The truth of the Fifth Sun

September 20, 2012 16:34

As to whether the light of the ancient Mayan predictions.

Frightening phrase "doomsday" is haunted by many inhabitants of the planet. The closer to the end of the current 2012 — the more inflames hype: Why, after all, "day" X "is scheduled for December 21 or 22! To prevent the possibility of a global panic, some of our politicians today have even suggested to impose an official ban on the discussion of the topic in the media. Will it have them, are not yet known, but life tossed deputies counter-argument. Most recently from overseas arrived in time, "infarct" information: universal "kirdyk" could happen in just a few days — 21 or 22 September. And to whom it then it will be necessary, this ban?

According to some "research question" Land should "gasp" under the influence of a unique phenomenon — the parade of planets which are estimated to be built in ticker is December 21, 2012 The perturbing effects of several planetary masses, put together, will lead to the destruction of life on Earth its current form, will a "quantum leap", change of eras, beginning of a new generation of intelligent beings on the planet … There are counter-arguments of other scholars who categorically reject such global implications of this really rare cosmic phenomenon.

But the main "culprits" panic epidemic of talk about the end of the ancient world were the Mayans. Researchers found deciphering wall of an ancient temple-prediction calendar, which is made by Indians thousands of years ago, have come to the conclusion that it says that on December 2012 must end Era the Fifth Sun — the next solar cycle length in 5125 years, and a new beginning. And its successor, the Sixth Sun will be "Dark Sun" and his arrival marks the end of the present world.
However, the researchers acknowledge that the quality of the surviving Mayan inscriptions on stone is not high. So these half-erased, difficult to distinguish texts can be interpreted in a different way. In any case, there is information that scientists korpevshie of deciphering the inscriptions found among them those that contain references to the same visionaries Maya various events related to a later period. The most "distant" from the dates specified therein — October 21, 4772 the first year. It is not surprising that at the beginning of this — supposedly the "last" — the year it was announced the assumption that the Mayan calendar did not end for the inhabitants of our "ball" global catastrophe, and for his next cycle ends just follow the next, it is "mediocre."
Meanwhile, if a list of all publicly voiced announcements of upcoming total earthly cataclysm, it would appear that in the last century was made for many tens of such prophecies. And since 1992, the threat of doom in one form or another hanging over us every year — at least once a year, somebody somewhere was trying to announce the upcoming general about "Finish." As the supposed causes various "heralds" and declared a nuclear explosion and the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, and the flow of lethal rays coming from space after the explosion of a star, Alpha Centauri, and the transfer of land to the fourth dimension, and the fall of a giant comet and asteroid impact …
One of the latest news in this list: Scientists have recently discovered in the sun any extended dark lines. — Cracks?? Is shining ready fall to pieces?! Overseas experts to "calm": no, it will retain its integrity, but noticed the emergence of "crack" (which, supposedly, are actually clusters of relatively cool solar material) faces a strong magnetic storms. In a paper published by scientists from the NAS — the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, an article entitled "Threats to space weather: the economic and social consequences," even the date, when it should be coming "Peak solar rage" — 21 or 22 September.
In the same article painted the coming cataclysm: the day the sun will a series of powerful flares, and they generate unprecedented in its intensity of geomagnetic storms will bring down almost all the major energy systems created by mankind. As a result, millions of people will be without power, no longer work life support systems on which we are now so dependent … Future prospects of the energy collapse guessed easily.
Experts from the Institute of Astronomy, which we asked for comments, react to such "prophecies" skeptical.
— Flares, accompanied by the ejection of plasma, it is quite a common situation — said the head of the department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolai Chugai. — However, for this process to "touch" us earthlings, we must also match a few other facts: "shot" of the solar plasma is to "cater" to the plane of the orbit of the earth, and it is necessary that our planet at this time it was in this " bombard "part of its trajectory. Of course, in the past, such an unlikely event did not happen again. The effect of "solar bombardment" known to scientists by improving the aurora in the sky, in the case of the "attack" is very dense plasma clouds, changes in the magnetic field of the planet, leading to radio failure, the generation of electric current in the conductors of the longest — tubes of oil and gas pipelines, large power lines …
As told Nicholas, the strongest recorded in the history of the solar plasma attacks occurred in September 1859 happened then in the Sun "super outbreak" led failure of telegraph systems in Europe and North America. Documented cases caused by "cosmic forces" in the telegraph slipped a powerful spark, and is located near the telegraph even got burned. In another place the same "provoked" luminary spark caused a fire at the telegraph station. Except in the case in space "incident" on the Sun surprised people in Europe and America with unprecedented visual effects: in many (not even close to the pole) locations sky flashes adorned the northern lights. According to witnesses, on the north-eastern United States, they were so strong that even at night you can read a newspaper without a lamp.
Over the predictions of some super strong, even "deadly" for humans solar flares Russian scientists gave a negative answer. The same Nikolai Chugai believes someone just "rigged" facts did "an imitation of impending catastrophe", but what the media "swallowed" in such a roast information.
Another expert, whose opinion we asked a leading researcher at the Institute of Astronomy Nikolai Samus, was even more emphatic:
— Nonsense! Natural phenomenon that has never been, it is impossible to predict!.

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