The U.S. Government is working with the aliens?

November 29, 2011 6:04

The U.S. Government is working with the aliens?In the United States from time to time publish incriminating materials on the country's government contacts with aliens. So, in 1991, Director of the Geneva Institute for Planetary Synthesis R. Schneider publicly released the report of his colleague Milton Cooper's "Secret Government", setting out some incredible facts.

Cooper's report stated that from 1947 to 1952, only one U.S. territory landed about a dozen alien ships. Some were broken, the other to make an emergency landing. As a result, in the hands of the Americans turned 65 dead bodies and one live … alien.

There is evidence of the landings of two vehicles in the state of New Mexico. They were found broken — one February 13, 1948 on a high plateau near the Azteca, the other on March 25 of that year in Nart Canyon. Perhaps the crew of the second UFO was a rescue mission or came to find out what happened to the first. The two ships were 17 dead aliens. But that's not all. People are horrified to see inside the machine dismembered human bodies! Are we, humans, have been taken over by aliens and non-human animals have served them as an object for study?

The documents allegedly showing these events were kept classified as "Top Secret". And no wonder: the panic would start, find out the general public!
In late 1947, after landing in the United States of several "plates", the government led by then President Harry Truman created the Task Force, comprised of eminent scientists — "Project Sine" and "Project Gradzh." "Project Gradzh" for political purposes, spread misinformation about the UFO phenomenon in America. She tried to make available to ordinary citizens.

November 4, 1952 by order of President was created by a secret national security agency (NSA), which was specifically engaged in alien contact. This project is called "Sigma". NSA tapped worldwide radio communications, hoping to track down the aliens. In addition, his staff had to prevent any leakage of information about aliens. Truman alien problem, as the baton passed in 1953, the next president — Dwight Eisenhower. Disaster alien ships continued during his reign.

Several UFO navtov survived and were captured. Eisenhower and of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller created the structure of the secret surveillance aliens — organization of the majority-12 (B-12). In 1954 there was the first official contact with other minds.

Humanoid aliens arriving on their "ease" to a military base Holloman, suggested the U.S. government to enter into an agreement. They argued that came from the constellation of Orion, and that their home planet dies due to unfavorable environmental conditions. They needed living space. In the second of their landing — at Edwards — Eisenhower arrived there and signed a contract with the guests. At the signing of the contract by the aliens involved ambassador, whose name sounded like an earthly "Krill".

The main condition of the contract was non-interference in each other's affairs. U.S. pledged to keep staying aliens on Earth in secret. It was followed by items on a particular mutual cooperation. It is the exchange of advanced technologies (which was supposed to build a special underground bases) and providing opportunities for the biological study of organisms to each other.

Aliens were allowed to take the time (ie steal) to his people for the survey, provided that they will not be harmed and subsequently they will be forgotten. In connection with the signing of this agreement has developed an entire system to ensure its terms. There was a national intelligence organization based in Colorado, is responsible for the safety of extraterrestrial objects. The project "Redlayt" new technologies of aircraft aliens, and the other project — "Snowbird" — those activities covered by public demonstrations of devices built with conventional technology. Under the guise of underground shelters were built secret bases for extraterrestrials. Responsible for all business B-12, according to M. Cooper, and operates today.

Thanks aliens USA became the owners of technology to facilitate implementation of an immense program of space exploration. But the newcomers helped earthlings, only when it was profitable for them. Otherwise, they act in their own interests, and sometimes behaved very aggressively. However, contacts provided by the contract, and to this day has not ceased.

It is small: to find support all these sensational facts. Alas, in 2001, Milton Cooper died, and to verify the information and the sources that he used, is not possible. So what about the invasion Orions to Earth just yet.

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