They should look at each

So the famous American critic Ben Brandt writes about the play "Free Theatre" in New York.

"Free Theatre" has appeared in New York in early January, some of the participants had to literally flee from Belarus after participating in the events of December 19. Theater troupe, the actors and the director of which Belarus lost their jobs, their site was given a few U.S. theaters in New York and Chicago. Here that says, in particular, Mia E, artistic director of the theater La MaMa: "For us the privilege to be a part of the global theater community, which helps this bold corpse tell their story."

The viewer of the free world primarily impressive human stories from the territory of the dictatorship ("Discover Love", a play by Nikolai Khalezin realities of fate Anatoly and Irina Krasouskayas or performance of Vladimir Shcherban "Being Harold Pinter" where alternate letters of Belarusian political prisoners with excerpts Nobel speech of the famous British playwright Pinter). In the play "Zone of Silence" actors embody the statistics of modern Belarus their naked bodies.

Performance of "Free Theatre". The picture from the newspaper The New York Times

"The contents of their work — destructive, hope comes from a deep, resourceful and unquenchable creativity — writes in a New York Times Ben Brandt recommends — They should look at everyone who wants to confirm the relevance and vitality of theater as an art form."

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