The victims of the terrorist attack will have insurance to three thousand euros

The victims and families of victims of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway receive insurance payments in the amount of 300 to 3 million euros.

About This was reported Interfax head of the compulsory insurance of civil liability of a carrier to passengers and health insurance insurance company "Beleximgarant" Tamara Miklashevich.

"The terrorist attack in the subway was considered an insured event, which means that payments to the victims and families of the victims will be carried out under a contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of carriers to passengers. Depending on the severity of the harm caused to health insurance compensation will range from 300 to 3000 euro equivalent "- said T. Miklashevich.

The severity of injury will be determined by the State Service of forensic examinations.

By Tamara Miklashevich in "Beleximgarant" have already been treated in obtaining insurance relatives of one of the victims of the terrorist attack, as well as some of the victims.

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