These mysterious Dogon

November 24, 2011 12:08

Dogon — African tribe from Mali — claim they envoys Sirius. For the first time on the Dogon 80 years ago, wrote a French ethnographer Marcel Griaule. All his findings on mpervy opinion comply with the conventional view of anthropologists. But when photos of the cave into the hands of the Dogon astronomers, it was a sensation.

 It appeared in the mythology of the Dogon Sirius — it is a double star. It turns out that a primitive tribe know about binary star since ancient times, and the astronomers were able to see Sirius, second only in 1862, when the powerful telescopes, reports
By the way, the Dogon called Sirius red. But in fact he is white! Scientists say that at one time, about 200 million years ago, Sirius could actually be red. But at the time in the world there were no people! Astronomers believe that this view is due to the fact that Sirius turns red at sunrise.
Most modern scholars tend to think that it was Marcel Griaule taught Dogon cosmology Sirius. But mysteries still remain. Dogon every 50 years Sirian celebrate the new year. In the time Griaule no one knew how many runs a year on Sirius, and modern astronomers found — 50 and a half years!

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