Third in a row landing ship Black Sea Fleet went to Syria Tartus

Large landing ship Black Sea Fleet "Novocherkassk"Put to sea from the Novorossiysk naval base and headed for the Syrian port Tartous, agencies said an anonymous source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

How reminiscent of ITAR-TASS, two BDK — "Azov" and "Nicholas Phylchenkov" — December 28, were pelting the area and in the Aegean Sea have joined the squad Black Sea Fleet ships. From the area Russian amphibious ships with marines and military equipment on board, accompanied by the Guards missile cruiser "Moskva" headed Tartous, where should arrive in the coming days are.

"Novocherkassk"Came out the other day from Novorossiysk. And on December 31, is scheduled to take place the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, and will go down in the Aegean Sea. Aboard" Novocherkassk "- Marine Corps, and several military vehicles. According to the calculations of Staff, in the first week of January"Novocherkassk"Accompanied by the 1st of the Black Sea Fleet warships will arrive at the point of the logistics of the Russian Navy in the Syrian port Tartous. "

Why do we need such a concentration of power in Tartus, the General Staff did not explain.

When push off to Syria "Azov" and "Phylchenkov" in the Western press, there were rumors that Syria had already arrived Russian military advisers and brought missile systems "surface-to-air." Meanwhile Moscow up for these losses suffered by the once very powerful Syrian air defense system after the air strikes inflicted by Israel on the alleged nuclear facilities in 2007.

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