The western boundary: no queues

At the border crossing, "Warsaw Bridge" today along with border guards and customs officers working reinforced positions of police and KGB. Queues at the check-out to Poland almost none. Those inhabitants of border regions, who made their daily export of automotive fuel, can not travel abroad without the payment of duty on fuel when not passed another 5 days after a previous trip. This is "Radio Liberty" said the responsible representative of the press service of the Brest customs.
On He said, protest in the evening on June 13 against the new rules of export from Belarus outside the Customs Union of diesel fuel and other goods forced the management of Customs to produce written proposals to prevent possible further protests.
"Today or tomorrow, the document is sure to be drawn up and sent to the Brest Regional Executive Committee," — said the press service of the Brest customs.
Nemnogolyudno on Tuesday and at the border crossing "Bruzgi" on the border with Poland. The source of "Liberty" clarified that is there is practically no so-called "Shuttles" that were taken earlier from Belarus and fine motor fuel products: vodka, cigarettes, pasta and cereals.
"Most of the these people must comply with the restrictions on the export of natural persons of fuel and do it no more frequently than once every five days. "
On June 11 in Belarus there are restrictions on the export of natural persons automobile fuel. From June 12 introduced a special tax on the export of certain goods outside the Customs Union.

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