those who, by definition, must resist them.

In riven by internal contradictions "democratize" Iraq Islamic radicalism holds in horror at the unavoidable punishment of those who used to live in a secular state. At least some manifestation of secularism now cruelly punished those who took on the role of "religious cleaners." Terrorist attacks against civilians turned into an essential attribute of modern Iraq, which thanks to the U.S. got rid of its own Tipo main prepyadstviya — Saddam Hussein. And now there is not a dictatorship, neither order nor any prospects.

If Syria as a result of excessive activity of the West also undergo a "colored" scenario, it will turn into another field with tenderloin soil for the cultivation of Islamic extremism. Endless string of terrorist attacks in the cities of Syria indicate in what ways specific Islam is trying to solve their problems. These methods are well known in Russia.

Strengthening the role of the Taliban in Afghanistan, too, suggests that the Muslim extremist prove his own rebirth. And this trend does not bode positive rest of the Muslim, well, not only the Muslim world. As history shows, the radicals will never rest on their laurels …

Because 2012 could be the year in full final of forming a belt from the mouth of the Islamic Niger in the west to the Hindu Kush in the East — the whole empire, able to influence the geopolitics of the full set of extremist tools.

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