They came. In the skies over the north-west of Chelyabinsk townspeople saw a UFO. VIDEO

January 20, 2013 2:37


In Chelyabinsk residents discouraged the appearance in the sky of the mysterious glowing object — "flying saucer" that emits colored lights, hangs primarily on the north-west of the city, the agency news "Access."

Messages seen in the sky over the north-west of Chelyabinsk UFOs began to appear in social networks about two weeks ago. People have already seen the "plate" over the ice rink "Tractor", the auto-focus, and other open areas. With stubborn persistence flying object appears above the TRC "Fiesta" in 1900-2000. UFO lights up in different colors, rotating, flashing and, according to witnesses, as if "trying to establish communication with humans."

Once in possession of the Agency was a strange video of the aircraft were found and "ET", practicing flying over the capital of the Southern Urals and leading amateur theories about extraterrestrial civilizations in confusion. It turned out that the "saucer" managed by a team of young people calling themselves SkyRec. They purchased the product for quality geksakopter shooting from the air.

"This is a device with six propellers, carrying the camera. It can fly up to a height of two kilometers and travel at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. In fact, this radio-controlled model. When we see men of the city, it is often in a daze looking at the sky, take off the phones, and probably really think that this is a UFO. Of course, I can understand them, because this device all in wonder. At such a thing fly except in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In our team there are professionals radiomodelirovaniya, piloting and video production. We have only one dream — to see what they can see a bird in flight. City views from the air are fascinating. We want all residents of Chelyabinsk admire them, "- said team member SkyRec Anatoly Solovyov.

He also added that the team plans to please Chelyabinsk overviews rollers on the monuments, buildings and landmarks. Geksakopterom operated by two people. According to Anatoly Solovyov, flight data safe, because there is a system geksakoptera prevent discharge of the battery, and in case of loss of connection, he comes back and sits down there, where took off automatically.

Olga Plekhanov
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