They are watching us from the moon …

September 20, 2012 15:45

They are watching us from the moon ...

The rain did not stop for a minute from the moment we set up our tents. Climate change in the suburbs is not in sight — the low gray clouds overlaid the sky. However, to me it was just at hand. I closed the tent and gave dubious meditations. The reason that I'm with a group of contactees with the Universal Mind was abnormal in the suburban area, demanded not only understanding, but also the mental preparation — so incredible it seemed very anticipated event. Frankly, I was not sure that it will ever happen.

Yes, and contactees, Amun and the Wii, did not give a full guarantee. I worked with them for years, and to date we have not come by accident. Ironically, but pushed us to the two events of cosmic proportions. One of them was not so long ago, namely 16 July 1994, when the comet with a diameter of one kilometer faced with Jupiter. It is named Shoemaker-Levy in honor of American scientists who discovered it. Even the comet called "string of pearls", as it had a tail of 19 smaller fragments. True, the cosmic "pearls" scattered on the invisible side of Jupiter, but the flash bang of the Shoemaker-Levy — a bright spot diameter of 2.5 kilometers, astronomers seem to be observed. But the last cosmic cataclysm brought by the scientists, harm to Jupiter because of its enormous size and the gas-liquid surface, the more it is not reflected in the world.

But if such a threat to our planet and humanity still appear, science has sufficient means to destroy it. For this purpose the program and the International — "Asteroid threats." Scientists estimate that the probability of collision of the Earth with comets, like the one that crashed into Jupiter occurs about once in a million years. However, there are smaller asteroids, one hundred meters in diameter March 23, 1989 crossed the orbit of the planet to the point where it was six hours before. And if such a celestial body collided with the Earth? Then a direct hit it would be equivalent to the explosion of 1,000 to 2,000 megaton nuclear bombs. In short, like death, if not all, the majority of humanity.

Yet in all this space epic with a comet on Jupiter many unclear and questionable. Because its surface, as recognized scholars, is a gas-liquid substance, which should be easy to absorb all the "string of pearls." In other words, no huge bright spot of the explosion of the Shoemaker-Levy astronomers would have seen. And it broke pretty clearly. So what's the deal?

Suppose that a "space Pearl" and has not reached the surface of Jupiter. This fantastic version allowed me to push the other event that occurred June 18, 1178.
And then split the moon

This day was a new moon, and in the evening a crowd of onlookers in the English town of Canterbury, admiring the bright lunar crescent, siyavshem in the western sky. Suddenly, the upper part of the sickle split. "From the crack — recorded in the annals of local monks, the witness unusual phenomenon — threw a bright torch, from which scattered flames, hot coals and sparks month struggled and writhed like a wounded snake." Soon, however, the moon took its usual form.

After more than 800 years, this anomalous fact acquainted researcher Space Center of NASA (USA), Jack Hartung, and it puzzled him at once: it was not an asteroid with a huge force hit while on the moon? The researchers suggested that if such a case, and occurred at the end of the XII century, the falling asteroid, according to calculations, could only on the invisible side of the Moon, there is and must remain a trace of his fall — a decent-sized crater.

This is a long-standing and out of the ordinary event interested me more than the employee of NASA. First, because it related to the moon, which I was already aware of something material contact with the Universal Mind. Secondly, the information I have about the moon and allowed to question the findings of an American scientist — a large asteroid could not reach the surface of the moon. However, like Shoemaker-Levy Jupiter.

What we now know about the moon? Its radius — 1738 km, age — 4.6 billion years old, a full rotation around the earth, it makes for 27.3 days, the surface of the Moon is the territory of Africa and Australia combined. However, the most difficult and important question, and to occupy the minds of the ancient scholars, and modern — this is the theory of the moon. First, she turned to the world for some reason only one of its sides, and, secondly, much of what astronomers see the surface of the moon, so far can not be explained as those anomalies that are observable and unobservable against the background of the lunar disc.

In 1988, American astronomer Michael Mendilo found that above the lunar surface, there are signs of accumulation of sodium and potassium, that is, the moon has, although very sparse, yet the atmosphere. For their research Mendilo used specially modified telescope has the ability to emit specific wavelengths of emitted light in the range of sodium atoms. The first such device was used in the study of the size of the sodium cloud surrounding the moon of Jupiter — Io. Now, however, found that the sodium atmosphere of the Moon has elongated shape, like the "tail", facing away from the sun. According Mendilo there accumulation of sodium, which extends for about seven thousand kilometers above the lunar surface, that is, by a distance greater than five times its radius.

As he wrote once American magazine "Science News", from the Middle Ages to the present day accumulated evidence as professional astronomers, and fans who watched the moon rather bright flash, which is commonly called "carry-over phenomena." Sometimes these outbreaks associated with lunar volcanism, the release of light, stimulated by ultraviolet photons of solar origin, accelerated particles, while in the "tail" of the magnetic field of the Earth with solar flares.

But here's an American researcher Richard R. Zito pointed out that the study of lunar rock samples brought to Earth the crew of "Apollo 11", they found levels of inert gases in the tens of thousands of times greater than Earth performance. From the depths of the inert gases can come to the surface when the cracking of rocks, with a sharp inevitable thermal expansion and contraction of parts of the moon, which are constantly moving out of the shadows into the sunlight and back. Therefore studied outbreaks often occur between lunar crater-related faults or near such. And the process of the fault surface is accompanied by the formation of high-energy electrons that are able to induce luminescence emitted a series of "bubbles" of inert gas.

Curiously, the cracking of rock sometimes produce not only optically visible flash, and radio waves with frequencies in the range between 900 and 5000 Hz. It is believed that this is due to the rotational vibrational and translational motions of charged electricity of "fresh" surfaces formed during the breaking of which leads to a restructuring of the crystal structures of the breed.

All this speaks in favor of the assumption of Richard R. Zito, according to which a glow on the moon does not require for its explanation of some "vnelunnyh" mechanisms.

There are different hypothesis of the Earth's companion. It is believed, for example, that the moon and the Earth — "sisters", which appeared simultaneously. But there is an assumption that the moon — part of the Earth, its huge Shard: In theory Japanese Professor Nakazawa, the moon is a "stranger" who find themselves because of the attraction of the Earth on its orbit. "The moon revolves around the earth used to be planet of the solar system", — with such a hypothesis by the group of Japanese scientists led by Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University Tyusiro Hayashi. According to their hypothesis, many years ago, the Moon could be "captured" land, when once approached her. And before that, as scientists say, the moon revolved around the Sun, and its orbit is probably located between the orbits of Earth and Venus.

In 1993, French astronomer Jacques Laskar made a sensational hypothesis — without gravity and the stabilizing influence of the moon, the Earth would rotate faster and the day is just a few hours. That is, its existence must earthlings Moon:

And it would stand out as a hypothesis about the origin of the Moon, which featured a higher power, aliens. But the population of the Moon unearthly creatures said and written since time immemorial. This is mentioned in Indian "Vedas", and in the writings of the ancient Greek philosophers V-VI centuries BC, such as Thales, Heraclitus, Anaxagoras, Xenophon, believed in the existence of the Selenites philosophers of the Middle Ages. As to some modern scholars, in 70 years of this century, B. Drake, in his book "The Gods or astronauts?" Explicitly states: "Our satellite is actually used cosmic beings as a base, as it was many years ago." This information the author allegedly received from visits his Selenites. It is reasonable that in the future began to appear on the hypothesis and the artificial creation of the moon unearthly reason. But the most important thing in all of these modern assumptions — assumptions that extraterrestrial civilizations exist, that the cosmos is populated by intelligent beings, and they — unlike the Earthlings and really have an impact on humanity. As stated in "The Sacred Book of Thoth": "The whole outside world gives a person a way to give him only a thread of Ariadne, and the man himself has been able to get on this thread out of the maze of countless small obstacles, doubts, dissimilarities and error."
From the diary of a contactee with the higher mind (with representatives of one of the extraterrestrial civilizations)

— According to the scientists, the moon is moving away from the Earth. Is that so?

"No, they say, the distance from Earth to the moon in fact depends on the activity of the earth's core, and it is regulated and Energocentr Moon — its core, which moves inside the channel. The axis of the channel is almost perpendicular to the axis of the Earth. "

— So, the Moon artificial construction?

"Almost. As they explain, the Moon was one of the planets of the solar system, as correctly pointed out by Japanese scientists, then it was "driven" to a normal place. This is a place — a natural body of this mass, the moon and its orbit around the earth is natural. All you had to do — is to make the moon to be in this orbit, "plant" it on the orbit, "drive" it here. Was chosen the right time, from the physical point of view (for astronomical reasons), the moon was possible to "drive in" to the desired position on a specific point. Further the nature of "put" moon as necessary in accordance with the natural physical situation — created its orbit and position. And when its orbit around the Earth "was settled," has found the constant parameters, the moon began to use "on purpose", and now she is "stuffed" man-made structures within and operated actively. So. Moon — is a natural body, but with an unusual, say, in your understanding, destiny. "

— Obviously, the installation of the moon reflected in low Earth orbit and the Earth's climate?

"They claim that this is a natural process. With the installation of the Moon on the Earth began to continuous rains, the water level rose so much that flooded land. Besides the moon caused the strong tide, and there are only dry highlands. It took about five thousand years to the world climate restored order. For this extraterrestrial civilization Adjustments to orbit the moon, because at first she was very close to the Earth, and this has caused the flooding of the continents. Moon was "naughty", and in this regard had to build the inner channel with artificial nucleus, [1] which is now "runs" on mikrorasstoyanie in the channel, adjusting the position of the moon. Special Branch deals with the regulation of orbit by moving the nucleus channel. "

— In the myths of the people manna in Vietnam (Group Miao — Yao) states that after the Flood appeared in the sky 12 bodies from their heat of the earth quickly dry. However, after this light continues to heat, and the earth began to dry the plants. It was then that there was a magic arrows Vung Luong, who hit all the arrows of the world except two — the Moon and the Sun. At this myth reflects a real event space plan?

"Yes, they say, in this myth contains the share of historical truth. To remedy the effects of the Flood, which occurred because of "repatriated" to the current orbit of the moon, extraterrestrial civilizations had to use technical means. [2] Cataclysm was very serious, so take immediate action to save the artificial flora and fauna in the world. About this "incident" CC said old, who constituted the original core of the eastern nations. This information is in the form of a legend [3] passed from mouth to mouth, and was well known in the ancient East. Vietnamese simply "appropriated" it themselves. "

— And the appearance of a near-earth orbit satellite is not such a big impact on the speed of rotation around the axis of the planet?

"Yes, I do, of course. The appearance of the moon in the sky increased time of day on Earth, the planet's rotation has slowed from 22 to 24 hours a day. However, in this regard, increased life expectancy and later humans. One can assume that of the terrestrial planets Earth — one of the most rapidly rotating, the other "terrestrial" planets night lasts from 24 to 35 hours, and there are 40 hours, but this is unusual. "

— With the moon on the Earth has changed a flora and fauna?

"They say that some plants mutated in part, others have disappeared. EC still managed to stop a giant tidal wave, and quickly remove the consequences. So some plants dolunnogo period still remain. For example, ginkgo trees and southern species of Araucaria, the only one of the higher plants, there are in the world today. Naturally, this is the period of the descendants of plants "to the moon."

Animals, as they say, the Earth was populated after the flood again, since it survived only a few types of bacteria. [4] The order of the planets population of animals is always the same. Before you take them with Earth-like planets for entering of the world, look, whether the physical conditions of existence on the planet earth — the composition of the atmosphere, water temperature, salinity and other. If so, then the alien animals on Earth will survive, and they relocated. Then the aliens are watching them: how animals will evolve with any of the animals of the earth will cross — that is their life on Earth did not ride, so to speak.

Or, they say, it appears that the animals from other planets could survive on Earth, but only in the high mountains, in the snow, then they in such areas, and deliver. Some time after that there is settlement of animals on the planet, reproducing them as earthly and alien species are found, and it appears that they are close to each other. But the main prerequisite for shares, is that the animals were taken from the worlds with the same number of measurements, only then can they coexist. In addition, as they explain, with the appearance of the moon there was a shift of the magnetic field of the Earth, there was a cold snap. True, it became much colder, mostly at the poles. "

— What is the influence of the moon on living organisms on Earth?

"His influence of the moon, they say, dictates the rhythm of all life on Earth. However, it affects the non-living nature, the mineral composition, as long as we do not know. Without the Moon flora and fauna of the Earth is fundamentally not very different from the sublunary, for example, in its form, as in this respect is more important than the Sun. But have been modified, for example, the characteristics of some of the animals, or the life cycle of a plant organisms, even more was the speed of life and its duration.

With regard to, say, the functions of the person was changed during their activity and rest, and the resistance of pathogenic microbes is much better. But now for the living beings on Earth is important physical effects of moonlight, which can be used to treat disease in humans. "

— Among the people there are so-called lunatics. At night, in a state of deep sleep, they go to the eaves of houses, climb trees, hide all sorts of things, but do not remember anything in the morning. It is a disease or a phenomenon of a different order? What is the cause of sleepwalking, which of the people it affects?

"Yes, I do, it is a disease, it is associated with cardiac arrhythmias, are responsible for synchronous operation of the subcortical and cortical. And when this timing is violated, the cerebral cortex in humans at night off and subcortex continues to operate, causing muscular reactions. Usually sleepwalking — a temporary phenomenon associated with frustration in his sleep, and is transparent — this involves subtle (energy) body. And the physical, we can say, fixes violations occurring in the subtle body during sleep. This leads to the fact that there is a stable relationship between subcortical processes that begin to affect the cortex, which should not be, because it is usually bark crushes subcortex. And now it seems to be coming to the surface, from produce muscular reactions in accordance with or without dreams, unconsciously. The moon, by this has nothing to do, but the disease is called somnambulism, because as seen at night. "

— Does the moon has great influence on women? Or, rather, women are more subject to the Moon?

"Yes, they say, women are more subject to the influence of the moon. This is connected with the function of the female body — the system of reproduction of their kind. And not only humans, animals also observed a similar pattern. This is a purely natural phenomenon. Female being sensitive to the attraction of the moon, for it pulls the moon is a factor, as it were, which is associated with the reproductive system — the act of birth, drawing a new being. Therefore, a woman and is sensitive to the influence of the moon, and the moon is full of women give birth much easier. "

— Argued that under the influence of a full moon women is becoming more erotic. Can men also?

"No, only women, they say."

— One of the legends says that the Buddha at the time of full moons "closed monasteries, the monks did not run away." If so, what is the reason?

"As they say, the monks are very developed energetically, they are incredibly sensitive, and the moon affected the psyche of some of them are quite negative: they felt anxiety, there were a variety of psychological changes: The reason for this lay in the fact that not all the monks were right meditation, spiritual practices that led to power disturbances. To have these monks did not happen nervous breakdowns, suicide under the influence of negative emotions and unconscious fear, escape, at such times the monasteries were closed. "

— It is believed that the full moon night, women are drawn to the lakes to swim, where they allegedly the secrets of their fate. I?

"It is said that after giving birth the woman becomes acutely sensitive at all of that, in some cases, it has opened the ability of clairvoyance. She seemed to be already is a hen that covers a newborn chick, so she had to open and intuitive channels, improves vision: Nature is so ordered that the crucial period of the woman became more active to protect their offspring. Some sensitive persons during the action of the moon after passing phase "pulling moment" are cut and prophetic abilities. But they gradually fade and disappear. If these abilities are, then it is an abnormality, pathology, as these symptoms akin to a false pregnancy, childbirth false. "

— Why are some myths lake called "mirrors Diana?" Whether this is due also to the Moon?

"This is how they explain, belongs to the magical rituals. There has been some confusion. On the one hand, these rituals were present predictions of pathological cases of women who were really true and passed from mouth to mouth, that is fairly well known on the other — the predictions of these women committed during voodoo rituals. So this can be attributed to witchcraft. "

— According to Plutarch, the ancient Egyptians knew that the moon on its mass is "seventy second beat of the Earth." Thousands of years later, Laplace calculated that the Moon — 1/75 of the Earth. Today, according to American scientists, it is believed that the moon is 1/81 of the Earth. So who is "right"? Maybe both of them? Then how the ancient Egyptians almost accurate?

Alexander Glazunov

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