Third global war already begun?

3rd Global war start 100 years after the first and will take hundreds of millions of human lives. Such a forecast is given some experts. Scientists say war is already in progress at the moment just completed her first step.

The scientific concept of the circumstances and timing of the steps of World War III has developed the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. In general terms its own forecast, he laid out in an interview with "free press".

On the ground, according to Sivkova, stepped global, civilizational crisis. It is generated by several imbalances, such as: 1) the contradiction between the growth in production, consumption and available resources, capabilities of Earth's ecosystems, and 2) the contradictions between "poor" developing countries and the "rich" industrialized countries, between civilizations and the transnational elite, and 3) the contradictions between lack of spirituality of the "free market", the power generating facilities, and spiritual foundations of different civilizations — the Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist and others.

"Analysis of possible options for resolving imbalances and contradictions that gave rise to the current crisis, indicates that they are antagonistic disposition and without substantial prejudice to the interests of those or other large geopolitical subjects of this crisis will not be resolved. And it means the inevitable introduction of military force. Given the global nature of the crisis can be considered as the use of military force will be global, "- said Konstantin Sivkov.

Third global war, scientists project that will be of the coalition nature. Countries will be adjacent to one or another coalition, according to the commitment of one of the 2-models of world order.

1st — "the world hierarchy of civilization." Favorites, a handful of elite, ruthlessly exploit the rest of the world's population. The second model Sivkov calls "civilized mutual support" or "civilizational harmony."

"In other words, the war will be waged, in fact, for being spiritual foundations on which to build new world order — the expert believes. — Or, in its base will be put to individualism, selfishness, oppression of the 1st subject of another, the principle of survival at the expense of others. Or the community, the prevalence of the common interests of mutual survival and development of the personal, the principle of mutual survival through mutual support.

This is the high contrast of the future world war 2-previous, which were conducted priemuschestvenno for the economic division of the world. "

Two coalition is already there. First — the society so called industrialized countries, whose base is made up of countries of Western civilization. Spiritual base here is based on individualism and a real start generating power means. She has a military and political core in the form of NATO. Second coalition — a society of Orthodox, Islamic and other civilizations in the base of which is laid over the real prevalence of the spiritual, of the total personal. This society is guided by an impartial multipolar world order. But these countries still do not even understand the commonality of their own geopolitical interests, not to mention any political or even less military-political union of one design.

"Countries that are not part of Western civilization in any organizational or technical terms, are not prepared for a military confrontation. But this company has an advantage in the vast human potential, more highest in comparison with Western civilization moral capacity and control of large natural resources and territories. This significantly increases the chances of winning the long war, also makes a great opportunity to organize resistance to the aggressor in the first steps of the war. Including on the basis of improving the people's resistance in the event of the defeat of their armed forces. Another possible advantage — in fact ruled out the possibility of simultaneous geopolitical shocks on all fronts. A provision of time for consolidation of the anti-imperialist coalition. There is the ability to support those states that will be the first victims of aggression "- predicts Konstantin Sivkov.

In fact, the war is already underway, says the scientist. Just as long as it's relatively peaceful E phase.

"The first step that can be given the title of" an attempt to peaceful resolution of the crisis, "is already underway, and even coming to an end. His field of battle — the summits 20G, which are litsezreem not produce results. Provocation "Imedi" and Helsingin Sanomat mark the beginning of the second step, which can be called as a "threat period before World War II", during which the West civilization started the preparation of a specific local wars and armed conflicts over resources.

The main content of action at this point is information operations and activities in the economic sphere, which can take many forms — from economic sanctions before the terrorist attacks on the industrial practice, as different forms of action special operations forces, "- says the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems.

A few years later comes the third stage — "step limited wars ", which then develop into a full-scale world war with all types of guns.

The only constraint, which There now — nuclear potential of. According to the forecast of a professional military, nuclear shield have recently try to select.

"Given the evolving situation in Russia, where" the fifth column of the West "has a significant impact on decision-making in the field of defense, namely the direction of the Armed Forces, we can expect the ability to enter into such a contract on START, which would deprive Russia of its nuclear shield . Of course, with great rhetorical design of the struggle for a nuclear-free world. You can wait in the threat period or during the first steps of World War II, the physical destruction of our nuclear capability (organized terrorist acts, etc.) with a next hop of neo-imperialist coalition to unlimited use of nuclear weapons, which will allow it to achieve total victory "- says Sivkov.

In his view, the aggressors will not suspend even the possibility of the death of hundreds of millions of people.

"Historical experience indicates that the elite of" selfish "civilization does not stop at the loss of life, if there is a guarantee of its own preservation in" silos. " The analysis leads to the conclusion that the new girl global war, if it is unleashed, will affect a large part of the world, covering virtually all the continents, oceans and seas. In military operations can take the role of more than 100 million people on both sides. The total loss of the world's population may exceed several hundred million people. Because all the conscientious people of the Earth, of all states, including those that relate to the "selfish" coalition must do everything possible to prevent such a development of the world situation. To do this, temper, maybe the force of law, by other means, the greed of international and government bigwigs of the economy, first of monetary sphere, pause, consisting in the service of their principal, selfish, besprintsipialnyh and sometimes very short-sighted politicians. This can be done only on the basis of international consolidation efforts "- sums up the expert.

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