The world’s largest sugar producer profiting from the slave labor of children

Tate &Lyle, one of the world's major sugar producers, was at the center of controversy. It turned out that the company is working for mere pennies Cambodian children, and guide Tate &Lyle gradually spreads through the local land supply company KSL.

More than 200 families of the Cambodian province of Koh Kong are suing the world's biggest producer of sugar for illegal land seizures, arson, evictions, theft and the use of child labor.

Residents of the local villages are assured that the management of Tate &Lyle was known that the local distributor of the company, the Thai company KSL has been similarly charged. In Cambodia want to Tate &Lyle offset the cost of sugar, grown on land that legally belong to Asian countries.


Main office Tate &Lyle in the UK, so residents Cambodian village demanded justice in the Supreme Court in London. They intend to sue their rightful land from the sugar company and get compensation for the inhuman labor. Many of them have to work on the sugar plantations slightly more than $ 1 a day. With the money they need to feed their families. In order to survive, go to work, even children who are under and nine years. In addition, employees of Tate &Lyle reported that they were often beaten for the slightest error.

Since 2006, the Cambodian government has provided nearly 100 hectares of land in the three provinces of sugar companies. Enterprises have completely destroyed all the rice paddies of the local people and the land was planted with sugar cane to supply it to a recycling plant. Thus, the locals were left without a major food — rice.

At Tate &Lyle has announced that they are ready to terminate the agreement with KSL, if it is found guilty. However, the sugar industry in Cambodia continues to grow in spite of everything. In this Asian country has an agreement with the EU's "Everything but Arms" initiative, under which the European Union allows developing countries to export products from Europe without paying duties.

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